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JWST/NIRISS Simulated Data

Created by: Kevin Volk, Gabriel Brammer, Deepashri Thatte, Joseph Filippazzo & Jason Rowe

The following data consist of simulations of four observing configurations of the JWST Near-Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph (NIRISS) instrument:

  • Imaging
  • Aperture-Masking Interferometry (AMI)
  • Wide-Field Slitless Spectroscopy (WFSS)
  • Single-Object Slitless Spectroscopy (SOSS)
The simulations are summarized below. For details, see the extensive description of the NIRISS_Data_Simulations from the team, and the even more detailed description of the WFSS simulations in the README file. The simulations include the following effects:
  • Detector noise, bad pixels, and bias drift
  • Spectral traces and spectral dispersions as measured in ground testing
  • Realistic PSFs, created by the WebbPSF software
  • The expected sensitivities of the various NIRISS modes
Note that detector non-linearity is not simulated. All simulations adopt NISRAPID read-out (NB: each frame constitutes a separate group in the integration). Detector characteristics match what was measured in ground-testing.

The following instrument configurations and targets were simulated:

Observing Configurations & Operating Modes
Configuration Optical Element Read Mode Scene
Imaging F200W Full 4-point dither within the PHAT survey of M31
AMI P750L Subarray (80×80) Binary star, and a star + exoplanet system
WFSS F200W+GR150C Full 4-point dither of the GOODS-S field
SOSS F1130W Subarray (2048×256) Planet host GJ 436 (aka Ross 905)

Data Files

Use the links in the following tables to download the files of interest. The contents of the *_uncal files contain data as processed to Level-1b[1] (i.e., assembled image, ready to be calibrated), including associated metadata. The contents of the *_rate and *_rateints files contain data as processed to Level-2a (i.e., countrate or countrate per integration images, respectively, derived from ramps and ready for instrument signature removal).

NIRISS Imaging Data
File Size Dither Pos. Description
Imaging of M31 in F200W
m31_pos1_PS.list.gz 5 MB 1 Point-source list (ASCII, gzipped)
niriss_m31_pos1_uncal.fits 206 MB Uncalibrated image
niriss_m31_pos1_rate.fits 50 MB Calibrated rate image
m31_pos2_PS.list.gz 5 MB 2 Point-source list (ASCII, gzipped)
niriss_m31_pos2_uncal.fits 206 MB Uncalibrated image
niriss_m31_pos2_rate.fits 50 MB Calibrated rate image
m31_pos3_PS.list.gz 5 MB 3 Point-source list (ASCII, gzipped)
niriss_m31_pos3_uncal.fits 206 MB Uncalibrated image
niriss_m31_pos3_rate.fits 50 MB Calibrated rate image
m31_pos4_PS.list.gz 5 MB 4 Point-source list (ASCII, gzipped)
niriss_m31_pos4_uncal.fits 206 MB Uncalibrated image
niriss_m31_pos4_rate.fits 50 MB Calibrated rate image
Full Data Set
sim_niss_img_full.tgz 302 MB All Bundle of all .fits Imaging files

