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K2 Catalogs and ASCII files
Available for Download
(updated April 3rd, 2017)

The following K2 catalogs and ASCII files are available for download via http at /missions/k2/catalogs. To access via anonymous ftp, connect to then cd to /pub/k2/catalogs. See the individual README files for more information.

  • Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog (EPIC)
    A set of 5 pipe-delimited (i.e., "|") gzipped ASCII files containing targets for Campaigns 0 through 16, including the supplementary stellar properties information for Campaigns 1 through 8 and 10 through 12, and the augmented targets for Campaigns 12 through 14. See the README file and the EPIC Manual for more information.

  • Campaign 0 Supplementary Information
    A catalog containing catalog fluxes, proper motions, etc. missing from the initial Campaign 0 catalog is now available as a pipe-delimited ASCII file. See the README file for more information