A Catalog and Atlas of Cataclysmic Variables
   Ronald Downes, et. al.
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CR Boo revised proper motion
Boo (SDSS J150240+333423) revised epoch
Cnc (SDSS J084026+220444) revised epoch
Cnc (SDSS J081256+191157) revised epoch
Cnc (SDSS J075939+191417) revised epoch
Cnc (SDSS J091127+084140) added proper motion
CVn (SDSS J121929+471522) revised epoch
CVn (SDSS J122740+513925) revised epoch
Cet (SDSS J002603-093021) revised epoch
Cet (NSV 601; PHL 3638) added proper motion
CrB (SDSS J153213+370104) revised epoch
CrB (SDSS J155656+352336) revised epoch
CrB (SDSS J160745+362320) revised epoch
Gem (SDSS J074640+173412) revised epoch
Her (SDSS J162830+240259) revised epoch
Her (SDSS J165359+201010) revised epoch
Her (SDSS J165837+184727) revised epoch
Her (SDSS J165951+192745) revised epoch
Her (SDSS J170244+223547) revised epoch
Hya (ASAS 102522-1542.4) added
Hya (SDSS J084054+045519) added proper motion
Hya (SDSS J084400+023919) revised proper motion
Leo (SDSS J110014+131552) revised epoch
Lyn (SDSS J074531+453829) revised epoch
Lyn (SDSS J075443+500729) revised epoch
Lyn (SDSS J080434+510349) revised epoch
Sgr (m403.47614.3183) added proper motion
Sgr (m119.19707.2379) added proper motion
Ser (1RXS J161008+035222) revised proper motion
Ser (SDSS J160111+091712) revised epoch
Sex (SDSS J103533+055158) revised epoch
EI UMa revised epoch
UMa (SBS 1316+577A) added proper motion
Vir (SDSS J113826+061919) revised epoch

Aqr3 revised type (non-cv)
Ara (NGC 104 WF2-V48) deleted (duplicate with NGC 104-W2)
Ara (NGC 104-CV3) deleted (duplicate with NGC 104-W27)
Ara (NGC 104 PC1-V47) deleted (duplicate with NGC 104-W2)
Ara (NGC 6397-U28) revised type (non-cv)
Ara (NGC 6397-U7) added
Ara (NGC 6397-U31) added
Ara (NGC 6397-U60) added
Cas (IGR J00234+6141) added
Cet (ASAS 023322-1047.0) revised type
Mus (NSV 19878) revised type (non-cv)
Sgr (CPD -22 6701) revised coordinates
Sgr (m167.23785.873) deleted (duplicate with MOA-ngb11-2-1011)
UMa (SBS 1316+577A) added

Cet (ASAS 023322-1047.0) added
TU Tri revised identication/coordinates

Sgr (Bul_sc5_2859) added spectrum reference

VZ Gru revised type (non-cv)

Ser (ROTSE3 J154041) added

Cnc (SDSS J091137+084140) corrected coordinates, chart, othername (now SDSS J091127+084140)

For (Ha0242-2802) revised type

changed all HST Guide Star coordinate measurements to the ICRS reference frame (308 objects)

Lup (1RXS J154814-452845) revised period

And (SDSS J233512+495416) added
Aqr (SDSS J210449+010545) added
Boo (SDSS J150240+333423) added
Cnc (SDSS J075939+191417) added
Cnc (SDSS J081256+191157) added
Cnc (SDSS J082457+073702) added
Cnc (SDSS J084026+220444) added
Cnc (SDSS J084617+243444) added
CVn (SDSS J121929+471522) added
CVn (SDSS J122740+513925) added
Cep (SDSS J202520+762222) added
Cet (SDSS J002603-093021) added
CrB (SDSS J153213+370104) added
CrB (SDSS J155656+352336) added
CrB (SDSS J160745+362320) added
Gem (SDSS J074355+183834) added
Gem (SDSS J074640+173412) added
Her (SDSS J162830+240259) added
Her (SDSS J165359+201010) added
Her (SDSS J165837+184727) added
Her (SDSS J165951+192745) added
Her (SDSS J170244+223547) added
Hya (SDSS J084054+045519) added
Leo (SDSS J110014+131552) added
Lyn (SDSS J074531+453829) added
Lyn (SDSS J075443+500729) added
Lyn (SDSS J080434+510349) added
Sgr (NGC 6809-9) added
Sgr (NGC 6809 CV1) added note (identification)
Sex (SDSS J103533+055158) added
Ser (SDSS J160111+091712) added
Tau (SDSS J033328-000553) added
Vel (NGC 3201-16) added
Vel (NGC 3201-22) added
Vel (NGC 3201-23) added
Vel (NGC 3201-26) added
Vir (SDSS J113826+061919) added
UMa (SDSS J120231+450349) added
UMa (1RXP J113123+4322) added period

