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NOTE: Most of the High Level Science Products are unavailable while unscheduled maintenance is being performed. They will be incrementally restored over the course of this week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

FUSE Scientific Publications (Refereed)

  1. Savage, B.D., Sembach, K.R., Tripp, T.M., & Richter, P. 2002, ApJ, 564, 631-649
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer and Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph Observations of Intervening O VI Absorption Line Systems in the Spectrum of PG 0953+415"

  2. Sankrit, R., & Blair, W.P. 2002, ApJ, 565, 297-303
    "FUSE Observations of the Cygnus Loop: O VI Emission from a Nonradiative Shock"

  3. Welsh, B.Y., Rachford, B.L., & Tumlinson, J. 2002, A&A, 381, 566-570
    "Molecular hydrogen gas at high-velocity associated with the Monoceros Loop SNR"

  4. Brotherton, M.S., Green, R.F., Kriss, G.A., Oegerle, W., Kaiser, M.E., Zheng, W., & Hutchings, J.B. 2002, ApJ, 565, 800-807
    "Far ultraviolet spectroscopic explorer observations of the Seyfert 1.5 galaxy NGC 5548 in a low state."

  5. Thuan, T.X., Lecavelier Des Étangs, A., & Izotov, Y.I. 2002, ApJ, 565, 941-951
    "Far ultraviolet spectroscopic explorer observations of the blue compact dwarf galaxy Markarian 59."

  6. Tumlinson, J., Shull, J.M., Rachford, B.L., Browning, M.K., Snow, T.P., Fullerton, A.W., Jenkins, E.B., Savage, B.D., Crowther, P.A., Moos, H.W., Sembach, K.R., Sonneborn, G., & York, D.G. 2002, ApJ, 566, 857-879
    "A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen in the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds"

  7. Barstow, M.A., Good, S.A., Holberg, J.B., Burleigh, M.R., Bannister, N.P., Hubeny, I., & Napiwotzki, R. 2002, MNRAS, 330, 425-434
    "FUSE observations of PG1342+444: new insights into the nature of the hottest DA white dwarfs"

  8. Sterling, N.C., Savage, B.D., Richter, P., Fabian, D., & Sembach, K.R. 2002, ApJ, 567, 354-362
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of O VI Overlying the Scutum Supershell"

  9. Brown, T.M., Ferguson, H.C., O'Connell, R.W., & Ohl, R.G. 2002, ApJ, 568, L19-L22
    "Photospheric Abundances of the Hot Stars in NGC 1399 and Limits on the Fornax Cluster Cooling Flow"

  10. Turner, T.J., Romano, P., Kraemer, S.B., George, I.M., Yaqoob, T., Crenshaw, D.M., Storm, J., Alloin, D., Lazzaro, D., Da Silva, L., Pritchard, J.D., Kriss, G., Zheng, W., Mathur, S., Wang, J., Dobbie, P., & Collins, N.R. 2002, ApJ, 568, 120-132
    "The Spectral Energy Distribution of the Seyfert Galaxy Ton S180"

  11. Roberge, A., Feldman, P.D., Étangs, A.L.des., Vidal-Madjar, A., Deleuil, M., Bouret, J.-C., Ferlet, R., & Moos, H.W. 2002, ApJ, 568, 343-351
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of Possible Infalling Planetesimals in the 51 Ophiuchi Circumstellar Disk"

  12. Danforth, C.W., Howk, J.C., Fullerton, A.W., Blair, W.P., & Sembach, K.R. 2002, ApJS, 139, 81-189
    "An Atlas of Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Sight Lines toward the Magellanic Clouds"

  13. Del Zanna, G., Landini, M., & Mason, H.E. 2002, A&A, 385, 968-985
    "Spectroscopic diagnostics of stellar transition regions and coronae in the XUV: AU Mic in quiescence"

  14. Frémat, Y., Zorec, J., Hubert, A.-M., Cidale, L.S., Rohrmann, R.D., Désert, J.-M., & Ferlet, R. 2002, A&A, 385, 986-994
    "FUSE observations towards the pole-on Be star HR 5223"

  15. Howk, J.C., Sembach, K.R., Savage, B.D., Massa, D., Friedman, S.D., & Fullerton, A.W. 2002, ApJ, 569, 214-232
    "The Global Content, Distribution, and Kinematics of Interstellar O VI in the Large Magellanic Cloud"

