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The HST processing and distribution system will be down from late Tuesday night (Oct. 25) until sometime Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 26) for software updates. Alternative sources are available for public data.

Hubble Space Telescope multi-color ACS mosaic of M51:
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These browse images are not directly related to the mosaiced FITS files being distributed as High-Level Science Products (HLSP). The images were created from data drizzled by "pointing" to a scale of 0.05 arcsecond per pixel for the public release images. There are no HLSP for the individual pointings. We present the "browse" images to show a higher level of detail than are present in the mosaic previews. The public release data includes large images showing lots of detail.

Color Composite
F435W B
F555W V
F814W I
F658N Hα [N II]

These browse images were provided by Hubble Heritage Team Member Zolt Levay.