V731 Cas revised cluster flag
Ser (ROTSE3 J16134+012124) revised other name

PQ And revised notes (period)
And (TSS J022216.4+412260) add notes (period)
Aqr (SDSS J225831-094932) add notes (period)
Aqr (SDSS J204448-045929) added period
V433 Ara added period
Ara (NGC 6397-CV1) revised period, period reference
Ara (NGC 6397-U10) revised period, period reference
Cam (HS 0506+7725) revised period, period reference
Cam (1RXS J0625+7334) revised period, period reference
BY Cam revised period, period reference
GY Cnc revised period, period reference
HL CMa revised period, period reference
BG CMi revised period, period reference
V1039 Cen added period
Cep (HS 0229+8016) revised period, period reference
Cyg (RX J2133.7+5107) added period
Cyg (RX J1951.7+3716) revised period, period reference
Dor (CAL 86) revised notes (period)
DV Dra add notes (period)
For (2QZ J021927.9-304545) add notes (period)
Her (SDSS J170213+322954) revised period, period reference
Hya (SN 2003aw) added period, period reference; delete notes (old period)
V392 Hya added period
Leo (HS 0943+1404) add notes (period)
LMi (SDSS J092638+362402) added period
Lyn (HS 0642+5049) added period
Lyn (SDSS J083751+383012) revised period, period reference
V587 Lyr add notes (period)
FQ Mon add notes (period)
V2540 Oph revised period, period reference
V1193 Ori revised period, period reference
V367 Peg added period
Peg (NSV 14652) add notes (period)
FO Per add notes (period)
CM Phe revised other name, notes
Psc (HS 0139+0559) revised period, period reference
V3885 Sgr revised period, period reference
Sgr (MACHO pec var) added period
Sgr (NGC 6656 CV2) add notes (period)
CT Ser revised period, period reference
Tri (1RXS J020928+283243) added period
FL TrA add notes (period)
Tel (CTCV J1928-5001) revised period, period reference
Uma8 added period
UMa (SDSS J133941+484727) added period
UMa (SDSS J093249+472523) added period, period reference; deleted notes (old period)
V382 Vel revised period, period reference
DO Vul add notes (period)
Vul (Var. Star near M27) add notes (period)

Vir (SDSS J123813-033933) revised type

EI UMa corrected coordinates, proper motion

Cap2 added Cluster flag, revised other name
V516 Lyr revised Cluster flag
V523 Lyr revised Cluster flag
Sgr (Terzan 5 - W5) added Cluster flag
Sgr (Terzan 5 - W6) added Cluster flag
Sgr (Terzan 5 - W7) added Cluster flag
Sgr (Terzan 5 - W9) added Cluster flag
Sgr (Terzan 5 - W10) added Cluster flag
Ser (M5 V101) - added Cluster flag, revised other name

Tri (1RXS J020928+283243) revised type

DV Dra updated type

Sgr (m104.19991.1951) added
Sgr (m105.21291.7441) added
Sgr (m113.18676.5195) added
Sgr (m114.19842.2283) added
Sgr (m115.22695.3361) added
Sgr (m119.19707.2379) added
Sgr (m125.23850.4190) added
Sgr (m145.34015.1280) added
Sgr (m153.28398.2677) added
Sgr (m173.33002.479) added
Sgr (m306.36059.752) added
Sgr (m311.37730.4143) added
Sgr (m403.47614.3183) added
Sgr (m178.24048.3166) added magnitude range

