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FUSE Scientific Publications (Refereed)

  1. Sembach, K. R., Howk, J. C., Savage, B. D., & Shull, J. M. 2001, AJ, 121, 992-1002
    "FUSE Observations of Atomic Abundances and Molecular Hydrogen in the Leading Arm of the Magellanic Stream"

  2. Richter, P., Savage, B. D., Wakker, B. P., Sembach, K. R., & Kalberla, P. M. W. 2001, ApJ, 549, 281-292
    "The FUSE Spectrum of PG 0804+761: A Study of Atomic and Molecular Gas in the Lower Galactic Halo and Beyond"

  3. Sankrit, R., Shelton, R. L., Blair, W. P., Sembach, K. R., & Jenkins, E. B. 2001, ApJ, 549, 416-424
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of an X-Ray Bright Region in the Vela Supernova Remnant"

  4. Dixon, W. V. D., Sallmen, S., Hurwitz, M., & Lieu, R. 2001, ApJ, 550, L25-L29
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Limits on Far-Ultraviolet Emission from Warm Gas in Clusters of Galaxies"

  5. Roberge, A., Lecavelier des Étangs, A., Grady, C. A., Vidal-Madjar, A., Bouret, J. -., Feldman, P. D., Deleuil, M., Andre, M., Boggess, A., Bruhweiler, F. C., Ferlet, R., & Woodgate, B. 2001, ApJ, 551, L97-L100
    "FUSE and Hubble Space Telescope/STIS Observations of Hot and Cold Gas in the AB Aurigae System"

  6. Harper, G. M., Wilkinson, E., Brown, A., Jordan, C., & Linsky, J. L. 2001, ApJ, 551, 486-494
    "Identification of FE II Emission Lines in FUSE Stellar Spectra"

  7. Dixon, W. V. D., Sallmen, S., Hurwitz, M., & Lieu, R. 2001, ApJ, 552, L69-L72
    "Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Detection of Diffuse Galactic O VI Emission toward the Coma and Virgo Clusters"

  8. Danforth, C. W., & Chu, Y. 2001, ApJ, 552, L155-L158
    "The Interstellar Medium Interactions of a Runaway Luminous Blue Variable Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud"

  9. Feldman, P. D., Sahnow, D. J., Kruk, J. W., Murphy, E. M., & Moos, H. W. 2001, J. Geophys. Res., 106, 8119-8130
    "High-resolution FUV spectroscopy of the terrestrial day airglow with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer"

  10. Welsh, B.Y., Sfeir, D.M., Sallmen, S., & Lallement, R. 2001, A&A, 372, 516-526
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer observations of high-velocity gas associated with the Monoceros Loop SNR"

  11. Bregman, J. N., Miller, E. D., & Irwin, J. A. 2001, ApJ, 553, L125-L128
    "The Detection of a Cooling Flow Elliptical Galaxy from O VI Emission"

  12. Feldman, P. D., Ake, T. B., Berman, A. F., Moos, H. W., Sahnow, D. J., Strobel, D. F., Weaver, H. A., & Young, P. R. 2001, ApJ, 554, L123-L126
    "Detection of Chlorine Ions in the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Spectrum of the Io Plasma Torus"

  13. Heckman, T.M., Sembach, K.R., Meurer, G.R., Strickland, D.K., Martin, C.L., Calzetti, D., & Leitherer, C. 2001, ApJ, 554, 1021-1034
    "FUSE Observations of Outflowing O VI in the Dwarf Starburst Galaxy NGC 1705"

  14. Young, P.R., Dupree, A.K., Wood, B.E., Redfield, S., Linsky, J.L., Ake, T.B., & Moos, H.W. 2001, ApJ, 555, L121-L124
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of Capella"

  15. Rachford, B.L., Snow, T.P., Tumlinson, J., Shull, J.M., Roueff, E., André, M., Desert, J.-M., Ferlet, R., Vidal-Madjar, A., & York, D.G. 2001, ApJ, 555, 839-849
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of Molecular Hydrogen in Translucent Interstellar Clouds. II. The Line of Sight toward HD 110432"

