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Description of GLASS Data Products: ACS Optical Parallel Release

The data products from each of the ten clusters are organized into subdirectories based on the cluster name. The ACS Optical Parallel data products are placed in a subdirectory within those cluster folders called "parallel/". Several files are available for each cluster and each extracted object. We provide a brief summary below, for full details, consult the README file. Bundles are identified in bold text below.

  1. _inter.fits = Full FoV interlaced grism observation, from which individual targets are extracted. There can be up to two of these (one for each chip). There are also .png preview images for each one.
  2. _intermodel.fits = Model of the full FoV interlaced grism observation. There can be up to two of these (one for each chip). There are also .png preview images for each one.
  3. _align-drz.fits = Image used as alignment reference. These are the Hubble Frontier Field F814W parallel images.
  4. _align-drz-seg.fits = SExtractor segmentation maps, used for object extraction and generation of the contamination model.
  5. _glassgigcatalog.txt = modified GiG output catalog that includes rating of the contamination and potential defects.
  6. = SExtractor catalog corresponding to the *_align-drz.fits file. Includes all sources, not just those with redshift measurements.
  7. _redshiftcatalog.txt = Redshift catalog from visual inspection using an IDL-based "GiGz"-like code. Provided are human-assessed estimates based on any prominent spectral features (vertical lines in inspection PNGs on the LOAD page), and automatic estimates based on a continuum fit assuming the source is a linear superposition of a starforming and passive galaxy.
  8. = SExtractor parameter file from the alignment image.
  9. _obj.tar.gz = Tarball containing the data products for all objects.
  10. id?????/ = Subdirectory containing the data products for this extracted object. Note that only objects in the redshift catalog have their own sub-directires. To get data for all objects, download the tar bundle. The contents for the sub-directories are as follows:
    1. _1d.fits = Binary table of the 1D extracted spectrum, including wavelengths, fluxes, uncertainties, and contamination level estimates.
    2. _1d.png = Plot of the extracted spectrum.
    3. _2d.fits = The extracted 2D grism spectrum for this object.
    4. _2d.png = Plot of the extracted 2D spectrum, contamination model, continuum model, and the contam. + cont. corrected 2D spectrum.
    5. .tar.gz = Tarball containing all the above files for the individual object.
    6. _web.{pdf,png} = Version of the "2dmosaic.pdf" used in the HTML pages.