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FUSE Scientific Publications (Refereed)

  1. Desharnais, S., Wesemael, F., Chayer, P., Kruk, J.W., & Saffer, R.A. 2008, ApJ, 672, 540-552
    "FUSE Observations of Heavy Elements in the Photospheres of Cool DB White Dwarfs"

  2. Crowley, C., Espey, B.R., & McCandliss, S.R. 2008, ApJ, 675, 711-722
    "EG And: Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer and Hubble Space Telescope STIS Monitoring of an Eclipsing Symbiotic Binary"

  3. Kawka, A., Vennes, S., Dupuis, J., Chayer, P., & Lanz, T. 2008, ApJ, 675, 1518-1530
    "Orbital Parameters and Chemical Composition of Four White Dwarfs in Post-Common-Envelope Binaries"

  4. Cooksey, K.L., Prochaska, J.X., Chen, H.-W., Mulchaey, J.S., & Weiner, B.J. 2008, ApJ, 676, 262-285
    "Characterizing the Low-Redshift Intergalactic Medium toward PKS 1302-102"

  5. Pasquali, A., & Castangia, P. 2008, MNRAS, 385, 468-480
    "Dissecting the star formation history of starburst galaxies: the case of NGC 7673"

  6. Ness, J.-U., & Jordan, C. 2008, MNRAS, 385, 1691-1708
    "The corona and upper transition region of epsilon Eridani"

  7. Günther, H.M., & Schmitt, J.H.M.M. 2008, A&A, 481, 735-745
    "Where are the hot ion lines in classical T Tauri stars formed?"

  8. Lehner, N., Howk, J.C., Keenan, F.P., & Smoker, J.V. 2008, ApJ, 678, 219-233
    "Metallicity and Physical Conditions in the Magellanic Bridge"

  9. Bowen, D.V., Jenkins, E.B., Tripp, T.M., Sembach, K.R., Savage, B.D., Moos, H.W., Oegerle, W.R., Friedman, S.D., Gry, C., Kruk, J.W., Murphy, E., Sankrit, R., Shull, J.M., Sonneborn, G., & York, D.G. 2008, ApJS, 176, 59-163
    "The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of O VI Absorption in the Disk of the Milky Way"

  10. Fontaine, M., Chayer, P., Oliveira, C.M., Wesemael, F., & Fontaine, G. 2008, ApJ, 678, 394-407
    "Analysis of the FUSE Spectrum of the Hot, Evolved Star GD 605"

  11. Blanchette, J.-P., Chayer, P., Wesemael, F., Fontaine, G., Fontaine, M., Dupuis, J., Kruk, J.W., & Green, E.M. 2008, ApJ, 678, 1329-1341
    "FUSE Determination of Abundances in Long-Period Pulsating V1093 Her (PG 1716+426) Stars"

  12. Danforth, C.W., & Shull, J.M. 2008, ApJ, 679, 194-219
    "The Low-z Intergalactic Medium. III. H I and Metal Absorbers at z lt 0.4"

  13. Zech, W.F., Lehner, N., Howk, J.C., Van Dyke Dixon, W., & Brown, T.M. 2008, ApJ, 679, 460-480
    "The High-Velocity Gas toward Messier 5: Tracing Feedback Flows in the Inner Galaxy"

  14. Godon, P., Sion, E.M., Barrett, P.E., Hubeny, I., Linnell, A.P., & Szkody, P. 2008, ApJ, 679, 1447-1466
    "A Far Ultraviolet Archival Study of Cataclysmic Variables. I. FUSE and HST STIS Spectra of the Exposed White Dwarf in Dwarf Nova Systems"

  15. Pena, M., Ruiz, M.T., Rojo, P., Torres-Peimbert, S., & Hamann, W.-R. 2008, ApJ, 680, L109-L111
    "A New Outburst in the Extraordinary Central Star of LMC-N661,"