File Size Opt. Element Dither Pos. Description
Ref. Imaging + Spectra of GOODS-S
niriss_F200W_image_pos1_uncal.fits 130 MB F200W 1a Uncalibrated direct image
niriss_F200W_image_pos1_rate.fits 50.4 MB Countrate direct image
niriss_F200W_gr150r_pos1_uncal.fits 206 MB GR150R Uncalibrated spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150r_pos1_rate.fits 50.4 MB Countrate spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150r_pos2_uncal.fits 206 MB GR150R 2a Uncalibrated spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150r_pos2_rate.fits 50.4 MB Countrate spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150r_pos3_uncal.fits 206 MB GR150R 3a Uncalibrated spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150r_pos3_rate.fits 50.4 MB Countrate spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150r_pos4_uncal.fits 206 MB GR150R 4a Uncalibrated spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150r_pos4_rate.fits 50.4 MB Countrate spectrum
niriss_F200W_image_pos2_uncal.fits 130 MB F200W Uncalibrated direct image
niriss_F200W_image_pos2_rate.fits 130 MB Countrate direct image
niriss_F200W_gr150c_pos1_uncal.fits 206 MB GR150C 1b Uncalibrated spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150c_pos1_rate.fits 50.4 MB Countrate spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150c_pos2_uncal.fits 206 MB GR150C 2b Uncalibrated spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150c_pos2_rate.fits 50.4 MB Countrate spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150c_pos3_uncal.fits 206 MB GR150C 3b Uncalibrated spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150c_pos3_rate.fits 50.4 MB Countrate spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150c_pos4_uncal.fits 206 MB GR150C 4b Uncalibrated spectrum
niriss_F200W_gr150c_pos4_rate.fits 50.4 MB Countrate spectrum
niriss_F200W_image_pos4_uncal.fits 130 MB F200W Uncalibrated direct image
niriss_F200W_image_pos4_rate.fits 130 MB Countrate direct image
Full Data Set
sim_niss_wfss_full.tgz 829 MB All All Bundle of all WFSS files (including config files)

File Size Integrations Description
Timeseries Spectra of JG 436
niriss_soss_gj436_exposure_signal.fits 698 MB 333 Countrate timeseries spectra of JG 436
signal_comparison.txt 15 KB Mean signal comparison (ASCII)

File Size Filter Description
AMI Imaging of a Simple Binary
niriss_binary_f380m_uncal.fits 10.2 MB F380M Uncalibrated image
niriss_binary_f380m_rate.fits 118 KB Countrate image
niriss_binary_f380m_rateints.fits 662 KB Countrate per integration image
niriss_binary_f430m_uncal.fits 16.2 MB F430M Uncalibrated image
niriss_binary_f430m_rate.fits 118 KB Countrate image
niriss_binary_f430m_rateints.fits 585 KB Countrate per integration image
niriss_binary_f480m_uncal.fits 19.1 MB F480M Uncalibrated image
niriss_binary_f480m_rate.fits 118 KB Countrate image
niriss_binary_f480m_rateints.fits 507 KB Countrate per integration image
AMI Imaging of a Binary Calibrator
niriss_binary_cal_f380m_uncal.fits 10.2 MB F380M Uncalibrated image
niriss_binary_cal_f380m_rate.fits 118 KB Countrate image
niriss_binary_cal_f380m_rateints.fits 662 KB Countrate per integration image
niriss_binary_cal_f430m_uncal.fits 16.2 MB F430M Uncalibrated image
niriss_binary_cal_f430m_rate.fits 118 KB Countrate image
niriss_binary_cal_f430m_rateints.fits 585 KB Countrate per integration image
niriss_binary_cal_f480m_uncal.fits 19.1 MB F480M Uncalibrated image
niriss_binary_cal_f480m_rate.fits 118 KB Countrate image
niriss_binary_cal_f480m_rateints.fits 507 KB Countrate per integration image
AMI Imaging of an Exoplanet Host
niriss_ami_hr8799_new_short_f480m_uncal.fits 150 MB F480M Uncalibrated image
niriss_ami_hr8799_new_short_f480m_rate.fits 118 KB Countrate image
niriss_ami_hr8799_new_short_f480m_rateints.fits 7.72 MB Countrate per integration image
AMI Imaging of an Exoplanet Calibration Star
niriss_ami_hd217783_new_short_f480m_uncal.fits 334 MB F480M Uncalibrated image
niriss_ami_hd217783_new_short_f480m_rate.fits 118 KB Countrate image
niriss_ami_hd217783_new_short_f480m_rateints.fits 7.72 MB Countrate per integration image
Full Data Set
sim_niss_ami_full.tgz 148 MB All Bundle of all AMI .fits files

[1] The format and organization of the raw data and metadata in the FITS files is the same as that expected for Level-1b products (ca. 2017 Mar). Thus, these files could be run through the JWST pipeline.

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