  16. Hoopes, C.G., Sembach, K.R., Howk, J.C., Savage, B.D., & Fullerton, A.W. 2002, ApJ, 569, 233-244
    "A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of Interstellar O VI Absorption in the Small Magellanic Cloud"

  17. Shelton, R.L. 2002, ApJ, 569, 758-765
    "Observations of O VI Emission from the Diffuse Interstellar Medium toward l = 113°, b = 71°"

  18. Hutchings, J.B., Fullerton, A.W., Cowley, A.P., & Schmidtke, P.C. 2002, AJ, 123, 2841-2846
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer 900-1200 Å Spectroscopy of AM Herculis"

  19. Moos, H.W., Sembach, K.R., Vidal-Madjar, A., York, D.G., Friedman, S.D., Hébrard, G., Kruk, J.W., Lehner, N., Lemoine, M., Sonneborn, G., Wood, B.E., Ake, T.B., André, M., Blair, W.P., Chayer, P., Gry, C., Dupree, A.K., Ferlet, R., Feldman, P.D., Green, J.C., Howk, J.C., Hutchings, J.B., Jenkins, E.B., Linsky, J.L., Murphy, E.M., Oegerle, W.R., Oliveira, C., Roth, K., Sahnow, D.J., Savage, B.D., Shull, J.M., Tripp, T.M., Weiler, E.J., Welsh, B.Y., Wilkinson, E., & Woodgate, B.E. 2002, ApJS, 140, 3-17
    "Abundances of Deuterium, Nitrogen, and Oxygen in the Local Interstellar Medium: Overview of First Results from the FUSE Mission"

  20. Kruk, J.W., Howk, J.C., André, M., Moos, H.W., Oegerle, W.R., Oliveira, C., Sembach, K.R., Chayer, P., Linsky, J.L., Wood, B.E., Ferlet, R., Hébrard, G., Lemoine, M., Vidal-Madjar, A., & Sonneborn, G. 2002, ApJS, 140, 19-36
    "Abundances of Deuterium, Nitrogen, and Oxygen toward HZ 43A: Results from the FUSE Mission"

  21. Friedman, S.D., Howk, J.C., Chayer, P., Tripp, T.M., Hébrard, G., André, M., Oliveira, C., Jenkins, E.B., Moos, H.W., Oegerle, W.R., Sonneborn, G., Lamontagne, R., Sembach, K.R., & Vidal-Madjar, A. 2002, ApJS, 140, 37-49
    "Deuterium and Oxygen toward Feige 110: Results from the FUSE Mission"

  22. Sonneborn, G., André, M., Oliveira, C., Hébrard, G., Howk, J.C., Tripp, T.M., Chayer, P., Friedman, S.D., Kruk, J.W., Jenkins, E.B., Lemoine, M., Moos, H.W., Oegerle, W.R., Sembach, K.R., & Vidal-Madjar, A. 2002, ApJS, 140, 51-66
    "Interstellar Deuterium, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Abundances toward BD +28°4211: Results from the FUSE Mission"

  23. Lemoine, M., Vidal-Madjar, A., Hébrard, G., Désert, J.-M., Ferlet, R., Lecavelier des Étangs, A., Howk, J.C., André, M., Blair, W.P., Friedman, S.D., Kruk, J.W., Lacour, S., Moos, H.W., Sembach, K., Chayer, P., Jenkins, E.B., Koester, D., Linsky, J.L., Wood, B.E., Oegerle, W.R., Sonneborn, G., & York, D.G. 2002, ApJS, 140, 67-80
    "Deuterium Abundance toward G191-B2B: Results from the FUSE Mission"

  24. Lehner, N., Gry, C., Sembach, K.R., Hébrard, G., Chayer, P., Moos, H.W., Howk, J.C., & Désert, J.-M. 2002, ApJS, 140, 81-89
    "Deuterium Abundance toward WD 0621-376: Results from the FUSE Mission"

  25. Wood, B.E., Linsky, J.L., Hébrard, G., Vidal-Madjar, A., Lemoine, M., Moos, H.W., Sembach, K.R., & Jenkins, E.B. 2002, ApJS, 140, 91-102
    "Deuterium Abundance toward WD 1634-573: Results from the FUSE Mission"

  26. Hébrard, G., Lemoine, M., Vidal-Madjar, A., Désert, J.-M., Lecavelier des Étangs, A., Ferlet, R., Wood, B.E., Linsky, J.L., Kruk, J.W., Chayer, P., Lacour, S., Blair, W.P., Friedman, S.D., Moos, H.W., Sembach, K.R., Sonneborn, G., Oegerle, W.R., & Jenkins, E.B. 2002, ApJS, 140, 103-114
    "Deuterium Abundance toward WD 2211-495: Results from the FUSE Mission"

  27. Leitherer, C., Li, I.-H., Calzetti, D., & Heckman, T.M. 2002, ApJS, 140, 303-329
    "Global Far-Ultraviolet (912-1800 Å) Properties of Star-forming Galaxies"

  28. Sembach, K.R., Gibson, B.K., Fenner, Y., & Putman, M.E. 2002, ApJ, 572, 178-184
    "A Limit on the Metallicity of Compact High-Velocity Clouds"

  29. Howk, J.C., Savage, B.D., Sembach, K.R., & Hoopes, C.G. 2002, ApJ, 572, 264-275
    "Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of Degree-Scale Variations in Galactic Halo OVI"

  30. Herczeg, G.J., Linsky, J.L., Valenti, J.A., Johns-Krull, C.M., & Wood, B.E. 2002, ApJ, 572, 310-325
    "The Far-Ultraviolet Spectrum of TW Hydrae. I. Observations of H2 Fluorescence"

  31. Blair, W.P., Sankrit, R., & Tulin, S. 2002, ApJS, 140, 367-388
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer and Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope Observations of Radiative Shocks in the Cygnus Loop"

  32. Snow, T.P., Rachford, B.L., & Figoski, L. 2002, ApJ, 573, 662-669
    "Gas-Phase Iron Abundances and Depletions in Translucent Interstellar Lines of Sight from Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of Fe II Lines"

  33. Miksa, S., Deetjen, J.L., Dreizler, S., Kruk, J.W., Rauch, T., & Werner, K. 2002, A&A, 389, 953-962
    "Iron abundance in hot hydrogen-deficient central stars and white dwarfs from FUSE, HST, and IUE spectroscopy"

  34. Bloomfield, D.S., Mathioudakis, M., Christian, D.J., Keenan, F.P., & Linsky, J.L. 2002, A&A, 390, 219-224
    "Opacity in the upper atmosphere of AU Mic"

  35. Bouret, J.-C., Deleuil, M., Lanz, T., Roberge, A., Lecavelier des Étangs, A., & Vidal-Madjar, A. 2002, A&A, 390, 1049-1061
    "A chromospheric scenario for the activity of beta Pictoris, as revealed by FUSE"

  36. Wilkinson, E., Harper, G.M., Brown, A., & Herczeg, G.J. 2002, AJ, 124, 1077-1081
    "The Far-Ultraviolet Spectrum of T Tauri between 912 and 1185 Å"

  37. Walborn, N.R., Fullerton, A.W., Crowther, P.A., Bianchi, L., Hutchings, J.B., Pellerin, A., Sonneborn, G., & Willis, A.J. 2002, ApJS, 141, 443-468
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Atlas of OB Stars in the Magellanic Clouds"

  38. Gry, C., Boulanger, F., Nehmé, C., Pineau des Forêts, G., Habart, E., & Falgarone, E. 2002, A&A, 391, 675-680
    "H_2 formation and excitation in the diffuse interstellar medium"

  39. Crowther, P.A., Dessart, L., Hillier, D.J., Abbott, J.B., & Fullerton, A.W. 2002, A&A, 392, 653-669
    "Stellar and wind properties of LMC WC4 stars. A metallicity dependence for Wolf-Rayet mass-loss rates"

  40. Feldman, P.D., Weaver, H.A., & Burgh, E.B. 2002, ApJ, 576, L91-LL94
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of CO and H_2 Emission in Comet C/2001 A2 (LINEAR)"

  41. Weaver, H.A., Feldman, P.D., Combi, M.R., Krasnopolsky, V., Lisse, C.M., & Shemansky, D.E. 2002, ApJ, 576, L95-LL98
    "A Search for Argon and O VI in Three Comets Using the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer"

  42. Sonnentrucker, P., Friedman, S.D., Welty, D.E., York, D.G., & Snow, T.P. 2002, ApJ, 576, 241-254
    "Abundances and Physical Conditions in the Interstellar Gas toward HD 192639"

  43. Rachford, B.L., Snow, T.P., Tumlinson, J., Shull, J.M., Blair, W.P., Ferlet, R., Friedman, S.D., Gry, C., Jenkins, E.B., Morton, D.C., Savage, B.D., Sonnentrucker, P., Vidal-Madjar, A., Welty, D.E., & York, D.G. 2002, ApJ, 577, 221-244
    "A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen in Translucent Clouds"

