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If you want to download more than a few files from the BOSZ Web Search Form, follow these instructions. In this tutorial, we will be generating a set of WGET commands to download the FITS version of our files. Note you can also choose to use cURL to download the files. There are also options to retrieve the ASCII version of the files, using either WGET or cURL.

Selecting Multiple Parameters
  1. You can select multiple parameters using common keyboard shortcuts. On a Mac, you can select multiple items by holding the Command key as you click. On Windows/Linux this is usually the Control key. You can quickly select all items between two spots by first left clicking on the first item you want in a list, then hold the Shift key and click on the last item you want in the list.
  2. The search form has a maximum number of return rows, which can be changed using the Maximum Records menu. No more than 50,000 return rows can be returned using the web search form. After a search, you will see the total number of return rows at the top of your search result table. If there are more return rows than the maximum records, this will also be noted at the top of your search result table, so pay attention to this result to make sure you don't miss any requested models.
Search Results Table
  1. The number of return results is located at the top of the table. This is also where you will find the total number of available rows, if your search request exceeds the maximum number of records.
  2. If you only want to retrieve a few files, you can directly download the ASCII or FITS versions by clicking on the links in the return table. If you want more than a few files, you'll want to use a different output option, described below.
Downloading Lots Of Files
  1. If you want to download lots of files, you'll want to change the output format to be either FILE: WGET or FILE: CURL, for either the ASCII or FITS versions of the files. After you hit the search button, a file will be downloaded to your computer. In this example, we selected an output of "FILE: WGET commands (FITS)". The contents will look something like this:

    You can then download all the files by executing this file. On Linux or a Mac terminal, make the file executable by "user" and run it like "./", or run it as a shell script like "sh" from a terminal.