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KOI-126 (KPLR005897826) - A multi-eclipsing triple star system

These pages contain the Kepler short and long cadence light curves and 16 time-serial, ground-based high-resolution spectra for the object "KOI-126." This is a hierarchial system of three stars, all of whose orbits are viewed nearly edge-on in our line of sight to them. This configuration permits Kepler to observe eclipses among all three stars. This fortuitous circumstance allows for the determination of stellar masses and radii from the photometry alone. The two lowest-mass members of KOI-126 double the number of fully-convective stars (i.e., those with masses less than about a third Solar) with mass and radius determinations better than a few percent. The results have been published by . The pages offer supporting documentation not found in this paper. The products for the contribution consists of both short cadence (Kepler Quarters 3-5) and long-cadence (Quarters 0-5) light curves as well as echelle spectra obtained from the Smith 2.7-meter telescope at McDonald Observatory and the Tillinghast 1.5-meter telescope at the Whipple Observatory. These spectra have similar spectral resolutions and broad wavelength coverages.

Click on Data products below to find a table for both spectra and Kepler light curves. Note that the wavelengths of the echelle orders are encoded and have to be unpacked, e.g. by using the IRAF task onespec/wtextspec, to set up the wavelength registration for spectrum manipulation.

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