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FUSE Survey of Cataclysmic Variables

The FUSE Survey of Cataclysmic Variables (Froning et al. 2009) contains 178 FUSE observations of 99 targets. For each dataset, the data products were examined (images of the count rate and aperture placement for each exposure and extracted spectra for each observation) to identify any problems with the observation and to ensure that the pipeline correctly screened out bad time intervals. For time-tag data, the individual exposures in each segment were combined using the Calfuse tool ttag_combine. Then the eight time-averaged segment spectra were combined into a single broadband spectrum using the IDL-based tool, fuse_analysis, provided on the FUSE website. Using the overlapping wavelength regions, the spectra were cross-correlated to correct for small wavelength offsets between channels and then combined the spectra, weighting by the error bars in each channel. Bad spectral regions were screened out as needed. The time-averaged spectra were binned to 0.1 A. Finally, spectra from different observations were combined if they were acquired close in time and if there were no gross changes in the spectrum between observations. The survey is described in the paper by Froning et al. 2012, ApJS, 199, 7. See also the README file associated with the data.

The data are listed in a static Target/Observation List.

You may also search a database for these data. Click on the Data ID to see the "preview" page. Mark the datasets you are interested in to download.

Data may be downloaded from the target/obseration list or from the "preview" page for each observation. You may also download the data via anonymous ftp from cd /pub/hlsp/fuse_cv

or from your browser