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Change of Proprietary Rights:
Restricted Data

This form should be filled out only if the PI of the affected proposal should not receive his/her data immediately after it is taken. This usually occurs when the scheduled observations conflict in part with data from another proposal (i.e., another proposal has `prior rights').

A PostScript version of this form is available.

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Proposal ID

Specify the proposal which has `prior rights':
Proposal ID
Principal Investigator

Specify the proposal whose proprietary rights are affected:

Proposal ID
Principal Investigator


Please indicate below the justification for the change in proprietary rights:

Restricted Observations

Unless otherwise specified it will be assumed that the restrictions apply to all observations taken under the affected proposal and its offspring. If the restriction applies only to a subset of ther obervations, please indicate below how that subset is defined.

Apply restriction to





Observation date

Other specifications?

Shipping Instructions and Release Date

Unless specified otherwise,
  1. the restricted data will be shipped to the PI one year after the data are taken (or one year after the data with prior rights are taken, if the PI of the restricted proposal notifies us), and
  2. the proprietary release date for the data will be set to one year after the date when the data are shipped.
In case of alternate shipping instructions, please specify below: