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K2 Documents

  • K2 Handbook (PDF) - describes features of K2 operations, performance, data analysis, and archive products which are common to most K2 campaigns, but different in degree or kind from the corresponding features of the Kepler mission.

  • Format Information for Cadence Pixel Files - describes the FITS files collectively known as the 'cadence data set' which are produced during level 1 processing by the DMC. This includes the cadence pixel files and their associated pixel mapping reference files (PMRFs).

  • EPIC Document - A description of the Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog. Its primary purpose is to provide positions and Kepler magnitudes for target management and aperture photometry.

  • Archive Manual - A description of the Kepler archive and data products. Although written for Kepler, the K2 data products are basically the same.

  • Fine Guidance Sensor Data - describes the data content and format for both Kepler and K2 FGS data, and gives example MATLAB scripts to read the times series files.