  16. Wolff, B., Kruk, J.W., Koester, D., Allard, N.F., Ferlet, R., & Vidal-Madjar, A. 2001, A&A, 373, 674-682
    "FUSE observations of hot white dwarfs"

  17. Levshakov, S.A., Kegel, W.H., & Agafonova, I.I. 2001, A&A, 373, 836-842
    "Argon, silicon and iron abundances in the damped Ly-alpha system I Zw 18"

  18. Lecavelier des Étangs, A., Vidal-Madjar, A., Roberge, A., Feldman, P.D., Deleuil, M. and André, M., Blair, W.P., Bouret, J.-C. and Désert, J.M., Ferlet, R., Friedman, S. and Hébrard, G., Lemoine, M., & Moos, H.W. 2001, Nature, 412, 706-708
    "Deficiency of molecular hydrogen in the disk of Beta Pictoris"

  19. Lehner, N., Fullerton, A.W., Sembach, K.R., Massa, D.L., & Jenkins, E.B. 2001, ApJ, 556, L103-L106
    "The Influence of Stellar Wind Variability on Measurements of Interstellar O VI along Sight Lines to Early-Type Stars"

  20. Kraemer, S.B., Crenshaw, D.M., & Gabel, J.R. 2001, ApJ, 557, 30-38
    "STIS Echelle Observations of the Intrinsic UV Absorption in the Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC 3783"

  21. Kriss, G.A., Shull, J.M., Oegerle, W., Zheng, W., Davidsen, A.F., Songaila, A., Tumlinson, J., Cowie, L.L., Deharveng, J.-M., Friedman, S.D., Giroux, M.L., Green, R.F., Hutchings, J.B., Jenkins, E.B., Kruk, J.W., Moos, H.W., Morton, D.C., Sembach, K.R., & Tripp, T.M. 2001, Science, 293, 1112-1116
    "Resolving the Structure of Ionized Helium in the Intergalactic Medium with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer"

  22. Deleuil, M., Bouret, J.-C., Étangs, A.L.d., Roberge, A., Vidal-Madjar, A., André, M., Blair, W.P., Feldman, P.D., Ferlet, R., Friedman, S.D., & Moos, H.W. 2001, ApJ, 557, L67-L70
    "Is β Pictoris an Active Star?"

  23. Deharveng, J.-M., Buat, V., Le Brun, V., Milliard, B., Kunth, D., Shull, J.M., & Gry, C. 2001, A&A, 375, 805-813
    "Constraints on the Lyman continuum radiation from galaxies: First results with FUSE on Mrk 54"

  24. Hoopes, C.G., Sembach, K.R., Howk, J.C., & Blair, W.P. 2001, ApJ, 558, L35-L38
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of a Supernova Remnant in the Line of Sight to HD 5980 in the Small Magellanic Cloud"

  25. Heckman, T.M., Sembach, K.R., Meurer, G.R., Leitherer, C., Calzetti, D., & Martin, C.L. 2001, ApJ, 558, 56-62
    "On the Escape of Ionizing Radiation from Starbursts"

  26. Mallouris, C., Welty, D.E., York, D.G., Moos, H.W., Sembach, K.R., Friedman, S.D., Jenkins, E.B., Lemoine, M., Oegerle, W.R., Savage, B.D., Shull, J.M., Sonneborn, G., & Vidal-Madjar, A. 2001, ApJ, 558, 133-144
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of Interstellar Gas toward the Small Magellanic Cloud Star Sk 108"

  27. Hutchings, J.B., Crampton, D., Cowley, A.P., Schmidtke, P.C., & Fullerton, A.W. 2001, AJ, 122, 1572-1577
    "Far-Ultraviolet Observations of the Galactic Supersoft Binary RX J0019.8+2156 (QR Andromedae)"

  28. Hutchings, J.B., Kriss, G.A., Green, R.F., Brotherton, M., Kaiser, M.E., Koratkar, A.P., & Zheng, W. 2001, ApJ, 559, 173-180
    "Evidence for an Accelerating Wind as the Broad-Line Region in NGC 3516"

