Observations included in this version of the HLF-GOODS-S Field were taken from July 2002 to October 2016 from 20 different HST programs.

Filter Exposure Time (s) # of Exposures
F435W 526952443
F606W 537944712
F775W 770190849
F814W 8402111288
F098M 5349968
F105W 484734429
F125W 440755598
F140W 115590218
F160W 596277704
Totals 5861244 7211

Programs Used for HLF-GOODS-S Field

Program ID Program Title Program PI
9352 The Deceleration Test from Treasury Type Ia Supernovae at Redshifts 1.2 to 1.6 Adam Riess
9425 The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey: Imaging with ACS Mauro Giavalisco
9480 Cosmic Shear With ACS Pure Parallels Jason D. Rhodes
9488 Cosmic Shear - with ACS Pure Parallel Observations Kavan Ratnatunga
9500 The Evolution of Galaxy Structure from 10, 000 Galaxies with 0.1<z<1.2 Hans-Walter Rix
9575 ACS Default {Archival} Pure Parallel Program William B. Sparks
9793 The Grism-ACS Program for Extragalactic Science {GRAPES} Sangeeta Malhotra
9803 Deep NICMOS Images of the UDF Rodger I. Thompson
9978 The Ultra Deep Field with ACS Steven Beckwith
9984 Cosmic Shear With ACS Pure Parallels Jason D. Rhodes
10086 The Ultra Deep Field with ACS Steven Beckwith
10189 PANS-Probing Acceleration Now with Supernovae Adam Riess
10258 Tracing the Emergence of the Hubble Sequence Among the Most Luminous and Massive Galaxies Claudia Kretchmer
10340 PANS Adam Riess
10530 Probing Evolution And Reionization Spectroscopically {PEARS} Sangeeta Malhotra
10632 Searching for galaxies at z>6.5 in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Massimo Stiavelli
11144 Building on the Significant NICMOS Investment in GOODS: A Bright, Wide-Area Search for z>=7 Galaxies Rychard Bouwens
11359 Panchromatic WFC3 survey of galaxies at intermediate z: Early Release Science program for Wide Field Camera 3. Robert W. O'Connell
11563 Galaxies at z~7-10 in the Reionization Epoch: Luminosity Functions to <0.2L* from Deep IR Imaging of the HUDF and HUDF05 Fields Garth D. Illingworth
12007 Supernova Followup Garth D. Illingworth
12060 Cosmic Assembly Near-IR Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey — GOODS-South Field, Non-SNe-Searched Visits Sandra M. Faber
12061 Cosmic Assembly Near-IR Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey — GOODS-South Field, Early Visits of SNe Search Sandra M. Faber
12062 Galaxy Assembly and the Evolution of Structure over the First Third of Cosmic Time - III Sandra M. Faber
12099 Supernova Follow-up for MCT Adam Riess
12177 3D-HST: A Spectroscopic Galaxy Evolution Treasury Pieter Van Dokkum
12461 Supernova Follow-up for MCT Adam Riess
12498 Did Galaxies Reionize the Universe? Richard S. Ellis
12866 A Morphological Study of ALMA Identified Sub-mm Galaxies with HST/WFC3 Mark Swinbank
12990 Size Growth at the Top: WFC3 Imaging of Ultra-Massive Galaxies at 1.5 < z < 3 Adam Muzzin
13779 The Faint Infrared Grism Survey (FIGS) Sangeeta Malhotra
13872 The GOODS UV Legacy Fields: A Full Census of Faint Star-Forming Galaxies at z~0.5-2 Pascal Oesch

Data Processing

The process begins with individual flt files requested from the MAST HST archive. These images have already been subject to bias correction, dark subtraction, flat-field correction, and cosmic ray rejection. The flt files obtained from the MAST are reasonably well calibrated, given that the on-the-fly pipeline processing by STScI already takes advantage of darks and flat fields constructed from latest on-orbit calibration data.

