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As of April 13, the archive is now using the STScI Single Sign-On (SSO) identity manager. To check on your account click here. For more information about how accounts were transitioned click here.

HST/FUSE Archive Account Registration Form

The Space Telescope Science Institute welcomes researchers to the HST/FUSE Data Archive. You do not need to register to browse the catalogs (e.g., the HST catalog using StarView, or the HST or FUSE web interfaces). You only need to register if you plan to retrieve data.

Before registering, please be sure that you are familiar with our retrieval policies. After completing this form, click the "Submit" button at the bottom to send it. You will receive a username and password which will allow you to retrieve data from the Archive through the Web interfaces or StarView. We will contact you with the account information within one working day. If we do not contact you after one working day, please call us at (410) 338-4547, or email us at

Fields or sections marked with a * are required before we can create your account.

Contact Information

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Note: Datasets from the HST Archive are in FITS format, and are intended primarily for use in professional astronomical data reduction packages. They may be too large or the format may be too complex for most personal computers. If you are looking for GIF or JPEG images, please see the homepage of the Office of Public Outreach.

      a professional astronomer                                      
an educator (K-12)
an educator (post-secondary)
an amateur astronomer
a graduate student
an undergraduate student, majoring in astronomy or physics
an undergraduate student, not majoring in astronomy or physics

Special Requests

If you have any special requests or comments, please enter them here.

Send Form

Click the appropriate button below to either send the completed form to the archive hotseat or to clear your answers.
Thank you for your HST/FUSE Archive account request. If you do not receive a response within two working days, please contact the Archive Hotseat.