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WFC3 ERS M83 Data Products

The drizzled mosaics described here are available as High-Level Science Products (HLSP) via the Multimission Archive at STScI (MAST). The filenames and descriptions of Version 2 drizzled science mosaics are listed below. This filenaming convention makes these HLSP files compatible and queryable with MAST and the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA). Note that the early (version 1 or "v1" in filenames) images used to produce the publications are also available for download. These files contain only the south field. But the team later combined both fields using the best calibrations available at the time of this HLSP data release. We recommend the use of these version 2 ("v2" in filenames) files for most subsequent analyses.

The WFC3 UVIS mosaics have the native detector scale of 0.0396 arcsec/pixel. The enhanced-resolution IR mosaics have a scale of 0.0792 arcsec/pixel, which is 62% of the IR detector scale (and exactly twice the UVIS scale). For each drizzled science mosaic (drz_sci), there is a corresponding exposure weight map (drz_wht), and also small preview JPEG images available on the MAST website.

All Files may be downloaded via the browser or via ftp (ftp; cd /pub/hlsp/wfc3ers).

WFC3 UVIS mosaics (native scale 0.0396 arcsec/pixel)

hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_f225w_v2_drz_sci.fits UV wide
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_f336w_v2_drz_sci.fits U-band (Stromgren u)
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_f373n_v2_drz_sci.fits [O II]
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_f438w_v2_drz_sci.fits B-band (WFPC2 B)
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_f487n_v2_drz_sci.fits H-beta
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_f502n_v2_drz_sci.fits [O III]
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83-n_f547m_v2n_drz_sci.fits V-band north field (Stromgren y)
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83-s_f555w_v2s_drz_sci.fits V-band south field (WFPC2 V)
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_f657n_v2_drz_sci.fits Wide H-alpha and [N II]
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_f673n_v2_drz_sci.fits [S II]
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_f814w_v2_drz_sci.fits I-band (WFPC2 I)

WFC3 UVIS photometric catalogs (NOTE: Based on the V1 images)

hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_whitelight_v1.fits UBVI "white light" detection image
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_cat_all_v1.txt Catalog of all sources
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_cat_cluster_auto_v1.txt Automatic cluster catalog
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83_cat_cluster_manual_v1.txt Manual cluster catalog

WFC3 IR mosaics (discontinuous, enhanced scale 0.0792 arcsec/pixel)

hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83-x_f110w_v2x_drz_sci.fits Wide YJ
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83-x_f128n_v2x_drz_sci.fits Paschen-beta
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83-x_f160w_v2x_drz_sci.fits H-band
hlsp_wfc3ers_hst_wfc3_m83-x_f164n_v2x_drz_sci.fits [Fe II]