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FUSE Scientific Publications (Refereed)

  1. Chen, C.H., & Jura, M. 2003, ApJ, 582, 443-448
    "The Low-Velocity Wind from the Circumstellar Matter around the B9 V Star $sigma$ Herculis"

  2. Fox, A.J., Savage, B.D., Sembach, K.R., Fabian, D., Richter, P., Meyer, D.M., Lauroesch, J., & Howk, J.C. 2003, ApJ, 582, 793-809
    "Origins of the Highly Ionized Gas along the Line of Sight toward HD 116852"

  3. Browning, M.K., Tumlinson, J., & Shull, J.M. 2003, ApJ, 582, 810-822
    "Inferring Physical Conditions in Interstellar Clouds of H_2"

  4. Robert, C., Pellerin, A., Aloisi, A., Leitherer, C., Hoopes, C., & Heckman, T.M. 2003, ApJS, 144, 21-45
    "Synthetic High-Resolution Line Spectra of Star-forming Galaxies below 1200 Å"

  5. Gabel, J.R., Crenshaw, D.M., Kraemer, S.B., Brandt, W.N., George, I.M., Hamann, F.W., Kaiser, M.E., Kaspi, S., Kriss, G.A., Mathur, S., Mushotzky, R.F., Nandra, K., Netzer, H., Peterson, B.M., Shields, J.C., Turner, T.J., & Zheng, W. 2003, ApJ, 583, 178-191
    "The Ionized Gas and Nuclear Environment in NGC 3783. II. Averaged Hubble Space Telescope/STIS and Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Spectra"

  6. Cheng, K.-P., & Neff, J.E. 2003, AJ, 125, 868-874
    "Far-Ultraviolet Observations of the Circumstellar Gas in the 2 Andromedae System"

  7. Nicastro, F., Zezas, A., Elvis, M., Mathur, S., Fiore, F., Cecchi-Pestellini, C., Burke, D. and Drake, J., & Casella, P. 2003, Nature, 421, 719-721
    "The far-ultraviolet signature of the "missing" baryons in the Local Group of galaxies",

  8. Bluhm, H., de Boer, K.S., Marggraf, O., Richter, P., & Wakker, B.P. 2003, A&A, 398, 983-991
    "Interstellar H_2 in M 33 detected with FUSE"

  9. Froning, C.S., Long, K.S., & Knigge, C. 2003, ApJ, 584, 433-447
    "Accretion and Outflow in Interacting Binary Systems: Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of the Nova-like Cataclysmic Variable UX Ursae Majoris"

  10. Raymond, J.C., Ghavamian, P., Sankrit, R., Blair, W.P., & Curiel, S. 2003, ApJ, 584, 770-781
    "Far-Ultraviolet Spectra of a Nonradiative Shock Wave in the Cygnus Loop"

  11. González-Riestra, R., Rossi, C., & Viotti, R.F. 2003, A&A, 399, 681-686
    "First far-UV observations of KQ Puppis with FUSE"

  12. Collins, J.A., Shull, J.M., & Giroux, M.L. 2003, ApJ, 585, 336-354
    "A Survey of Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer and Hubble Space Telescope Sight Lines through High-Velocity Cloud Complex C"

  13. Redfield, S., Ayres, T.R., Linsky, J.L., Ake, T.B., Dupree, A.K., Robinson, R.D., & Young, P.R. 2003, ApJ, 585, 993-1006
    "A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of Coronal Forbidden Lines in Late-Type Stars"

  14. Shore, S.N., Schwarz, G., Bond, H.E., Downes, R.A., Starrfield, S., Evans, A., Gehrz, R.D., Hauschildt, P.H., Krautter, J., & Woodward, C.E. 2003, AJ, 125, 1507-1518
    "The Early Ultraviolet Evolution of the ONeMg Nova V382 Velorum 1999"

  15. Otte, B., Dixon, W. V., & Sankrit, R. 2003, ApJ, 586, L53-L56
    "The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Detection of Galactic O VI Emission in the Halo above the Perseus Arm"

  16. Richter, P., Wakker, B.P., Savage, B.D., & Sembach, K.R. 2003, ApJ, 586, 230-248
    "A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of Molecular Hydrogen in Intermediate-Velocity Clouds in the Milky Way Halo"