  16. Martin-Zaïdi, C., Deleuil, M., Le Bourlot, J., Bouret, J.-C., Roberge, A., Dullemond, C.P., Testi, L., Feldman, P.D., Lecavelier Des Etangs, A., & Vidal-Madjar, A. 2008, A&A, 484, 225-239
    "Molecular hydrogen in the circumstellar environments of Herbig Ae/Be stars probed by FUSE"

  17. Sallmen, S.M., Korpela, E.J., & Yamashita, H. 2008, ApJ, 681, 1310-1317
    "FUSE Observations of the Loop I/Local Bubble Interaction Region"

  18. Tripp, T.M., Sembach, K.R., Bowen, D.V., Savage, B.D., Jenkins, E.B., Lehner, N., & Richter, P. 2008, ApJS, 177, 39-102
    "A High-Resolution Survey of Low-Redshift QSO Absorption Lines: Statistics and Physical Conditions of O VI Absorbers"

  19. Boisvert, P., Marchenko, S.V., St-Louis, N., & Moffat, A.F.J. 2008, ApJ, 683, 449-465
    "Time-Resolved FUSE Spectroscopy of the LMC WC + O Binaries Br 22 and Br 32"

  20. Dunn, J.P., Crenshaw, D.M., Kraemer, S.B., & Trippe, M.L. 2008, AJ, 136, 1201-1220
    "Intrinsic Absorption Properties in Active Galaxies Observed with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer"

  21. Prodanovi'c, T., & Fields, B.D. 2008, JCAP, 9, 3-
    "FUSE deuterium observations: a strong case for galactic infall"

  22. Ross, T., Baker, E.J., Snow, T.P., Destree, J.D., Rachford, B.L., Drosback, M.M., & Jensen, A.G. 2008, ApJ, 684, 358-363
    "The Search for H^- in Astrophysical Environments"

  23. Neff, J.E., & Simon, T. 2008, ApJ, 685, 478-488
    "O VI Observations of the Onset of Convection Zones in Main-Sequence A Stars"

  24. Zheng, W., Wang, J.-X., Kriss, G.A., Sahnow, D., Allen, M., Dopita, M., Tsvetanov, Z., & Bicknell, G. 2008, ApJ, 686, 881-891
    "Spatially Resolved Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Nuclear Region of NGC 1068"

  25. Dixon, W.V.D., & Sankrit, R. 2008, ApJ, 686, 1162-1173
    "Recent FUSE Observations of Diffuse O VI Emission from the Interstellar Medium"

  26. Godon, P., Sion, E.M., Barrett, P.E., Szkody, P., & Schlegel, E.M. 2008, ApJ, 687, 532-541
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Spectroscopy of the Nova-like Cataclysmic Variable BB Doradus"

  27. Cartledge, S.I.B., Lauroesch, J.T., Meyer, D.M., Sofia, U.J., & Clayton, G.C. 2008, ApJ, 687, 1043-1053
    "Interstellar Krypton Abundances: The Detection of Kiloparsec-scale Differences in Galactic Nucleosynthetic History"

  28. Sheffer, Y., Rogers, M., Federman, S.R., Abel, N.P., Gredel, R., Lambert, D.L., & Shaw, G. 2008, ApJ, 687, 1075-1106
    "Ultraviolet Survey of CO and H_2 in Diffuse Molecular Clouds: The Reflection of Two Photochemistry Regimes in Abundance Relationships"

  29. Welsh, B.Y., & Lallement, R. 2008, A&A, 490, 707-714
    "OVI in the local interstellar medium: FUSE observations towards B-stars within 200 pc"

  30. Linnell, A.P., Godon, P., Hubeny, I., Sion, E.M., & Szkody, P. 2008, ApJ, 688, 568-582
    "Modeling UX Ursae Majoris: An Abundance of Challenges"

  31. Snow, T.P., Ross, T.L., Destree, J.D., Drosback, M.M., Jensen, A.G., Rachford, B.L., Sonnentrucker, P., & Ferlet, R. 2008, ApJ, 688, 1124-1136
    "A New FUSE Survey of Interstellar HD"

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