And (TSS J022216.4+412260) added

Mus (NSV 19878) revised coordinates, proper motion, identification

V433 Ara revised classification, magnitude range
V1039 Cen updated magnitude range
Dor (CAL 86) revised classification
V367 Peg updated magnitude range
Tau (RX J0403.1+0444) updated magnitude range

Nor (ASAS 160048-4846.2) revised type and chart

Hya (SN 2003aw) revised spectrum reference

Cyg (RX J2133.7+5107) revised type
V379 Peg revised other_name

V477 Sct added

For (2QZ J015940.6-281040) updated magnitude range, notes (classification)
Sex (RX J0944.5+0357) updated magnitude range

Sgr (NGC 6715-CX1) added
Sgr (NGC 6715-CX2) added
Sgr (NGC 6715-CX3) added
Sgr (NGC 6715-CX4) added
Sgr (NGC 6715-CX5) added
Sgr (NGC 6715-CX6) added
Sgr (NGC 6715-CX7) added
Cap2 revised othername
Cep1 revised othername
Com (RE J1255+266) revised othername
Cyg1 revised othername
Leo7 revised othername
V2400 Oph revised othername
Peg3 revised othername
Per (BD +34 620) revised othername
Psc3 revised othername
Scl1 revised othername
UMa (SN 1985J) revised othername

V476 Sct added
Her (SDSS J170213+322954) revised type
Dra8 revised other_name, corrected chart reference
corrected coordinate and proper motion references (changed 2003-105 to 2003-115)

Psc (ASAS J002511+1217.2) revised type, added spectrum reference

Sco (NGC 6903-CX5) revised coordinates, type; added chart
Sco (NGC 6903-CX17) added

Sgr (NGC 6656 CV2) added
UMa (SDSS J093249+472523) revised type

Her (object near UGC 11289) revised magnitude range

Ara (NGC 6397-CV1) revised magnitude range
Ara (NGC 6397-CV3) revised magnitude range
Ara (NGC 6397-DP2) revised type and magnitude range
Ara (NGC 6397-U10) revised type and added magnitude range
Her (object near UGC 10990) added magnitude range

TT Tri revised other name
AY Psc revised other name
Cyg (Lanning 386) revised magnitude range

Cep (Antipin V75) revised other_name
Cyg (Antipin V76) revised type, other_name
MN Dra revised other_name
PsA (2QZ J221856.4-281618) revised other_name
Scl (2QZ J235703.1-314911) revised other_name
Scl (2QZ J010946.1-274524) revised other_name
Vir (2QZ J121005.3-025543) revised other_name
Vir (2QZ J140321.8-014651) revised other_name
Vir (2QZ J142256.3-022108) revised other_name
Vir (2QZ J142438.9-022739) revised other_name

V1047 Cen (Nova Centauri 2005) added gcvs name

Aqr (ROTSE3 214850-020622) added
Cen (Nova Centauri 2005) added

Added separate fields for proper motion information, added a large number of new proper motions, updated (typically less than 1.5" change) coordinates for objects with proper motions

Cyg (Var. near UGC 11800) added

Vul (Var. Star near M27) revised magnitude range, type reference

Cet (NSV 601; PHL 3638) added
Vul (Var. Star near M27) added

Vir (2QZ J142701.6-012310) corrected period

FL TrA revised coordinates, type, magnitude range, and identification
HL CMa updated period

V574 Pup revised spectrum reference

Leo (2dF 112555-001639) revised name
Vir (2dF 130441+010330) revised name
V1188 Sco added

Cam (HS 0506+7725) revised type, revised spectrum and period reference
Cep (HS 0229+8016) revised spectrum and period reference
Lyn (HS 0642+5049) added
Psc (HS 0139+0559) revised spectrum and period reference

Cet (2QZ J003343.5-281243) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ
Cet (2QZ J003401.7-280819) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ
For (2QZ J015940.6-281040) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ
For (2QZ J021927.9-304545) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ
PsA (2QZ J222416.2-292421) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ
PsA (2QZ J224319.6-293328) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ
PsA (2QZ J225115.2-284046) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ
PsA (2QZ J225647.8-274325) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ
Vir (2QZ J122456.5-001133) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ
Vir (2QZ J142833.5+003100) changed name from 2dF to 2QZ

V5116 Sgr (Nova Sgr 2005 No. 2) added GCVS name

Car (NGC 2808-397) revised coordinates
Car (NGC 2808-170) revised coordinates
Car (NGC 2808-222) revised coordinates
For (2dF J021927.9-304545) revised type, magnitude range
Sgr (Nova Sgr 2005 No. 2) added
IL Vul revised coordinates

And (SDSS J012940+384210) added
Ara (NGC 6397-DP3) revised type, revised notes (added STIS observations) added
Ara (NGC 6397-CV3) revised type, revised notes (added STIS observations) added
Boo (SDSS J141118+481257) added added
CrB (SDSS J155252+320150) added added
LMi( SDSS J092638+362402) added added

Car (NGC 2808-170) added
Car (NGC 2808-222) added
Car (NGC 2808-397) added
Peg (SDSS J220553+115554) added HST flag

Dra (HS 1813+6122) updated coordinates, added chart

Tau4 revised type

Aqr (SDSS J204827+005008) added
Aur (1RXS J063631+353537) added period
Aur (1RXS J052430+424449) revised period
Boo (SDSS J150722+523039) added period
Boo (SDSS J142955+414516) added note (period)
Cam (1RXS J042332+745300) added period
Cam (1RXS J053234+624755) added note (period)
Cnc (SDSS J080303+251627) added period
Cnc (SDSS J081352+281317) added period
Cnc (SDSS J091945+085710) added period
Com (RE J1255+266) added note (period)
CrB (SDSS J154104+360252) added period
EY Cyg revised period
Eri (SDSS J040714-064425) revised period
Gem (1RXS J070407+262501) added period
Her (SDSS J162936+263519) added period
Her (1RXS J180340+401214) added period
GY Hya added period
Leo (SDSS J092444+080150) added note (period)
Leo (HS 0922+1333) revised period
Lyn (SDSS J075240+362823) revised period
Lyn (SDSS J080908+381406) revised period
Lyn (SDSS J083751+383012) added period
Lyn (SDSS J090350+330036) added period
KQ Mon deleted period, added note (period)
V699 Oph revised note (period revision)
V2540 Oph added period
Oph (1RXS J173021-055933) added period
Peg (SDSS J233325+152222) added period
Psc (ASAS 002511+1217.2) revised note (period revision)
WX Pyx added period
Pyx (0918-2942) added period
VY Scl deleted period, added note (period)
Sex (FIRST J102347+003841) revised period
Tuc (NGC 104-W71) added period
Tuc (NGC 104-CV3) added period, revised note (delete period)
Vir (SDSS J124058-015919) revised period
Vir (SDSS J132411+032050) revised period
Vir (2QZ J142701.6-012310) added

Vul (NSV 13022) changed constellation to Del

V1663 Aql (ASAS 190512+0514.2) added spectrum reference, GCVS name, note
FV Cnc revised type (non-cv)
WY CMa revised type (non-cv)
V591 Cen revised type (non-cv)
V888 Cen added spectrum reference
Cet (FBS 0204-024;PB 6657) revised type (non-cv)
FQ Mon revised magnitude range, added spectrum reference, ROSAT flag
Oct (LB 9963) revised chart (star now identified), revised coordinates, type, and chart reference

Aql (ASAS 190512+0514.2) added
Nor (ASAS 160048-4846.2) added

Aqr (ROTSE J212313-021446) added
Leo (HS 0943+1404) added

UMa8 (NSV 4838) revised type

GY Hya revised type and notes
Ser (SDSSp J155644-000950) revised type and magnitude range

added comma-separated download option

Aql3 change type (non-existent)
Sgr (Bul_sc19_1874) deleted (= V4444 Sgr)
Sgr (m149.28010.6410) deleted (= m153.28010.620)
KQ Mon updated period

Vir (SDSS J124819+072049) added

V2110 Oph added type reference

Revised Globular Cluster flag to be Cluster flag, with G indicating a globular cluster source and O indicating an open cluster source
EU Cnc added Cluster flag
Gem (NGC 2158 V57) revised Cluster flag (Open instead of Globular)
WY Tri revised period reference
DM Dra revised period reference

