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Cosmic Evolution Survey - COSMOS

COSMOS (P.I. Nicholas Scoville California Institute of Technology, USA/CA) is an HST Treasury Program to survey a 2 square degree equatorial field, centered on RA=10:00:28.6 and DEC=+02:12:21.0 with the ACS in the I band of the VIMOS equatorial field. Parallel observations with WFPC2 and NICMOS were also obtained. Several HST programs are associated with this project: (9822; 9999; 10092; 10337; 10702). The team has also assembled several publically available ancillary datasets including optical spectra, deep XMM and VLA imaging, ground-based optical/IR imaging, UV imaging from GALEX and IR data from SIRTF.

MAST has archived the ACS, WFPC2, NICMOS and GALEX science products from the COSMOS project. They may be downloaded from the lists of data describing the products or via anonymous ftp from See the table below for the ftp directories.

Click on the instrument names for more information about and lists of data for the COSMOS data collected with that instrument.

FTP directory
Version / Cycles Number of files Area Resolution
1.3/Cycles 12&13 162
(81 science; 81 weight)
~ 1 sq deg 0.05"/pixel (drizzled data)
1.1/Cycle 12

1.2/Cycle 13
444 V1.1 
(222 mosaic, 222 PC chip)
171 V1.2 
(171 mosaic)
~0.5 sq deg (non-contiguous) 0.10"/pixel (mosaic)
0.05"/pixel (PC chip)
2.5/Cycle 12+13 948
(474 science; 474 weight)
~.7 sq deg 0.101"/pixel
2.0/2004 45 files ~2 sq deg 1.5"/pixel

All the COSMOS data is also archived at IRSA.