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NOTE: Some Sectors have special memos regarding their processing or delivery. If using those Sectors, be sure to check out the PDF linked in the "Memo" next to the DRN links in the table below.

Download all TESS Data Release Notes. The format of the files includes a sector number or range, a data release number ("drn??") that increases with every new Data Release Note and is thus a chronological indicator, and a version number ("v??") in case a given data release note needs to be replaced to fix something.

Note that for multi-sector data release notes, an additional file, called a "target info table", is included in text format. This file contains the set of TESS targets that were searched as part of multi-sector searches, and some additional information on each target's TCE and DV status as part of the run. See the header of the text files for more info.

For your convenience, the start and end times in both UTC and TESS Truncated Julian Date for each orbit in each Sector are provided in this CSV table.

Data Release Notes
Data Release Number Sector(s) PDF File Target Info File (Multisector Only)
DRN 45 Sector 30 tess_sector_30_drn45_v01.pdf  
DRN 43 Sector 29 tess_sector_29_drn43_v01.pdf  
DRN 41 Sector 28 tess_sector_28_drn41_v01.pdf  
DRN 40 Sectors 14-26 tess_multisector_14_26_drn40_v02.pdf tess_multisector_14_26_drn40_targetinfo_v01.txt
DRN 38 Sector 27 tess_sector_27_drn38_v01.pdf  
DRN 37 Sector 26 tess_sector_26_drn37_v02.pdf  
DRN 36 Sector 25 tess_sector_25_drn36_v02.pdf  
DRN 35 Sector 24 tess_sector_24_drn35_v02.pdf  
DRN 34 Sectors 14-23 tess_multisector_14_23_drn34_v02.pdf tess_multisector_14_23_drn34_targetinfo_v01.txt
DRN 33 Sectors 14-19 NOTE: Same as DR30.  
DRN 32 Sector 23 tess_sector_23_drn32_v03.pdf  
DRN 31 Sector 22 tess_sector_22_drn31_v02.pdf  
DRN 30 Sectors 14-19 tess_reprocessing-sector_14_19_drn30_v02.pdf  
DRN 29 Sector 21 tess_sector_21_drn29_v03.pdf | Memo  
DRN 28 Sectors 14-19 tess_multisector_14_19_drn28_v02.pdf tess_multisector_14_19_drn28_targetinfo_v01.txt
DRN 27 Sector 20 tess_sector_20_drn27_v03.pdf | Memo  
DRN 26 Sector 19 tess_sector_19_drn26_v02.pdf  
DRN 25 Sector 18 tess_sector_18_drn25_v02.pdf  
DRN 24 Sector 17 tess_sector_17_drn24_v02.pdf  
DRN 23 Sectors 14-16 tess_multisector_14_16_drn23_v02.pdf tess_multisector_14_16_drn23_targetinfo_v01.txt
DRN 22 Sector 16 tess_sector_16_drn22_v02.pdf  
DRN 21 Sector 15 tess_sector_15_drn21_v02.pdf  
DRN 20 Sectors 1-13 tess_multisector_01_13_drn20_v02.pdf tess_multisector_01_13_drn20_targetinfo_v01.txt
DRN 19 Sector 14 tess_sector_14_drn19_v02.pdf  
DRN 18 Sector 13 tess_sector_13_drn18_v02.pdf  
DRN 17 Sector 12 tess_sector_12_drn17_v02.pdf  
DRN 16 Sector 11 tess_sector_11_drn16_v02.pdf  
DRN 15 Sectors 1-9 tess_multisector_01_09_drn15_v03.pdf tess_multisector_01_09_drn15_targetinfo_v01.txt
DRN 14 Sector 10 tess_sector_10_drn14_v02.pdf  
DRN 12 Sectors 1-6 tess_multisector_01_06_drn12_v03.pdf tess_multisector_01_06_drn12_targetinfo_v02.txt
DRN 11 Sector 9 tess_sector_09_drn11_v04.pdf  
DRN 10 Sector 8 tess_sector_08_drn10_v02.pdf  
DRN 9 Sector 7 tess_sector_07_drn09_v03.pdf  
DRN 8 Sector 6 tess_sector_06_drn08_v02.pdf  
DRN 7 Sector 5 tess_sector_05_drn07_v02.pdf  
DRN 6 Sectors 1-3 tess_multisector_01_03_drn06_v03.pdf tess_multisector_01_03_drn06_targetinfo_v02.txt
DRN 5 Sector 4 tess_sector_04_drn05_v04.pdf  
DRN 4 Sector 3 tess_sector_03_drn04_v02.pdf  
DRN 3 Sectors 1-2 tess_multisector_01_02_drn03_v02.pdf tess_multisector_01_02_drn03_targetinfo_v01.txt
DRN 2 Sector 2 tess_sector_02_drn02_v02.pdf  
DRN 1 Sector 1 tess_sector_01_drn01_v02.pdf