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HST/GHRS Observations of the HgMn star chi Lupi

A major, eight-year investigation of the extraordinarily detailed ultraviolet spectrum of the sharp-lined, non-magnetic, main-sequence chemically peculiar star chi Lupi (B9.5pHgMn + A2Vm) was undertaken as a GHRS GTO team project. The UV observations are comprised of 345 Å of the spectrum acquired with the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph on board the HST, at an average resolution of 0.023 Å. The major results of this program are summarized in Leckrone et al. (1999), and the complete set of echelle spectrograms is presented as an atlas in Brandt et al. (1999).

We present here an online version of our reduced data, as well as the synthetic spectra and line identification lists used to produce the figures in Brandt et al. (1999). We anticipate that this atlas will be a useful resource for both astrophysicists and atomic physicists and will serve as a roadmap for future UV spectroscopy of late-B and early-A stars.

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