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HST 24th Anniversary Image:

An Infrared Mosaic of NGC 2174
March 17, 2014

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To commemorate HST's 24th anniversary, the Hubble Heritage Team has observed a dramatic dust pillar in NGC2174 with the WFC3 infrared camera. This new view is strikingly different than previous Hubble images obtained in visible light with the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (Proposal 9091, PI: Hester).

The new WFC3 observations (blue squares in HST Footprint) were obtained in February 2014 and include 4 tiles in a 2x2 mosaic pattern, where a small shift between tiles allows for the removal of detector artifacts. (See Proposal 13623, PI: Levay for details.) The broad band F105W (Y), F125W (J), and F160W (H) filters highlight unique physical processes occurring in and around the nebula, and they combine to produce a dramatic new color image. Parallel observations with the ACS Wide Field Channel (pink squares in HST Footprint) have also been obtained to create an H-alpha mosaic of the "horizon" feature just north of the target. (High level products for this dataset will be available from this page at a later date.) The two sets of observations (ACS/WFC and WFC3/IR) showcase the ongoing multi-wavelength capabilities of the observatory and provide a preview of the capabilities of JWST.

Since these mosaics represent a significant investment of expert processing beyond the standard archival products, these AstroDrizzle-combined FITS images have now been released as a High-Level Science Product (HLSP) via the B. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST). We provide a list of downloadable FITS files and preview GIF images. Both the drizzled science (sci) and weight (wht) FITS images are available, where the later provide an effective exposure time map for each filter.

Filenames follow the naming convention:


  • fffff - filter (f105w, f125w, or f160w)
  • ttt - the file type:
    • science (drz)
    • weight (wht)
image showing orientation and scale of image

Click to see larger image with filter information.

HST Footprints over Digitized Sky Survey Image

HST Footprints over Digitized Sky Survey Image
Click to see larger image.

Previews are provided below with links to interactive displays.

NGC 2174: Multi-Band Color


Interactive Display

NGC 2174: (WFC3/IR F105W, F125W, F160W)

preview of ngc2174 through the f105w filter


Interactive Display


preview of ngc2174 through the f125w filter


Interactive Display


preview of ngc2174 through the f160w filter


Interactive Display