  29. Richter, P., Sembach, K.R., Wakker, B.P., Savage, B.D., Tripp, T.M., Murphy, E.M., Kalberla, P.M.W., & Jenkins, E.B. 2001, ApJ, 559, 318-325
    "The Diversity of High- and Intermediate-Velocity Clouds: Complex C versus IV Arch"

  30. Hutchings, J.B., & Giasson, J. 2001, PASP, 113, 1205-1209
    "900-1200 Å Interstellar Extinction in the Galaxy, Large Magellanic Cloud, and Small Magellanic Cloud"

  31. Oegerle, W.R., Cowie, L., Davidsen, A., Hu, E., Hutchings, J., Murphy, E., Sembach, K., & Woodgate, B. 2001, ApJ, 560, 187-193
    "FUSE Observations of Cooling-Flow Gas in the Galaxy Clusters A1795 and A2597"

  32. Shelton, R.L., Kruk, J.W., Murphy, E.M., Andersson, B.G., Blair, W.P., Dixon, W.V., Edelstein, J., Fullerton, A.W., Gry, C., Howk, J.C., Jenkins, E.B., Linsky, J.L., Moos, H.W., Oegerle, W.R., Oey, M.S., Roth, K.C., Sahnow, D.J., Sankrit, R., Savage, B.D., Sembach, K.R., Shull, J.M., Siegmund, O.H.W., Vidal-Madjar, A., Welsh, B.Y., & York, D.G. 2001, ApJ, 560, 730-741
    "Observations of O VI Emission from the Diffuse Interstellar Medium"

  33. Fang, T., & Bryan, G.L. 2001, ApJ, 561, L31-L35
    "Probing the Intergalactic Medium with the O VI Forest"

  34. Sembach, K.R., Howk, J.C., Savage, B.D., Shull, J.M., & Oegerle, W.R. 2001, ApJ, 561, 573-599
    "Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Intergalactic and Interstellar Absorption toward 3C 273"

  35. Bluhm, H., & de Boer, K.S. 2001, A&A, 379, 82-89
    "H2, HD, and CO at the edge of 30 Dor in the LMC: The line of sight to Sk-69 246"

  36. Burleigh, M.R., Barstow, M.A., Schenker, K.J., Sills, A.I., Wynn, G.A., Dobbie, P.D., & Good, S.A. 2001, MNRAS, 327, 1158-1164
    "The low-mass white dwarf companion to β Crateris"

  37. Barstow, M.A., Holberg, J.B., Hubeny, I., Good, S.A., Levan, A.J., & Meru, F. 2001, MNRAS, 328, 211-222
    "A comparison of DA white dwarf temperatures and gravities from Lyman and Balmer line studies"

  38. Zheng, W., Kriss, G.A., Wang, J.X., Brotherton, M., Oegerle, W.R., Blair, W.P., Davidsen, A.F., Green, R.F., Hutchings, J.B., & Kaiser, M.E. 2001, ApJ, 562, 152-159
    "Ultraviolet Broad Absorption Features and the Spectral Energy Distribution of the Quasar PG 1351+64"

  39. Krasnopolsky, V.A., & Feldman, P.D. 2001, Science, 294, 1914-1917
    "Detection of Molecular Hydrogen in the Atmosphere of Mars"

  40. Richter, P., Sembach, K.R., Wakker, B.P., & Savage, B.D. 2001, ApJ, 562, L181-L184
    "Molecular Hydrogen in High-Velocity Clouds"

  41. Cartledge, S.I.B., Meyer, D.M., Lauroesch, J.T., & Sofia, U.J. 2001, ApJ, 562, 394-399
    "Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph Observations of Interstellar Oxygen and Krypton in Translucent Clouds"

  42. Froning, C.S., Long, K.S., Drew, J.E., Knigge, C., & Proga, D. 2001, ApJ, 562, 963-984
    "FUSE Observations of U Geminorum during Outburst and Decline"

  43. Tripp, T.M., Giroux, M.L., Stocke, J.T., Tumlinson, J., & Oegerle, W.R. 2001, ApJ, 563, 724-735
    "The Ionization and Metallicity of the Intervening O VI Absorber at z=0.1212 in the Spectrum of H1821+643"

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