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Archive of Nearby Galaxies: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (ANGRRR)

acs-wfc image of ngc300

ACS-WFC image of NGC 300

acs-wfc image of ic 342

WFPC2 image of IC 342

A team headed by J. Dalcanton, K. Gilbert, and B. Williams have produced an archive of stellar photometry for non-Local Group galaxies within 5 Mpc, based on primary and parallel wide-filter UV and optical observations taken with ACS/WFC or WFPC2.

This first release includes the ANGRRR Photometry Repository for galaxies within 3.5 Mpc, which contains binary fits tables of the stellar photometry. Also included are associated reference images and binary fits tables of the raw photometry.

For more information about the data set see the README file.

List of Available Data