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K2 High Level Science Products

  • K2 Extracted Lightcurves (k2sff) This page describes the K2 extracted lightcurves produced by Vanderburg and Johnson. The current release includes Campaigns 0 though 10 plus the pre-campaign 0 engineering targets.

  • K2 Extracted Lightcurves (k2varcat) This HLSP includes extracted and detrended lightcurves for sources classified as "star" or "extended source". They also provide a variability catalog that includes a type (eclipsing binary, periodic, aperiodic, quasi-periodic), a period, a range, and an amplitude. The lightcurve FITS files, preivew plots, and variability catalog are all available at the MAST HLSP page and in the MAST Discovery Portal. Campaigns 0 to 4 light curves are currently available.

  • K2 Systematics Correction (k2sc) K2SC (K2 Systematics Correction) is a K2 light curve (LC) detrending tool produced by Aigrain et al, that uses Gaussian processes (GPs) to robustly model the systematics due to the Kepler telescope pointing jitter together with the astrophysical variability. Light curves from Campaigns 3 through 6 are available.

  • EPIC Variability Extraction and Removal for Exoplanet Targets (EVEREST) EVEREST is an open-source pipeline for removing instrumental systematics from K2 light curves, using a combination of pixel-level decorrelations to remove spacecraft pointing error and Gaussian processes to capture astrophysical variability. Light curves from campaigns 0 through 8 are currently available.

  • Planet candidates from OptimaL Aperture Reduction (POLAR) POLAR uses an optimised aperture for each star and a decorrelation of the systematic noise. Planetary and eclipsing binary candidates are flagged. Light curves from Campaigns 1 through 6 are available.