  17. Howk, J.C., Sembach, K.R., & Savage, B.D. 2003, ApJ, 586, 249-267
    "Ionized Gas in the First 10 Kiloparsecs of the Interstellar Galactic Halo"

  18. Mouchet, M., Bonnet-Bidaud, J.-M., Roueff, E., Beuermann, K., de Martino, D., Desert, J.M., Ferlet, R., Fried, R.E., Gänsicke, B.T., Howell, S.B., Mukai, K., Porquet, D., & Szkody, P. 2003, A&A, 401, 1071-1076
    "The surprising Far-UV spectrum of the polar BY Camelopardalis"

  19. Massa, D., Fullerton, A.W., Sonneborn, G., & Hutchings, J.B. 2003, ApJ, 586, 996-1018
    "Constraints on the Ionization Balance of Hot-Star Winds from FUSE Observations of O Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud"

  20. Zsargó, J., Sembach, K.R., Howk, J.C., & Savage, B.D. 2003, ApJ, 586, 1019-1049
    "Highly Ionized Gas in the Galactic Halo: A FUSE Survey of O VI Absorption toward 22 Halo Stars"

  21. Hoopes, C.G., Sembach, K.R., Hébrard, G., Moos, H.W., & Knauth, D.C. 2003, ApJ, 586, 1094-1110
    "Deuterium toward Two Milky Way Disk Stars: Probing Extended Sight Lines with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer"

  22. Steigman, G. 2003, ApJ, 586, 1120-1126
    "On the Variation of Deuterium and Oxygen Abundances in the Local Interstellar Medium"

  23. Prinja, R.K., Long, K.S., Froning, C.S., Knigge, C., Witherick, D.K., Clark, J.S., & Ringwald, F.A. 2003, MNRAS, 340, 551-561
    "FUSE and HST ultraviolet observations of the disc wind of RW Sextantis"

  24. Danforth, C.W., Sankrit, R., Blair, W.P., Howk, J.C., & Chu, Y. 2003, ApJ, 586, 1179-1190
    "Far-Ultraviolet and H$alpha$ Spectroscopy of SNR 0057-7226 in the Small Magellanic Cloud H II Region N66"

  25. Oliveira, C.M., Hébrard, G., Howk, J.C., Kruk, J.W., Chayer, P., & Moos, H.W. 2003, ApJ, 587, 235-255
    "Interstellar Deuterium, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Abundances toward GD 246, WD 2331-475, HZ 21, and Lanning 23: Results from the FUSE Mission"

  26. Kriss, G.A., Blustin, A., Branduardi-Raymont, G., Green, R.F., Hutchings, J., & Kaiser, M.E. 2003, A&A, 403, 473-479
    "Multiwavelength studies of the Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 7469 I. Far UV observations with FUSE"

  27. Hillier, D.J., Lanz, T., Heap, S.R., Hubeny, I., Smith, L.J., Evans, C.J., Lennon, D.J., & Bouret, J.-C. 2003, ApJ, 588, 1039-1063
    "A tale of two stars: the extreme O7 Iaf+ supergiant AV 83 and the OC7.5 III((f)) star AV 69."

  28. Sim, S.A., & Jordan, C. 2003, MNRAS, 341, 517-533
    "A study of velocity fields in the transition region of epsi Eri (K2 V)"

  29. Wakker, B.P., Savage, B.D., Sembach, K.R., Richter, P., Meade, M., Jenkins, E.B., Shull, J.M., Ake, T.B., Blair, W.P., Dixon, W.V., Friedman, S.D., Green, J.C., Green, R.F., Kruk, J.W., Moos, H.W., Murphy, E.M., Oegerle, W.R., Sahnow, D.J., Sonneborn, G., Wilkinson, E., & York, D.G. 2003, ApJS, 146, 1-123
    "The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of O VI Absorption in and near the Galaxy"

  30. Savage, B.D., Sembach, K.R., Wakker, B.P., Richter, P., Meade, M., Jenkins, E.B., Shull, J.M., Moos, H.W., & Sonneborn, G. 2003, ApJS, 146, 125-164
    "Distribution and Kinematics of O VI in the Galactic Halo"

