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Most STScI network links to services and websites will be UNAVAILABLE Thursday May 3, 2018 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM.


The MAST staff would like to thank the following groups and individuals for help in making the IMAPS data, documentation, and WEB site available to the public:

  • Ed Jenkins (Princeton University Observatory ), principal investigator for IMAPS 1 and IMAPS-2, for invaluable advice, documentation, and information in general on the IMAPS project,
  • George Sonneborn (Goddard Space Flight Center, LASP) for assistance in creating the IMAPS archive, providing the data reduction software, amd explaining the IMAPS data format,
  • the Raytheon/STX ADF staff including Derck Massa, and Jeff Silvis, for creating the original IMAPS-1 raw data FITS files,
  • Kluwer Academic Publishers, publishers of "Astrophysics and Space Sciences" and "Experimental Astronomy", for permission to reprint the article "High Resolution Spectroscopy in the Far UV: Observations of the Interstellar Medium by IMAPS on ORFEUS-SPAS by Jenkins, Reale, Zucchino, and Sofia (1996 Ap&SS,239,315J). Special thanks go to Berendina Schermers-van Straalen, Rights and Permissions Manager for Kluwer Academic Publishers.