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On April 13, 2015 archive account management will transition to a new STScI account management system. Some people will receive email about how this change affects their account(s). For more information about these changes click here.

Search by Locally held catalogs

The forms listed below offer a variety of cross-mission search options using either positions extracted from online catalogs, allowing a user to search by class or user-specified target names or positions. Submitting any of the forms will return a table of entries listing the data available from the MAST archive for the target or targets of interest.

Form Help Description
Hipparcos Catalog * Make cuts on the Hipparcos Catalog and cross-correlate them with MAST's holdings.
SKY2000 Catalog * Query the SKY2000 Catalog (version 3) and cross-correlate results with MAST's holdings.
Active Galactic Nuclei * Make cuts on our catalog of AGN, derived from the Veron-Cetty and Veron (1996) catalog, and cross-correlate them with MAST's holdings.
Abell Galaxy Clusters * Make cuts on the Abell Galaxy Clusters catalog (including the supplementary southen catalog), and cross-correlate them with MAST's holdings.
User-Supplied Catalog * Upload your own list of equatorial sky positions to cross-correlate with MAST's holdings.