  44. Hébrard, G., Friedman, S.D., Kruk, J.W., Lehner, N., Lemoine, M., Linsky, J.L., Moos, H.W., Oliveira, C.M., Sembach, K.R., Sonneborn, G., Vidal-Madjar, A., & Wood, B.E. 2002, Planet. Space Sci., 50, 1169-1172
    "The deuterium-to-oxygen ratio in the local interstellar medium from FUSE observations"

  45. Heckman, T.M., Norman, C.A., Strickland, D.K., & Sembach, K.R. 2002, ApJ, 577, 691-700
    "On the Physical Origin of O VI Absorption-Line Systems"

  46. Buat, V., Burgarella, D., Deharveng, J.M., & Kunth, D. 2002, A&A, 393, 33-42
    "Spectral Energy Distributions of starburst galaxies in the 900-1200 Å range"

  47. Sterling, N.C., Dinerstein, H.L., & Bowers, C.W. 2002, ApJ, 578, L55-L58
    "Discovery of Enhanced Germanium Abundances in Planetary Nebulae with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer"

  48. Hoard, D.W., Szkody, P., Ishioka, R., Ferrario, L., Gänsicke, B.T., Schmidt, G.D., Kato, T., & Uemura, M. 2002, AJ, 124, 2238-2244
    "Observations of the Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable VV Puppis with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer"

  49. Romano, P., Mathur, S., Pogge, R.W., Peterson, B.M., & Kuraszkiewicz, J. 2002, ApJ, 578, 64-73
    "Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of the Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy Arakelian 564"

  50. Lehner, N. 2002, ApJ, 578, 126-143
    "Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of the Magellanic Bridge Gas toward Two Early-Type Stars: Molecules, Physical Conditions, and Relative Abundances"

  51. Pellerin, A., Fullerton, A.W., Robert, C., Howk, J.C., Hutchings, J.B., Walborn, N.R., Bianchi, L., Crowther, P.A., & Sonneborn, G. 2002, ApJS, 143, 159-200
    "An Atlas of Galactic OB Spectra Observed with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer"

  52. Crowther, P.A., Hillier, D.J., Evans, C.J., Fullerton, A.W., De Marco, O., & Willis, A.J. 2002, ApJ, 579, 774-799
    "Revised Stellar Temperatures for Magellanic Cloud O Supergiants from Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer and Very Large Telescope UV-Visual Echelle Spectrograph Spectroscopy"

  53. Simon, T., Ayres, T.R., Redfield, S., & Linsky, J.L. 2002, ApJ, 579, 800-809
    "Limits on Chromospheres and Convection among the Main-Sequence A Stars"

  54. Herald, J.E., & Bianchi, L. 2002, ApJ, 580, 434-446
    "The Binary Central Star of the Planetary Nebula A35"

  55. Hutchings, J.B., Winter, K., Cowley, A.P., Schmidtke, P.C., & Crampton, D. 2002, AJ, 124, 2833-2840
    "Far-ultraviolet spectroscopy of the supersoft X-ray binary RX J0513.9-6951."

  56. Hébrard, G., Allard, N.F., Hubeny, I., Lacour, S., Ferlet, R., & Vidal-Madjar, A. 2002, A&A, 394, 647-651
    "Quasi-molecular lines in Lyman wings of cool DA white dwarfs. Application to FUSE observations of G 231-40"

  57. Krasnopolsky, V.A., & Feldman, P.D. 2002, Icarus, 160, 86-94
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectrum of Mars"

  58. Welsh, B.Y., Sallmen, S., Sfeir, D., Shelton, R.L., & Lallement, R. 2002, A&A, 394, 691-699
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) observations of emitting and absorbing gas in the Local Interstellar Chimney"

  59. Bianchi, L., & Garcia, M. 2002, ApJ, 581, 610-625
    "The Effective Temperatures of Mid-O Stars"

  60. Redfield, S., Linsky, J.L., Ake, T.B., Ayres, T.R., Dupree, A.K., Robinson, R.D., Wood, B.E., & Young, P.R. 2002, ApJ, 581, 626-653
    "A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of Late-Type Dwarf Stars"

  61. Wood, B.E., Redfield, S., Linsky, J.L., & Sahu, M.S. 2002, ApJ, 581, 1168-1179
    "Elemental Abundances and Ionization States within the Local Interstellar Cloud Derived from Hubble Space Telescope and Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of the Capella Line of Sight"

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