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HST Treasury Program on Eta Carinae

Kris Davidson is the PI for an HST Treasury Program to observe Eta Carinae. The team has developed an extensive website at Two HST programs are associated with this project: (9420; 9973). Data from other programs has also been included for creation of this set of HLSP including: (7302 (Davidson); 8036 (Gull); 8327 (Davidson); 8483 (Gull); 8619 (Davidson); 9083 (Davidson); 9337 (Davidson))

The project has produced a series of technical memorada that detail processing techniques, definitions, mathematical considerations and other details. Kris Davidson wrote an article for the spring 2004 STScI newsletter that also describes some early results and techniques. A README me file is provided: h_etacar_readme.txt.

Although the treasury program was designed to obtain data during an anticipated spectroscopic event in mid-2003, this star and its ejecta have unique characteristics that make them important to several branches of astrophysics. Observations were obtained using the HST STIS/CCD, STIS/MAMA, WFCP2 and ACS images. Currently only the STIS/CCD observations have been released by the team.

Available Data

The team has a search capability on their website You may also retrieve it via anonymous ftp from from subdirectory /pub/hlsp/etacar/ccd.