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Column Description
ra Right Ascension, ICRS J2000, in degrees.
dec Declination, ICRS J2000, in degrees.
tic_id TESS Input Catalog ID
tmass_id 2MASS ID
ucac UCAC4 ID
sobject_id Galah Spectrum ID
snr_c1 S:N per pixel for CCD-1 (blue channel).
snr_c2 S:N per pixel for CCD-2 (green channel).
snr_c3 S:N per pixel for CCD-3 (red channel).
snr_c4 S:N per pixel for CCD-4 (infrared channel).
jmag 2MASS J mag.
hmag 2MASS H mag.
kmag 2MASS Ks mag.
teff Effective temperature (K).
logg Surface gravity log(g).
feh Iron abundance [Fe/H].
vmic Microturbulence (km/s).
vsini Rotational and macroturbulence velocity (km/s).
mini Initial mass (solar masses).
mact Actual mass, including mass loss (solar masses).
radius Stellar radius (solar radii).
dist Distance (kpc).
ebv Extinction E(B-V).
age Age (Gyr).
priority_tic Priority from TIC v5.
stflag_hermes HERMES stellar type flag ("Imc", "giant", "cooldwarf", "hotdwarf").
spflag_hermes HERMES spectroscopic quality flag.
e_jmag 2MASS J mag uncertainty.
e_hmag 2MASS H mag uncertainty.
e_kmag 2MASS Ks mag uncertainty.
e_teff Effective temperature uncertainty.
e_logg Surface gravity uncertainty.
e_feh Iron abundance uncertainty.
e_vmic Microturbulence uncertainty.
e_vsini v*sin(i) uncertainty.
e_mini Initial mass uncertainty.
e_mact Actual mass uncertainty.
e_radius Stellar radius uncertainty.
e_dist Distance uncertainty.
e_ebv Extinction uncertainty.
e_age Age extinction.