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Deep Optical Photometry of Six Fields in the Andromeda Galaxy

Using the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble Space Telescope, Thomas Brown (STScI) et al. obtained deep optical images reaching well below the oldest main sequence turnoff in six fields of the Andromeda Galaxy. The fields fall at four positions on the southeast minor axis, one position in the giant stellar stream, and one position on the northeast major axis. These data were obtained as part of three large observing programs (9453, 10265, 10816) designed to probe the star formation history of the stellar population in various structures of the galaxy.

The products are fully described in Brown et al. (2009, ApJS, in press). The HLSP includes a preprint of the paper.

Available Data

image from press release

Image from the 2003 press release describing initial results from the first program (9453).