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Search by Locally held catalogs

The forms listed below offer a variety of cross-mission search options using either positions extracted from online catalogs, allowing a user to search by class or user-specified target names or positions. Submitting any of the forms will return a table of entries listing the data available from the MAST archive for the target or targets of interest.

Form Help Description
Hipparcos Catalog * Make cuts on the Hipparcos Catalog and cross-correlate them with MAST's holdings.
SKY2000 Catalog * Query the SKY2000 Catalog (version 3) and cross-correlate results with MAST's holdings.
Active Galactic Nuclei * Make cuts on our catalog of AGN, derived from the Veron-Cetty and Veron (1996) catalog, and cross-correlate them with MAST's holdings.
Abell Galaxy Clusters * Make cuts on the Abell Galaxy Clusters catalog (including the supplementary southen catalog), and cross-correlate them with MAST's holdings.
User-Supplied Catalog * Upload your own list of equatorial sky positions to cross-correlate with MAST's holdings.