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NOTE: Most of the High Level Science Products are unavailable while unscheduled maintenance is being performed. They will be incrementally restored over the course of this week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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JWST/NIRCam Simulated Data

Created by: Bryan Hilbert and the NIRCam Team

The following data products were created with the NIRCam data-ramp simulator for the imaging configuration. Inputs to the simulator include:

  • a real NIRCam dark current ramp from CV3 testing
  • a list of star & galaxy sources, and cosmic rays that were included in the fields
  • the choice of filter and the associated system throughput curve
  • the RA and Dec of the pointing

The data include exposures simulated using:

  • Module A
  • both channels
  • 2 dither positions
The SHORT channel used filter F210M and the LONG channel used F335M. The data include multiple levels of processing from raw to calibrated count-rate images. For more information about the simulation, see the README file.

The data are stored in multi-extension FITS files using an SSB data model[1], to assure agreement with the format and content expected of a Level-1b exposure. An exposure prepared in this way can be run through the Level-2 and Level-3 pipelines.

Data Files

Use the links in the following table to download the files of interest.

NIRCam Image Simulation Data Files
File Size Position Description
Ch: SHORT; Filter: F210M
nrca4_dith1_uncal.fits 1.92 GB 1 Raw file (Level_1b)
nrca4_dith1_rate.fits 50.4 MB 1 Count-rate file (Level-2a)
nrca4_dith1_rateints.fits 252 MB 1 3D countrate exposure data cube (Level-2a)
nrca4_dith1_cal.fits 67.2 MB 1 Calibrated count-rate file (Level-2b)
nrca4_dith1_rateints_cal.fits 268 MB 1 Calibrated 3D countrate exposure data cube (Level-2b)
nrca4_dith2_uncal.fits 1.92 GB 2 Raw file (Level_1b)
nrca4_dith2_rate.fits 50.4 MB 2 Count-rate file (Level-2a)
nrca4_dith2_cal.fits 67.2 MB 2 Calibrated count-rate file (Level-2b)
Ch: LONG; Filter: F335M
nrca5_dith1_uncal.fits 1.92 GB 1 Raw file (Level_1b)
nrca5_dith1_rate.fits 50.4 MB 1 Count-rate file (Level-2a)
nrca5_dith1_cal.fits 67.2 MB 1 Calibrated count-rate file (Level-2b)
nrca5_dith2_uncal.fits 1.92 GB 2 Raw file (Level_1b)
nrca5_dith2_rate.fits 50.4 MB 2 Count-rate file (Level-2a)
nrca5_dith2_cal.fits 67.2 MB 2 Calibrated count-rate file (Level-2b)
Full Data Set
sim_ncam_full.tgz 2.35 GB All Bundle of all .fits files


The following lists specify the positions and other attributes of the sources; all files are in ASCII.

Simulation Source Lists
File Position Description
Lists.tgz All Unix g-zipped tar of all lists
galaxies.list All Galaxy master list
point_sources.list All Point-source master list
nrca4_dith1_CR.list 1 Cosmic-ray list
nrca4_dith1_gal.list 1 Galaxy list
nrca4_dith1_ps.list 1 Point-source list
nrca4_dith2_CR.list 2 Cosmic-ray list
nrca4_dith2_gal.list 2 Galaxy list
nrca4_dith2_ps.list 2 Point-source list
nrca5_dith1_CR.list 1 Cosmic-ray list
nrca5_dith1_gal.list 1 Galaxy list
nrca5_dith1_ps.list 1 Point-source list
nrca5_dith2_CR.list 2 Cosmic-ray list
nrca5_dith2_gal.list 2 Galaxy list
nrca5_dith2_ps.list 2 Point-source list

[1]The format, organization, and content of the data files offered here is consistent with the DMS baseline ca. 2017 March.

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