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Catalogs of GALEX UV unique sources, and of UV-optical matched sources

A team led by Luciana Bianchi presents comprehensive catalogues of hot star candidates in the Milky Way (MW), selected from Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) far-UV (FUV; 1344—1786 Å) and near-UV (NUV; 1771—2831 Å) imaging as described in the paper below.

Bianchi, L. , Efremova, B., Herald, J., Girardi, L, Zabot, A., Marigo, P., Martin, C, 2011, MNRAS, 411, 2770
"Catalogs of Milky Way Hot White Dwarf Candidates from GALEX's Ultraviolet Sky Surveys. Constraining Stellar Evolution."
link to the paper in MNRAS or link to preprint in astro-ph:
Note: this reference has Open Access. Catalogs can be used simply citing the reference.

Additional discussion of the statistical properties of these catalogs can be found in
Bianchi, L., Herald, J., Efremova, B., Girardi, L., Zabot, A., Marigo, P., Conti, A., Shiao, B. 2011, ApSS, DOI: 10.1007/s10509-010-0581-x, ``GALEX Catalogs of UV sources: Statistical properties and sample science applications: Hot White Dwarfs in the Milky Way" link to paper in ADS or to paper in ApSS

Additional papers and information can be found at the author web site

The catalogs are described in three pages as listed below:

  1. catalogs of unique UV (GALEX) sources
  2. catalogs of matched GALEX UV sources with SDSS
  3. catalogs of hot stars selected from GALEX-SDSS matched catalogs

The catalogs can be downloaded from the description pages above from the URL or via anonymous ftp. ( cd /pub/hlsp/bianchi_gr5xdr7).