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Extracting Spectral Scans

This page allows users to extract and display spectral scans from the Copernicus Raw, or Coadded Scan, FITS files. To run the form however, users must know either the 3-digit target number, or a coadded scan file name.

Submitting the form below with a coadded scan file name (as shown), will display a second form containing a list of the original scan numbers used in the coadded scan. Submitting a 3-digit target number will display the second form with the scan number for the specified target set to 1. In either case, the scan number(s) can be modified. If more than one scan is specified, the spectra will be coadded. Various processing and display options are also available.

Submitting the 2nd form, will display a plot of counts vs wavelength. The extracted data can also be downloaded as an ASCII table file.

Target Number or Coadded Scan File Name: