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The EUVE Electronic Newsletter was published quarterly by the EUVE Science Archive group and contained information on a variety of mission-related topics (e.g., science discoveries, the Guest Observer Program and the Science Archive). As events warranted, periodic news "flashes" were distributed to convey urgent and/or time-critical information. Past issues of the newsletter, along with some of the major highlights for each, are available below.

Past Issues of the EUVE Electronic Newsletter:

2000 Issues:

  • 02 October 2000 (V9.2) -- NASA Senior Review Terminates EUVE Mission; Senior Review Results Trigger EUVE End-of-Mission Activities; Survey Shows High Levels of EUVE GO Satisfaction; EUVE Team Received Award from NASA Administrator; EUVE FOT Implements Complicated Observation of Comet LINEAR; EUVE and Chandra Team Discover Charge Exchange Emission from Comet LINEAR; First with EUVE: Observation of Sharp Turn-on in Flux between Her X-1 Short High and Low States; EUVE Catches OY Car in Superoutburst; and EUVE Results from XTE J1118+480.
  • 18 July 2000 (V9.2) --UCB Celebrates EUVE 8-year Launch Anniverary; EUVE Science Session well attended at June AAS; EUVE Battery Failure Prompts Safe-Hold Mode Entries; EUVE Coordinated TOOs of New X-Ray Transient; UCB Submits EUVE Proposal to Senior Review; UCB Celebrates 3-Year Outsourcing Anniversary; EUVE Conducts Innovative TOO Collaboration with AAVSO; UCB Released New Version of EUVE Data Analysis Package.
  • 09 February 2000 (V9.1) -- Battery dVs Trigger EUVE Entry into Safe-Hold Mode; FOT Adjusts EUVE Frequency; Update on 1999 EUVE Archival Data Demands; EUVE Releases Science Recalibration Results; EUVE FOT Continues Active Battery Management; EUVE Cycle 8 TAC Results; and EUVE Science Advisory Board Public Meeting Held.

1999 Issues:

  • 11 October 1999 (V8.2) -- EUVE set to destaff weekends; EUVE Science Advisory Board (ESAB) to hold public meeting at AAS January meeting; findings on Her X-1, G191-B2B, and discovery of AM Her star EUVE J0425.6-5714; EUVE Episode 8 proposals due October 13, 1999
  • 03 August 1999 (V8.1) -- EUVE completes "Lessons Learned" report; EUVE Science Advisory Board (ESAB) submits FY98 report to NASA; EUVE project prepares to release Announcement of Opportunity for an eighth observing cycle

1997 Issues:

  • 23 December 1997 (V7.12) -- EUVE Observers U Gem as TOO; GO Support Being Folded Into Operations

    Note that this issue of the EUVE electronic newsletter will be the last published on a monthly basis; beginning in 1998 distributions will be continued as events warrant (e.g., on a quarterly basis). This publication change is in response to the continued shrinking of available EUVE mission staffing and budgetary resources.

  • 26 November 1997 (V7.11) -- NSSDC To Take Over EUVE Archival Data Delivery; EUVE Conducts Reaction Wheel Assembly Tests; IP Transition Proceeding
  • 31 October 1997 (V7.10) -- Cycle 6 Announcement of Opportunity; Proposal Review Process for Cycle 6; FDF Sees Unexpected Decrease in EUVE's Velocity
  • 29 September 1997 (V7.9) -- ESAB Meeting to be Broadcast Live on Internet; EUVE/ALEXIS Transient Reobserved; UCB Makes Progress on PACOR Replacement
  • 31 August 1997 (V7.8) -- EUVE Science Program Management Changes; ALEXIS "Bastille Day" Transient; Observation of P/Encke; FOT Successfully Implements Payload ATCs
  • 31 July 1997 (V7.7) -- EUVE Celebrates Five Years in Orbit; EUVE Offers Coordinated Observations to XTE/ASCA Proposers; EGO Center Releases New Software and Calibration Data; DS/S Calibration Observation of HZ 43; New TPOCC Software Release Delivered
  • 27 June 1997 (V7.6) -- EUVE TPOCC Software Delivery Plan Set; UCB/CEA Software Development Milestones; Farewell to George Kaplan
  • 2 June 1997 (V7.5) -- List of Approved Cycle 5 Proposals; EUVE Data Delivery Resumes; Subsystem Trending Begins Again; UCB Receives Additional Services from NCC; GFE Shipment Completed; DSN Test Conducted Successfully
  • 30 April 1997 (V7.4) -- EUVE Under New Management; TOO to ALEXIS Transient; New Data Service to EUVE Observers; UCB Assumes Operational Contol of EP Spacecraft
  • 1 April 1997 (V7.3) -- UCB-CEA Begins Realtime Operations of EP Spacecraft; EUVE Target of Opportunity: T Leo; Extended Survey Period for Spacecraft Calibrations; UCB-CEA Handles Its First Spacecraft Anomaly; Commencement of Phase 2 "Realtime" Shadow Operations
  • 22 February 1997 (V7.2) -- EUVE GO Cycle 5 Proposals Due; Call for Reviewers; EUVE Stellar Spectral Atlas
  • 31 January 1997 (V7.1) -- EUVE Spacecraft in Safe-Hold Mode; Mission Operations Review at GSFC; CEA FOT Fully Staffed; EPOC Systems Testing

1996 Issues:

1995 Issues:

  • 22 December 1995 (V5.12) -- Two New Scientists Join CEA/EUVE Team; New GO Data Products Guide; 1:0 Phase 1 Transition Implemented in the ESOC
  • 27 November 1995 (V5.11) -- Cycle 4 GO Proposal Summary; New IRAF/EUV and EGODATA Releases; EUVE Enters Safe-Hold Mode for the First Time; 1:0 Transition in the ESOC; EUVE Represented at Telemetering Conference
  • 24 October 1995 (V5.10) -- TIF Reset Caught by AI Software; ESOC Procedures Augmented Using FrameMaker 5; Educational Outreach: Innovative CEA Information Server
  • 25 September 1995 (V5.9) -- NRA Appendix E: Update on Observations; New On-Line Search Tools for Proposal Database; Spiral Dithering Test Resultsl; Cycle 3 Observation Scheduling Status Report
  • 25 August 1995 (V5.8) -- VW Hyi Caught In Outburst As TOO; EUVE Optical Identification Discovery Announced in IAUC; CEA Teams with ARC on BU's TERRIERS Mission
  • 19 July 1995 (V5.7) -- Release of Cycle 4 NRA; Educational Outreach Via SOL/SII, CEA Test-Bed Awarded CALSPACE Grant
  • 16 June 1995 (V5.6) -- User's Committee Meeting at GSFC; Test of New Dithering Operatins; Scanner C Anode Blanking Enabled
  • 17 May 1995 (V5.5) -- Innovations in Electronic Documentation; EUVE NRA for Cycle 4; Accepted Public RAP Proposals
  • 18 Apr 1995 (V5.4) -- Release of egocs1.5.1; GI Program; Public RAP Proposals
  • 17 Mar 1995 (V5.3) -- EUVE Papers for the IAU; Payload Health Status Report
  • 01 Mar 1995 (V5.2b; NEWSFLASH) -- New Standard Data Collection Mode for EUVE
  • 16 Feb 1995 (V5.2) -- EUVE Science Archive: 1994 in Review
  • 20 Jan 1995 (V5.1) -- Approved Cycle 3 GO Programs; Failure of On-Board Tape Recorder Unit; EUVE Public RAP

1994 Issues:

1993 Issues:

1992 Issues:

1991 Issues:

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