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Schematic of UDF Follow-on and Hubble Ultra Deep Fields

The schematic below shows the layout of the fields observed for the HUDF follow-on program. The field labeled NICP12, shows the relationship of the ACS field observed with this follow-on program and the original NICMOS data field observed during the original HUDF program.

Picture provided by the Massimo Stiavelli.

At the center of the picture below, the light blue diamond shows the ACS/WFC pointing of the Ultra Deep Field (UDF). The WFPC2 parallels to the UDF show up as the characteristic chevron shape in dark blue above and to the left of the primary field. The NICMOS and STIS parallels are shown as red and orange respectively. The small purple squares closer to the main field are the ACS/HRC auto-parallel pointings that are currently being reduced by the ST-ECF ACS grism team. A complementary Treasury Program, with Rodger Thompson as PI, has also imaged the UDF with NICMOS as a 3x3 mosaic. This field is shown as red within the primary UDF field. In turn these NICMOS data have parallels and particularly noteworthy are the large fields covered by the ACS parallels, to the right and below.

(The picture and information taken from the HUDF website.

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