All images used to produce the HLF were first visually inspected to identify any data quality issues (loss of guiding, excessive background, pointing accuracy) and any image which could not be corrected was rejected for processing. During this visual inspection we also identify images affected by satellite trails and optical ghosts from filter reflections generated by bright stars (ACS) and updated the data quality array to ensure these artifacts were masked during final processing.

For ACS/WFC data taken after HST Servicing Mission 4 (SM4) we used images that have been correct for charge transfer efficiency (CTE) degradation.


The HLF ACS/WFC dataset were reduced by the HLF data processing pipeline HLFRED (built on DrizzlePac) which can be found on Github.

WFC3/IR Data

The HLF WFC3/IR dataset were also reduced by the HLF data processing pipeline HLFRED

The HLFRED processing of the WFC3/IR observations in the HLF follows the procedure as described in (Magee, Bouwens & Illingworth 2011) but with a few additional corrections in order to improve the reductions.

While most WFC3/IR flt files requested from MAST can be used readily, in some cases CALWF3 can falsely flag nearly all pixels as cosmic rays, due to a varying background during the exposure. For WFC3/IR MultiAccum mode observations, CALWF3 assumes that accumulating background counts over the entire observation is a linear function. This assumption may not be the true for all observations. Depending on circumstances of the observation the background count rate may vary over the duration of the observation. In order to determine if the background count rate is sufficiently non-linear, we compared the average exposure time in a flt file's TIME array extension with the exposure time listed in the header EXPTIME keyword. If the we find the exposure time varies by more than 2% we correct the background signal in the raw image using code developed by the Frontier Fields team. This additional step assures the background count rate is linear before reprocessing the image with CALWF3. For more info on time-varying background see Instrument Science Report WFC3 2014-03.

We also mask out pixels on WFC3/IR images that were affected by source persistence. This masking was performed by utilizing persistence models generated by the STScI WFC3 Persistence Project. A persistence model is created for each WFC3/IR exposure which incorporates an internal persistence model (persistence within a visit) and an external persistence model (persistence from earlier visits). Using this model of the total persistence we flagged all pixels above a threshold of 0.2 electrons/s thus ensuring that our final reductions are not significantly affected by source persistence.

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Data Products

This release includes fully reduced, science ready images (*_sci.fits) together with the associated weight maps (*_wht.fits) at 30mas/pixel (for ACS only) and 60mas/pixel (for ACS+WFC3 images).


The data are organized into sets of images by passband (ACS/WFC F435W, F606W, F775W, F814W & F850LP, WFC3/IR F105W, F098M F125W, F140W & F160W) and image scale. Each 60 milli-arcsecond/pixel HLF-GOODS-S image is 25k x 25k pixels and each 30 milli-arcsecond/pixel image is 50k x 50k pixels. For each filter we provide the drizzled science image and a weight image. All data use the same tangent point as the original GOODS-S dataset (R.A. = 53.122751, Dec. = −27.805089 J2000). Previous data releases were made available in July 2015 and April 2016. The v1.5 supersedes the v0.5 dataset and the v1.0 dataset due to improvements in the data processing and additional data.