  31. Sankrit, R., Blair, W.P., & Raymond, J.C. 2003, ApJ, 589, 242-252
    "Optical and Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Knot D in the Vela Supernova Remnant"

  32. Sembach, K.R., Wakker, B.P., Savage, B.D., Richter, P., Meade, M., Shull, J.M., Jenkins, E.B., Sonneborn, G., & Moos, H.W. 2003, ApJS, 146, 165-208
    "Highly Ionized High-Velocity Gas in the Vicinity of the Galaxy"

  33. Barstow, M.A., Good, S.A., Holberg, J.B., Hubeny, I., Bannister, N.P., Bruhweiler, F.C., Burleigh, M.R., & Napiwotzki, R. 2003, MNRAS, 341, 870-890
    "Heavy-element abundance patterns in hot DA white dwarfs"

  34. Shelton, R.L. 2003, ApJ, 589, 261-269
    "Surprisingly Little O VI Emission Arises in the Local Bubble"

  35. Lehner, N., Fullerton, A.W., Massa, D., Sembach, K.R., & Zsargó, J. 2003, ApJ, 589, 526-542
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Snapshot Survey of O VI Variability in the Winds of 66 OB-Type Stars"

  36. McCandliss, S.R. 2003, PASP, 115, 651-661
    "Molecular Hydrogen Optical Depth Templates for FUSE Data Analysis"

  37. Jenkins, E.B., Bowen, D.V., Tripp, T.M., Sembach, K.R., Leighly, K.M., Halpern, J.P., & Lauroesch, J.T. 2003, AJ, 125, 2824-2841
    "Absorption-Line Systems and Galaxies in Front of the Second-brightest Quasar, PHL 1811"

  38. Catanzaro, G., André, M.K., Leone, F., & Sonnentrucker, P. 2003, A&A, 404, 677-687
    "High resolution spectroscopy of HD 207538 from Far-UV (FUSE) to Visible (SARG-TNG). A global picture of the stellar and interstellar features modeled"

  39. Kappes, M., Kerp, J., & Richter, P. 2003, A&A, 405, 607-616
    "The composition of the interstellar medium towards the Lockman Hole. H I, UV and X-ray observations"

  40. Rosenberg, J.L., Ganguly, R., Giroux, M.L., & Stocke, J.T. 2003, ApJ, 591, 677-689
    "Probing the Size of Low-Redshift Ly$alpha$ Absorbers"

  41. Otte, B., Murphy, E.M., Howk, J.C., Wang, Q.D., Oegerle, W.R., & Sembach, K.R. 2003, ApJ, 591, 821-826
    "Probing O VI Emission in the Halos of Edge-on Spiral Galaxies"

  42. André, M.K., Oliveira, C.M., Howk, J.C., Ferlet, R., Désert, J.-M., Hébrard, G., Lacour, S., des Étangs, A.L., Vidal-Madjar, A., & Moos, H.W. 2003, ApJ, 591, 1000-1012
    "Oxygen Gas-Phase Abundance Revisited"

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    "H_2 absorption in a dense interstellar filament in the Milky Way halo"

  44. Long, K.S., Froning, C.S., Gänsicke, B., Knigge, C., Sion, E.M., & Szkody, P. 2003, ApJ, 591, 1172-1183
    "WZ Sagittae: FUSE Spectroscopy of the 2001 Outburst"

  45. Zsargó, J., Fullerton, A.W., Lehner, N., & Massa, D. 2003, A&A, 405, 1043-1056
    "A search for O VI in the winds of B-type stars"

  46. Hébrard, G., Allard, N.F., Kielkopf, J.F., Chayer, P., Dupuis, J., Kruk, J.W., & Hubeny, I. 2003, A&A, 405, 1153-1156
    "Modeling of the Lyman gamma satellites in FUSE spectra of DA white dwarfs"

  47. Knauth, D.C., Howk, J.C., Sembach, K.R., Lauroesch, J.T., & Meyer, D.M. 2003, ApJ, 592, 964-974
    "On the Origin of the High-Ionization Intermediate-Velocity Gas toward HD 14434"

  48. Mallouris, C. 2003, ApJS, 147, 265-303
    "The Complete Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Spectrum of the Small Magellanic Cloud Star Sk 108"

