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B Glossary


The following is a list of acronyms and abbreviations used in the text of this document, along with the corresponding definitions:

1-D - 1-Dimensional
2-D -2-Dimensional
3-D - 3-Dimensional
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
BCKGRD - High-Dispersion Background Determination Module
CALUV - Ultraviolet Flood Lamp
CDI - Core Data Item
CDS - Astronomical Data Center of Strasbourg
CRHI - Cosmic Ray Image Extension to the SIHI (NEWSIPS)
CROSS-CORR - Cross-Correlation Module
DCG - Data Coordination Group
DMU - Data Multiplexer Unit
DN - Data Number (pixel intensity from the raw image)
EBCDIC - Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
ELBL - Extended Line-by-Line Image (IUESIPS)
ESA - European Space Agency
EXTRACT - High-Dispersion Boxcar Extraction Module
FADC - Final Archive Definition Committee
FES - Fine Error Sensor
FITS - Flexible Image Transport System
FN - Flux Number (pixel intensity from the photometrically corrected image)
FPM - Flux Particle Monitor
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
GEOM - Geometric Correction Module
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GO - Guest Observer
GSFC - Goddard Space Flight Center; Greenbelt, Maryland
HDU - Header and Data Unit
ID - Identification
IOR - Interorder Overlap Region
IRAF - Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
ITF - Intensity Transfer Function
IUE - International Ultraviolet Explorer
IUEOCC - IUE Operations Control Center
IUESIPS - IUE Spectral Image Processing System
IUESOC - IUE Science Operations Center
LF - Linearized $\nu$-Flag Image (NEWSIPS)
LFHI - $\nu$-Flag Image Extension to the LIHI (NEWSIPS)
LFLO - $\nu$-Flag Image Extension to the LILO (NEWSIPS)
LI - Linearized Image (NEWSIPS)
LIHI - High-Dispersion Linearized Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
LILO - Low-Dispersion Linearized Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
LWLA - Long Wavelength Large Aperture
LWP - Long Wavelength Prime Camera
LWR - Long Wavelength Redundant Camera
LWSA - Long Wavelength Small Aperture
MMF - Missing Minor Frame
MX - Merged Extracted Image (NEWSIPS)
MXHI - High-Dispersion Merged Extracted Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
MXLO - Low-Dispersion Merged Extracted Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
NAG - Numerical Algorithms Group, Ltd. (providers of certain FORTRAN routines used in NEWSIPS)
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NEWSIPS - New Spectral Image Processing System
NOST - NASA/Science Office of Standards and Technology
OBC - On-board Computer
ORDERG - High-Dispersion Order Registration Module (part of RAW_SCREEN)
PHOTOM - Photometric Correction Module
PIXEL - Picture Element
POT - Preplanned Observation Tape
PSF - Point Spread Function
PT-NE - Platinum-Neon
RA - Resident Astronomer
RAW_SCREEN - Raw Image Screening Module
RI - Raw Image (NEWSIPS)
RIHI - High-Dispersion Raw Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
RILO - Low-Dispersion Raw Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
ROLO - Original Raw Image Extension to the RILO (NEWSIPS)
S/C - Spacecraft
SCRIPTS - Observing Specifications Log
SEC - Secondary Electron Conduction
SERC - Science and Engineering Research Council (U.K.)
SF - Resampled $\nu$-Flag Image (NEWSIPS)
SFHI - $\nu$-Flag Image Extension to the SIHI (NEWSIPS)
SFLO - $\nu$-Flag Image Extension to the SILO (NEWSIPS)
SI - Resampled Image (NEWSIPS)
SIHI - High-Dispersion Resampled Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
SILO - Low-Dispersion Resampled Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
SIMBAD - Set of Identifications, Measurements, and Bibliography for Astronomical Data
S/N - Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SWET - Signal Weighted Extraction Technique Module
SWLA - Short Wavelength Large Aperture
SWP - Short Wavelength Prime Camera
SWR - Short Wavelength Redundant Camera
SWSA - Short Wavelength Small Aperture
TFLOOD - Tungsten Flood Lamp
THDA - Camera Head Amplifier Temperature
TO - Telescope Operator
TTDC - Mean Dispersion Constant Correction Module
ULDA - Uniform Low-Dispersion Archive
UT - Universal Time
UV - Ultraviolet
UVC - Ultraviolet to Visible Converter
UVFLOOD - Ultraviolet Flood Lamp
VD - Vector Displacements
VDHI - High-Dispersion Vector Displacement Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
VDLO - Low-Dispersion Vector Displacement Image FITS File (NEWSIPS)
VICAR - Video Image Communication and Retrieval
VILSPA - Villafranca del Castillo, Spain (European Ground Station)
VMS - Virtual Machine System
WAVECAL - Wavelength Calibration
WLHI - Wavelength Binary Table Extension to the SIHI (NEWSIPS)
XC - Cross-Correlation Coefficients
XCHI - Cross-Correlation Binary Table Extension to the VDHI (NEWSIPS)
XCLO - Cross-Correlation Binary Table Extension to the VDLO (NEWSIPS)

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Karen Levay