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Index of IUE Topics

Acronym Lists for IUE Terms

    INES - INES Glossary (pdf file)
    NEWSIPS - NEWSIPS Man. Append. 2: Glossary
    MAST - MAST acronym list


    Dimensions (in arcsec) - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 2.2
    Geometry   - NEWSIPS Man. Figs. 2.16-2.18  
    LGAP tilt corrections   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap 7.2.3  

Cookbooks for Input/Output & Analysis of Data

    For IUEDAC routines   -  
    For IRAF/STSDAS routines   -  

Data Anomalies

    Camera artifacts (high disp.)   - Crenshaw et al. PASP paper  
    The FES Camera "Streak" - DMU corrupted pixel (DN = 159) - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 4.5
    1515Å artifact (low disp.)   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap.  


    IUE Merged Log (ASCII)   - IUE Merged Log Files  

Data file types

    IUESIPS   - IUESIPS Man. Chap 8.1.3  
    NEWSIPS   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap 12.1  

Data Quality ( "Nu" ) Flags

    FAQ (pixels to excise?)   - FAQ #15  
    Spectrum for low disp.   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 9.6  
    Spectrum for high disp.   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 10.2.4  
    Resampling   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 7.5  
    Table summary (IUESIPS)   - IUESIPS Man. Chap. 7.3  
    Table summary (NEWSIPS)   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 3, Tab. 3.1  

Data Reading/Writing

    IDL i/o of FITS files   - IUEDAC Routines   FAQ #7  
    IRAF i/o of FITS files   - STSDAS/IRAF Routines   FAQ #6  
    Conversion of GO (IUESIPS) files   - IUEDAC routines, Sect. 1B  

Display of Images or Spectra

    Browse NEWSIPS spectrum or image   - IUE Preview Images  
    FAQ on "saoimage" for images   - FAQ #9  

Echelle Orders

    Line locations in pixels (high disp.)   - NEWSIPS Man., Chap. 10.2.1, Tab. 10.1  

Errors (net flux)

    see "data quality flags" above  
    Noise estimate (empirical)   -
FAQ #17  
    Noise model, High disp, NEWSIPS   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 10.2.3  
    Noise Model, Low disp, & SWET use; NEWSIPS   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 9.1  
    Noise Model, High disp, used by SWET; NEWSIPS   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 9  
    Periodic noise   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 6.1.4>  
    Pixel weighting   - FAQ #16  
    Signal gains for coaddition of spectra   - Nichols & Linsky AJ paper, p.531  

Extraction (gross flux)

    Length of slits (high disp, in px)   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 10.2.2, Tab. 10.2  
    "Optimal" (low disp), "SWET"   - Kinney et al. PASP paper   NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 9  
    SWET difficulties with emission lines   - Imhoff report  

Extraction (background flux)

    Background verification (high disp.)   - INES pdf file, Sect. 3, p. 7  
    How to customize   - NEWSIPS Man., Chap. 10.1.6  
    Reported problems (null drift)   - Smith 1999 PASP paper  

Final Archive

    General description of NEWSIPS   - Nichols & Linsky AJ paper  


    Attributes (high disp.)   - Spectrogr. parameters  
    Layout   - IUE Observing Guide, Fig. 2.1  
    Resolution in disp. dir.   - Chap., low disp.   - Chap., high disp.  
    Resolution in spatial dir.   - Chap., low disp.   - Chap., high disp.  

Inverse Sensitivity Ratio

    NEWSIPS Man., Tables 11.5--11.8   - LWP, low disp.   LWR-"A"   LWR-"B"   SWP  

IUEDAC Software

    Documentation of procedures   - Procedure prologs  
    s/w for individual procedures   - IUEDAC s/w procedures  
    IDL users' library   - IUEDAC s/w procedures  
    Users' guide   - IUEDAC s/w procedures  

Key Processing Steps of NEWSIPS

    Image Resampling   - NEWSIPS Manual, Chap. 7  
    Photometric Correction   - NEWSIPS Manual, Chap. 6  

Microphonics ("Pings")

    Characterization & avoidance   - IUE observing guide, Chap. 4.11  
    Detection in NEWSIPS   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 4.2  
    Detection in IUESIPS   - IUESIPS Man. Chap. 3.1  

NEWSIPS Reliability

    Line strengths   - Knauth et al. Ap.J. 2001 paper  
    Wavelengths   - Smith et al. 2001 PASP paper  
    Flux repeatability   - INES pdf file, sect 4., p. 11  

Object Class

    IUE object class code   - NEWSIPS Manual, Chap. 14.2  

Observing Guide

    IUE observing guide   -  

Observing Research Programs

    IUE research program codes   -  

Point Spread Functions

    High disp. (spatial direction) -- all cams.   - NEWSIPS Man. Append. 4  


    Accuracy   - IUESIPS Man., Chap. 6.5, Tab. 6.4  
    Accuracy: published analysis   -   Smith 2001 PASP paper  
    Compute from Grating eqn.   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 8.3.5, Tab. 8.7  
    Coverage for order-m (high: all cams.)   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 8.3.5, Tab. 8.8  
    Format on raw image, all cams., disps.   - NEWSIPS Man. Chap. 2.1  
    Heliocentric corrections   - NEWSIPS Man. Append. 3  
    Pixel-dims. (spatial), all cams., disps.   - all cams., disps. (Tab. 2.3)  
    Instrumental Resolution   - Chap., low disp.   - Chap., high disp.  
    Vacuum-to-air conversion (IUESIPS only)   - IUESIPS Man., Chap. 6.4.2  

We welcome suggestions for additional index topics.