Aql (1RXS J173021-055933) changed constellation to Oph
Aqr (CTCV J2056-3014) changed constellation to Mic
Ari (HS 0139+0559) changed constellation to Psc
Boo (SDSS J133941+484727) changed constellation to UMa
Cae (CTCV J0333-4451) changed constellation to Hor
Cam (HS 0229+8016) changed constellation to Cep
Cap (m148.26333.1860) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m148.26330.809) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m148.26586.2310) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m149.28010.6410) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m150.29315.3459) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m152.25800.1458) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m153.27488.3450) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m153.28010.620) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m158.27182.2976) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m172.31712.790) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m173.33003.1207) changed constellation to Sgr
Cap (m301.46117.1481) changed constellation to Sct
Cap (m301.46282.3402) changed constellation to Sct
Cap (m302.45426.2942) changed constellation to Sct
Cap (m302.45594.2132) changed constellation to Sct
Cap (m303.44749.3841) changed constellation to Sct
Cet (2dF J222416.2-292421) changed constellation to PsA
Cet (2dF J224319.6-293328) changed constellation to PsA
Cet (2dF J225115.2-284046) changed constellation to PsA
Cet (2dF J225647.8-274325) changed constellation to PsA
Cnc (1RXS J063631+353537) changed constellation to Aur
Cnc (1RXS J070407+262501) changed constellation to Gem
CrB (SDSS J142955+414516) changed constellation to Boo
Cyg (2dF J015940.6-281040) changed constellation to For
Cyg (variable near UGC 11) changed constellation to Dra, revised name
Eri (2dF J021927.9-304545) changed constellation to For
Her (SDSS J145758+514807) changed constellation to Boo
Her (SDSS J151413+454911) changed constellation to Boo
Her (SDSS J150722+523039) changed constellation to Boo
Her (SDSS J153634+332851) changed constellation to CrB
Her (SDSS J154104+360252) changed constellation to CrB
Leo (SDSS J080142+210345) changed constellation to Cnc
Leo (SDSS J080303+251627) changed constellation to Cnc
Leo (SDSS J081352+281317) changed constellation to Cnc
Leo (SDSS J083931+282824) changed constellation to Cnc
Leo (SDSS J091945+085710) changed constellation to Cnc
Leo (SDSS J092229+330743) changed constellation to Lyn
Lep (HE 0409-3029) changed constellation to Eri
LMi (SDSS J083751+383012) changed constellation to Lyn
LMi (SDSS J090350+330036) changed constellation to Lyn
Lyr (1RXS J180340+401214) changed constellation to Her
Men (OGLE 050108-692813) changed constellation to Dor
Oph (2dF J142833.5+003100) changed constellation to Vir
Psc (SDSS J233325+152222) changed constellation to Peg
BX Pup added Cluster flag, note (in NGC 2482)
T Sco added Globular Cluster flag, note (in NGC 6093)
Sex (SDSS J090628+052656) changed constellation to Hya
Sex (SDSS J091137+084140) changed constellation to Cnc
Sqr (Bul_sc22_3429) changed constellation to Sco
Tau (HS 0220+0603) changed constellation to Cet
Tuc (Edmonds V7) added Globular Cluster flag, revised name
Vir (SDSS J103147+085224) changed constellation to Leo

Aqr (CTCV J2056-3014) corrected coordinates
Dor (RX J0507.1-6743) revised type
Hya (RXS J105010-140431) revised type
GW Lib revised type and type reference
HX Peg revised type and type reference
V1017 Sgr revised type
Tau2 revised type
CI UMa revised type and type reference

Sex (FIRST J102347+003841) added note

Her (NSV 9445) revised outburst year, note (possible candidate)

And (SDSS J001856+345444) revised type
Boo (SDSS J133941+484727) revised type
Cnc (SDSS J085623+310834) added
CVn (SDSS J105135+540436) deleted (= EK UMa)
V844 Her added ROSAT flag
Her (SDSS J160450+414328) revised type
Her (SDSS J162936+263519) revised type
Leo (SDSS J092444+080150) revised type
LMi (SDSS J083751+383012) added spectrum note
Lyn (EUVE J0854+390) added ROSAT flag
Sex (SDSS J090628+052656) added spectrum note
Aql (1RXS J173021-055933) added
Cnc (1RXS J063631+353537) added
Cnc (1RXS J070407+262501) added
Lyr (1RXS J180340+401214) added

added Changelog by date

Sgr (NSV 24048) corrected type reference
V4742 Sgr corrected spectrum reference
FH Leo revised tpye (non-cv)
QV Vul corrected type reference
V4743 Sgr corrected spectrum reference