Filter Science Image Weight Image
HLF-GOODS-S Field - ACS/WFC 30 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F435W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f435w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f435w_v1.5_wht.fits
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F814W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f814w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f814w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_goodss_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
HLF-GOODS-S Field - ACS/WFC & WFC3/IR 60 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F435W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f435w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f435w_v1.5_wht.fits
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F814W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f814w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f814w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_goodss_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
F098M hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f098m_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f098m_v1.5_wht.fits
F105W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f105w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f105w_v1.5_wht.fits
F125W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f125w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f125w_v1.5_wht.fits
F140W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f140w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f140w_v1.5_wht.fits
F160W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f160w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_goodss_f160w_v1.5_wht.fits
HLF-HUDFP1 Deep Field - ACS/WFC 30 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp1_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp1_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp1_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp1_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp1_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp1_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
HLF-HUDFP1 Deep Field - ACS/WFC & WFC3/IR 60 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp1_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp1_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp1_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp1_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp1_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp1_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
F105W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp1_f105w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp1_f105w_v1.5_wht.fits
F125W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp1_f125w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp1_f125w_v1.5_wht.fits
F160W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp1_f160w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp1_f160w_v1.5_wht.fits
HLF-HUDFP2 Deep Field - ACS/WFC 30 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F435W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f435w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f435w_v1.5_wht.fits
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F814W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f814w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f814w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp2_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
HLF-HUDFP2 Deep Field - ACS/WFC & WFC3/IR 60 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F435W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f435w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f435w_v1.5_wht.fits
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F814W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f814w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f814w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp2_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
F105W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp2_f105w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp2_f105w_v1.5_wht.fits
F125W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp2_f125w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp2_f125w_v1.5_wht.fits
F160W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp2_f160w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp2_f160w_v1.5_wht.fits
HLF-HUDFP3 Deep Field - ACS/WFC 30 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F435W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f435w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f435w_v1.5_wht.fits
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F814W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f814w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f814w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp3_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
HLF-HUDFP3 Deep Field - ACS/WFC & WFC3/IR 60 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F435W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f435w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f435w_v1.5_wht.fits
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F814W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f814w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f814w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp3_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
F105W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp3_f105w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp3_f105w_v1.5_wht.fits
F125W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp3_f125w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp3_f125w_v1.5_wht.fits
F140W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp3_f140w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp3_f140w_v1.5_wht.fits
F160W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp3_f160w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp3_f160w_v1.5_wht.fits
HLF-HUDFP4 Deep Field - ACS/WFC 30 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F435W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f435w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f435w_v1.5_wht.fits
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F814W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f814w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f814w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-30mas_hudfp4_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
HLF-HUDFP4 Deep Field - ACS/WFC & WFC3/IR 60 milli-arcsecond/pixel
F435W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f435w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f435w_v1.5_wht.fits
F606W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f606w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f606w_v1.5_wht.fits
F775W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f775w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f775w_v1.5_wht.fits
F814W hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f814w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f814w_v1.5_wht.fits
F850LP hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f850lp_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_acs-60mas_hudfp4_f850lp_v1.5_wht.fits
F105W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp4_f105w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp4_f105w_v1.5_wht.fits
F125W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp4_f125w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp4_f125w_v1.5_wht.fits
F140W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp4_f140w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp4_f140w_v1.5_wht.fits
F160W hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp4_f160w_v1.5_sci.fits hlsp_hlf_hst_wfc3-60mas_hudfp4_f160w_v1.5_wht.fits

All images used a drizzle pixfrac parameter value of 0.8 (final_pixfrac=0.8). The weight map image is equal to the inverse variance (i.e., 1/rms^2) per pixel. A detailed discussion of weight map conventions and noise correlation in drizzling, can be found in Casertano et al. 2000, AJ, 120, 2747, especially Section 3.5 and Appendix A.

These data may also be downloaded with anonymous FTP (ftp archive.stsci.edu then cd /pub/hlsp/hlf/1.5). The data are viewable from a browser at http://archive.stsci.edu/pub/hlsp/hlf. A script (hlsp_hlf_v1.5_download.txt) is provided which uses the command line tool curl to download the entire dataset or can be edited to download only the files needed.

Display and Explore Images

The data may be displayed and explored with an HLA-like display.

Science Images

The pixel values of the science images report the flux count rate calibrated in electron/second. The zero points to convert the count rate into an AB magnitude for five ACS/WFC passbands and the five WFC3/IR passbands are the following:

Filter Zero Point ABMAG
F435W 25.68
F606W 26.51
F775W 25.69
F814W 25.94
F850LP 24.87
F098M 25.68
F105W 26.27
F125W 26.23
F140W 26.45
F160W 25.94

HLF Team

The HLF Team is Garth Illingworth, Daniel Magee, Rychard Bouwens, Pascal Oesch, Ivo Labbe, Pieter van Dokkum, Kate Whitaker, Bradford Holden, Marijn Franx, and Valentino Gonzalez.


The description of the Hubble Legacy Fields high level science products delivered to MAST will be published. Please reference Illingworth, Magee, Bouwens, Oesch et al, 2017, in preparation.

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Last update: 2017-02-28