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Specifications for Selection of ACS for Scrapbook


General goal: show ACS images in six bands: U, B, V, R, I, z.

Filter choice for all bands, in ranked order
  U B V R I z Line
1st choice F330W/HRC F435W/WFC F555W/WFC F625W/WFC F814W/WFC F850LP/WFC F658N/WFC
2nd choice F250W/HRC F475W/WFC F606W/WFC F625W/HRC F775W/WFC F850LP/HRC F502N/WFC
3rd choice F220W/HRC F435W/HRC F550M/WFC   F814W/HRC   F660N/WFC
4th choice   F475W/HRC F555W/HRC   F775W/HRC   F892N/HRC
5th choice     F606W/HRC       F502N/HRC
6th choice     F550M/HRC       F660N/HRC

General Guidelines

Include all non-solar system objects with a preview which is non-proprietary. Include Wide Field Channel (WFC) and High Resolution Channel (HRC) data, but do not include Solar Blind Channel (SBC) observations. When more than one image with the same filter is available, pick WFC observations over HRC observations. Then pick the one with the longest exposure time. If that includes more than one image, pick the most recent one.

Definition of individual pointing

All observations within 50.5" from a given observing position for pointings based on the WFC observations and 7" for those based on HRC observations. Initially all observations for both cameras with in 50.5" of a WFC observation are assigned a pointing first. All HRC observations within 7" not already assigned to a pointing are then assing4ed to pointings. Observations of the same area will be more or less at the same observing position for dithering/cosmic-ray removal purposes.