Ser (ROTSE3 J16134+012124) added
WX LMi added chart reference
Cam (HS 0229+8016) updated coordinates, added identification, chart, magnitude range, revised type
Ari (HS 0139+0559) updated coordinates, added identification, chart, magnitude range, revised type
Tau (HS 0220+0603) updated coordinates, added identification, chart, magnitude range, revised type
Leo (HS 0922+1333) added chart reference, confirmed identification, revised chart, magnitude range, and notes
Cep (HS 0455+8315) added chart reference
LS Cam added chart reference
Cam (HS 0506+7725) revised type, added magnitude range and chart reference

OY Car revised period reference
CT Ser revised period reference
LQ Peg revised period reference
IP Peg revised period reference
GX Cas revised period reference
GG Leo revised period reference
PU Per revised period and reference
DP Leo revised period reference
AC Cnc revised period reference
TU Crt revised period reference
V442 Cen added period and reference
Cnc (RXS J0806.3+1527) revised period reference
WW Hor revised period reference
V485 Cen revised period reference
V Sge revised period reference
Z Cha revised period reference
V803 Cen revised period reference
UU Aql revised period reference
V794 Aql revised period and reference
V1141 Aql revised period and reference
V909 Sgr revised period reference
KS UMa revised period reference
HU Aqr revised period reference
V1432 Aql revised period reference
V1494 Aql revised period reference
V394 CrA revised period reference
IR Com revised period reference
AT Ara revised period reference
V2274 Cyg revised period reference
V2289 Cyg revised period reference
OY Ara revised period reference
RZ LMi added period and reference
V436 Car revised period reference
V348 Pup revised period reference
TT Ari revised period reference
Hya (SN 2003aw) revised period reference
AY Lyr revised period and reference
V2400 Oph revised period reference
FT Cam revised period reference
Cam (1RXS J0625+7334) revised period reference
WX Ari revised period reference
And (RX J2337+4308) revised period reference
V402 And revised period reference
PX And revised period reference
HV And replaced uncertain period with confirmed period
Tuc (NGC 104-W27) added period and reference
UZ Boo revised period reference
TT Boo revised period reference
RS Cae revised period reference
V4140 Sgr revised period reference
V2051 Oph revised period reference
RZ Gru revised period and reference
V825 Her revised period reference
WY Tri changed period from certain to superhump based, revised period reference
V478 Her removed period and reference
Hya (RX J1002-1925) added period and reference
HV Aur revised period reference
Hyi (RXS J0154.0-5947) added period and reference
V363 Aur revised period reference
V405 Aur revised period reference
BG CMi revised period reference
AM CVn revised period reference
EX Dra revised period reference
Dra (SDSS J125023+665526) revised period reference
Dra (SDSS J173008+624754) removed extraneous superhump period
V4077 Sgr revised period reference
SW Sex revised period reference
V617 Sgr revised period and reference
Oct (NSV 10934) revised period reference
V1208 Tau revised period and reference
RZ Sge revised period reference
UZ For revised period reference
BZ Cir revised period reference
FH UMa revised period reference
IY UMa revised period reference
RW Sex revised period reference
FO Aqr revised period reference
Tuc (NGC 104-W42) added period and reference
BT Mon revised period reference
RX Vol revised period reference
V407 Vul revised period reference
DM Gem revised period reference
Vir (SDSS J132411+032050) revised period reference
QQ Vul revised period reference
CI Gru revised period reference
CF Gru revised period reference

V378 Ser added
Ind (NSV 13983) added
Cam (1RXS J053234+624755) revised magnitude range, added chart reference

