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Hubble Ultra Deep Field Follow-Up (UDF05)

PI Massimo Stiavelli and colleagues obtained an HST cycle 14 program 10632 titled Searching for galaxies at z>6.5 in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (also known as UDF05). The program was conceived as a follow-on program to the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF) and was designed to obtain deep ACS (F606W, F775W, F850LP) imaging in the area of the original HUDF NICMOS parallel fields. In addition, deep NICMOS (F110W, F160W) images within the original HUDF field were made as simultaneous parallel observations.

The initial release of High-Level Science Products are of one of the two principal fields NICP12 R.A. = 03:33:03.60; Dec. = -27:41:01.80 (J2000). Subsequent releases are planned for the remaining data. A page with list of the files and some associated information is available. You may download the data from this page. Details concerning the observations, data processing and calibration and the final products can be found in the associated readme file.

The data are available via anonymous ftp on in directory /pub/hlsp/udf05.

This diagram shows the layout of the UDF05 fields. Click on image to see details.