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This work was inspired by the preliminary FUSE Magellanic Clouds sight line atlas presented by Danforth et al. (2002, ApJS, 139, 81).

The optical MCELS data were kindly made available by MCELS PI Dr. R. Chris Smith (NOAO), with specific technical contributions from Dr. Sean Points (NOAO/CTIO, for LMC) and Dr. P. Frank Winkler (Middlebury College, for SMC).

The Spitzer data for the LMC are from the SAGE survey (Dr. Margaret Meixner PI, STScI; see Meixner et al. 2006, AJ, 132, 2268), as made available publicly through the Spitzer archive and processed into the form used here by Dr. Robert D. Gruendl (Univ. of Illinois).

The Spitzer data for the SMC are from the Spitzer Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud (S3MC) and were published by Bolatto et al. (2007, ApJ, 655, 212). Their mosaic images at 3.6, 8.0, and 24 microns were kindly made available by A. Bolatto and S. Stanimirovic.

The FUSE MC Legacy Project was described in Blair et al. 2009, PASP, 121,634 . Click for a PDF version. A number of scientists, students, and support staff have provided creative and technical assistance to this project, including: Dr. Cristina M. Oliveira (JHU), Dr. Charles W. Danforth (Univ. of Colorado), Dr. Alex W. Fullerton (STScI), Dr. Ravi Sankrit (Univ. of California Berkeley), Stephanie LaMassa (JHU), Serah Gutman (JHU), Judy Cheng (previously JHU), Mary L. Romelfanger (JHU), James Caplinger (CSC/JHU), and Karen Levay (CSC/STScI/MAST).

This work has been made possible by a FUSE Cycle 5 NASA grant NNG05GE03G to Dr. William P. Blair of The Johns Hopkins University.

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