  49. Vennes, S., Schmidt, G.D., Ferrario, L., Christian, D.J., Wickramasinghe, D.T., & Kawka, A. 2003, ApJ, 593, 1040-1048
    "A Multiwavelength Study of the High-Field Magnetic White Dwarf EUVE J0317-85.5 (=RE J0317-853)"

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    "The Multiphase Intergalactic Medium toward PKS 2155-304"

  51. Barstow, M.A., Good, S.A., Burleigh, M.R., Hubeny, I., Holberg, J.B., & Levan, A.J. 2003, MNRAS, 344, 562-574
    "A comparison of DA white dwarf temperatures and gravities from FUSE Lyman line and ground-based Balmer line observations"

  52. Guinan, E.F., Ribas, I., & Harper, G.M. 2003, ApJ, 594, 561-572
    "Far-Ultraviolet Emissions of the Sun in Time: Probing Solar Magnetic Activity and Effects on Evolution of Paleoplanetary Atmospheres"

  53. Lecavelier des Étangs, A., Deleuil, M., Vidal-Madjar, A., Roberge, A., Le Petit, F., Hébrard, G., Ferlet, R., Feldman, P.D., Désert, J.-M., & Bouret, J.-C. 2003, A&A, 407, 935-939
    "FUSE observations of H_2 around the Herbig AeBe stars HD 100546 and HD 163296"

  54. Aloisi, A., Savaglio, S., Heckman, T.M., Hoopes, C.G., Leitherer, C., & Sembach, K.R. 2003, ApJ, 595, 760-778
    "Abundances in the Neutral Interstellar Medium of I Zw 18 from Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations"

  55. Lehner, N., Jenkins, E.B., Gry, C., Moos, H.W., Chayer, P., & Lacour, S. 2003, ApJ, 595, 858-879
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of the Local Interstellar Medium within 200 Parsecs"

  56. Knauth, D.C., Andersson, B.-G., McCandliss, S.R., & Moos, H.W. 2003, ApJ, 596, L51-L54
    "Potential Variations in the Interstellar N I Abundance"

  57. Hoopes, C.G., Heckman, T.M., Strickland, D.K., & Howk, J.C. 2003, ApJ, 596, L175-L178
    "Cooling in Coronal Gas in the M82 Starburst Superwind"

  58. Sonnentrucker, P., Friedman, S.D., Welty, D.E., York, D.G., & Snow, T.P. 2003, ApJ, 596, 350-361
    "Abundances and Physical Conditions in the Interstellar Gas toward HD 185418"

  59. Bouret, J.-C., Martin, C., Deleuil, M., Simon, T., & Catala, C. 2003, A&A, 410, 175-188
    "Far UV spectroscopy of the circumstellar environment of the Herbig Be stars HD 259431 and HD 250550"

  60. Sheffer, Y., Federman, S.R., & Andersson, B.-G. 2003, ApJ, 597, L29-L32
    "FUSE Measurements of Rydberg Bands of Interstellar CO between 925 and 1150 Å"

  61. Cartledge, S.I.B., Meyer, D.M., & Lauroesch, J.T. 2003, ApJ, 597, 408-413
    "The Homogeneity of Interstellar Krypton in the Galactic Disk"

  62. Hutchings, J.B., Winter, K., Cowley, A.P., Schmidtke, P.C., & Crampton, D. 2003, AJ, 126, 2368-2371
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Spectra of the Black Hole Binary LMC X-3"

  63. Hoard, D.W., Szkody, P., Froning, C.S., Long, K.S., & Knigge, C. 2003, AJ, 126, 2473-2486
    "Observations of the SW Sextantis Star DW Ursae Majoris with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer"

  64. Dupuis, J., Chayer, P., Vennes, S., Allard, N.F., & Hébrard, G. 2003, ApJ, 598, 486-491
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observation of the Ultramassive White Dwarf PG 1658+441"

  65. Ganguly, R., Masiero, J., Charlton, J.C., & Sembach, K.R. 2003, ApJ, 598, 922-934
    "An Intrinsic Absorption Complex toward RX J1230.8+0115: Geometry and Photoionization Conditions"

  66. Hébrard, G., & Moos, H.W. 2003, ApJ, 599, 297-311
    "The Deuterium-to-Oxygen Ratio in the Interstellar Medium"

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