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The HST Treasury Program on the Orion Nebula Cluster

Orion Nebula
HST Image of the Orion Nebula
The Orion Nebula hosts the richest cluster of young Pre-Main-Sequence stars within 1 kpc from the Sun and therefore represents an ideal laboratory to understand the process of star formation.

The exquisite sensitivity and spatial resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope are providing unique data on this region. In particular, the HST Treasury Program on the Orion Nebula cluster (GO-10246, PI M. Robberto) has obtained deep multi-color photometry of thousand of sources well into the brown-dwarf regime, complemented by a rich set of ancillary data from ground-based observatories.

The HST data are described in a paper submitted to ApJS.

This page is intended to provide access to the reduced data of GO-10246, with links to recent publications, associated data, and modeling tools used to analyze the data.

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This initial data release contains images obtained with two gound-based observatories: the ISPI camera at the CTIO observatory on the nights of Jan 1-2, 2005; and the WFI camera at the ESO/MPIA 2.2m telescope on the nights of Jan 1-2, 2005.

The ISPI data have been presented Robberto et al, Robberto et al. 2010, AJ, 139, 950.. The WFI data have been presented by Da Rio et al. ApJS 183, 261 (2009).

The images and catalogs can be found at: They are also available via anonymous ftp
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