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FUSE 5th Launch Anniversary Photos from June 24, 2004!

Photos by Mary Romelfanger, JHU, unless noted otherwise.

(This photo by Bryce Roberts.)

(Click on any photo to see larger version.)

(Lots more photos from Bryce Roberts!)

Added August 2004:The full collection of images taken by JHU photographer Will Kirk are now available for viewing HERE!

FUSErs gather for the FUSE Anniversary celebration, in the Bloomberg courtyard.

The rocket is prepared for launch! (Photos by Bryce Roberts.)

"Range Safety Officer" Helen Hart oversees launch conditions at the Bloomberg launch site.

A random tour boat, driven by Tom Rhatigan, strays into the launch area...

...and is quickly dispensed with by Launch Director, Bill Blair!

The crowd anticipates a successful launch!

Almost time to launch!

Launch Re-enactment: 11:44 a.m. EDT. (Photo by Guillaume Hebrard.)

5 years to the minute! (Photos by Jean Blair.)

Birgit Otte receives the FUSE X-prize for recovering the rocket! (Now on display in the Bloomberg lobby.) The X-prize was $10.00, exactly a factor of 1 million below the Ansari X prize!

Speakers: (left) Prof. Jon Bagger, Chair, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, and (right) Dr. George Sonneborn, NASA FUSE Project Scientist.

And of course, we need to sing! "Thank God it's Laaauuuuunch Daaaayyyyy!!!!"

(Photo by Jean Blair.)

(Photo by Guillaume Hebrard.)

Anniversary cake, by Chantal Boisvert!

New FUSE Delta rocket model, by Bryce Roberts and Chantal Boisvert, with thanks to Ed Murphy! (Photos by Bill Blair.)

(left) Warren watches over the proceedings (in absentia!). (right) Dennis cuts the cake. (Photos by Bryce Roberts.)

Left to right: Jeff Kruk, Alex Fullerton, Jerry Kriss, and MaryBeth Kaiser enjoy the luncheon. (Photo by Bill Blair.)

Jean Blair (left) and Sharon Tiebert-Maddox (right). (Photo by Bill Blair.)

FUSErs past: Dennis McCarthy (left) and Chris Silva (right).

FUSErs present: Alice Berman (left) and B-G Andersson (right).

FUSErs present: Guillaume Hebrard (left) and Parviz Ghavamian (right).

Jerry Kriss (left), Steve Vaclavik (center), and Jeff Kruk (right).

Lots more photos from Bryce Roberts!