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TESS-HERMES Spectroscopic Survey ("TESS-HERMES")

Sharma et al. 2017, arXiv170705753S

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Description of Data Products

Data Access

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From Fig. 7 of Sharma et al. (2017) showing the distribution of effective temperatures and surface gravities for the TESS-HERMES sample.
The TESS-HERMES project is a spectroscopic survey using the HERMES multi-object instrument on the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT). So far, the survey has observed ~16,000 dwarf and subgiant stars in the southern TESS Continuous Viewing Zone (CVZ). Targets in the CVZ have overlap with every TESS sector, and thus will get a full 12 months of data. It also overlaps with the JWST CVZ, making these targets optimal for follow-up with that telescope. The TESS-HERMES project derives stellar properties (effective temperature, surface gravity, [Fe/H], v*sin(i), microturbulence, distance, extinction, mass, radius, ages) using a Bayesian approach, spectral analysis, and theoretical isochrones. This catalog of stellar parameters is available now, while the calibrated spectra are planned for a future release at MAST.

Description of Data Products

The full catalog is available in two formats: an ASCII CSV table with a header row at the top, and a FITS version that has the catalog as a binary table in the first extension. The columns in the catalog are described on this page. The column descriptions are also available in the MyDB tab in CasJobs and in the original paper.

Data Access

Download The Full Catalog

Users can download the full catalog using the links below.

CSV Catalog (13 MB) FITS Catalog (7.9 MB)

MAST Discovery Portal

The catalog will be available as a cross-match option in the MAST Discovery Portal.

MAST CasJobs

The catalog is available in MAST CasJobs, which allows for powerful SQL queries, and the ability to cross-match the TESS-HERMES catalog with other large catalogs in CasJobs (e.g., Gaia, GALEX, the Hubble Source Catalog, other HLSP catalogs).

Example of Query Tab Example of TESS_HERMES MyDB Tab
From the "Query" tab, make sure the Context drop-down menu has "HLSP_TESS_HERMES" selected. You can then enter your query in the text box below. In this example, we are doing a simple query to get all the TESS-HERMES targets with T_eff < 4000. K, selecting a few of the columns to be returned, and ordering them by effective temperature. For short queries that can execute in less than 60 seconds, like this one, you can hit the "Quick" button and the results of your query will be displayed below, where you can export them as needed. For longer queries, you'll want to select into an output table (e.g., into MyDB.output_table), hit the "Submit" button, and when finished your output table will be available in the MyDB tab. You can access your output tables containing the results of past queries with the MyDB tab, where you can also export the results in a variety of formats (FITS, CSV, etc). In addition, you can explore what sort of MAST database tables are available to query. If you change the Context drop-down menu to select "HLSP_TESS_HERMES", you will see the catalog table. Clicking on the link will display a Note section with information on the available content of the database table. You can also click on the Sample button to display some random rows from the table, to get a better idea of the content.