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DSS Web Sites

There are several Web sites around the world offering the Digitized Sky Survey. If your site offers a public access to the Digitized Sky Survey, let us know and we'll add it here.

United States


STScI Digitized Sky Survey
Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland
That's us. Our site features access to both the First and Second Generation sky surveys, and can overlay HST's field of view onto GIF images.

Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland
A muli-wavelength virtual observatory. Features the 1st Generation DSS along with high energy, ultraviolet, infrared, and radio surveys. Can plot grids on images. There are several forms to choose from, including a new Java interface.


Canadian Astronomy Data Centre
Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Victoria, British Columbia
Features access to both First and Generation surveys and a batch mode.


ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey
European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany

Instituto di Radioastronomia, Bologna, Italy
This site offers the files in FITS, GIF, GEIS, or JPEG, and features a batch queue and email interface. It also has a feature to make the FITS files compatible with AIPS. (Access from the US may be slow.)

SkyEye is part of the Astronomical Virtual Observatory.

LEDAS Digitized Sky Survey Image Browser
Leicester Database and Archive Service, University of Leicester, UK
An experimental service offering a simple and quick interface.


Digitized Sky Survey Online
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Tokyo, Japan
NAOJ offers access to both the 1st and 2nd Generation Digitized Sky Surveys, a batch email interface, and access to the IRAS Sky Survey Atlas (ISSA) and the Green Bank Sky Map (GBSM). (Access from outside Asia may be slow.)