V5115 Sgr added

Cam (1RXS J053234+624755) added

Lyn2 (KUV 09313+4052) updated coordinates

V382 Nor revised coordinates and chart

Cet (SDSS J005050+000912) added
Cet (SDSS J003941+005427) added
Leo (SDSS J080142+210345) added
LMi (SDSS J083751+383012) added
UMa (SDSS J102517+430221) added
Leo (SDSS J080303+251627) added
UMa (SDSS J091935+502825) added
UMa (SDSS J092219+421256) added
Her (SDSS J162936+263519) added
CVn (SDSS J105135+540436) added
Her (SDSS J165658+212139) added
Her (SDSS J165244+333925) added
Sex (SDSS J090628+052656) added
And (SDSS J001856+345444) added
Psc (SDSS J233325+152222) added
Leo (SDSS J091945+085710) added
Leo (SDSS J092444+080150) added
Vir (SDSS J103147+085224) added
LMi (SDSS J090350+330036) added
Leo (SDSS J092229+330743) added
V382 Nor added
Her (SDSS J160450+414328) added
Her (SDSS J154104+360252) added
Leo (SDSS J083931+282824) added
Leo (SDSS J081352+281317) added
Peg (SDSS J214354+124458) added
Boo (SDSS J133941+484727) added
Sex (SDSS J091137+084140) added
Her (SDSS J153634+332851) added
CrB (SDSS J142955+414516) added
Her (SDSS J151413+454911) added
Her (SDSS J150722+523039) added
Her (SDSS J145758+514807) added

Sco (NGC 6121-CX2) revised type

DR UMa added note (possible candidate)
Pyx (Nova 2005) revised type, added spectrum reference

Pyx (Nova 2005) added

Sex (ROTSE3 J100932.2) revised type

Tuc (NGC 104-W32) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W10) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W20) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W16) added
Tuc (NGC 104-CV3) revised type

Sex (ROTSE3 J100932.2) added

RX Vol revised type, magnitude range, updated identification, added spectrum reference

Sgr (NGC 6809 CV1) added

V2361 Cyg added

EY Cyg added ASCA flag
OY Car added ASCA flag
CU Vel added ASCA flag
GO Com added ASCA flag
CP Pup added ASCA flag

Peg (NGC 7078 C) added
Peg (NGC 7078 B) added

V550 Cyg udpated coordinates and finding chart
KX Aql udpated coordinates and finding chart

UW Tri revised period
V369 Peg added period

KN Gem changed type (non-existent)
revised the ASCII report to include all fields in the catalog except for the Notes. Added a new ASCII Notes report to provide access to the catalog notes.

Aqr (SDSS J210014+004446) revised type and spectrum reference

AD Men added spectrum reference

Eri (SDSS J040714-064425) revised type, magnitude range

TT Tri added
Cam (HS 0229+8016) added
Aqr (CTCV J2056-3014) added
Dra (HS 1813+6122) added
Tuc (CTCV J0006-6900) added
Cir (CG X-1) added
Tau (HS 0220+0603) added
Ari (HS 0139+0559) added
Cae (CTCV J0333-4451) added
Cam (HS 0506+7725) added

LU Cam revised period
Sgr (NSV 9923) revised period
UMa (1RXP J113123+4322) revised period
V344 Pav added period
XX Tau added period
GZ Cnc revised period
BE Oct revised period
XZ Eri revised period
V405 Vul revised period
Sgr (CTCV J2005-2934) added period
V551 Sgr revised period
Sex (FIRST J102347+003841) revised period
Psc (ASAS 002511+1217.2) added period
Tel (CTCV J1928-5001) added period
Boo (SDSS J153817+512338) added period
Dra (SDSS J150137+550123) added period
CP Dra revised period
Cet (SDSS J004335-003729) added period
Vir (SDSS J124058-015919) added period
Aur (SDSSp J072910+365838) added period
Phe (CTCV J2354-4700) added period
TU Tri added period
V400 Per added period
UY Pup revised period
Vir (SDSS J123813-033933) revised period
Vir (SDSS J132411+032050) revised period
OU Vir revised period
PQ And added period
QR And revised period
KQ Mon added period
AQ CMi revised period
UMa (SDSS J093249+472523) added period
Aqr (SDSS J204817-061045) added period
Ari (NSV 907) added period
RU Hor revised period
Gem (SDSS J074813+290509) added period
V550 Cyg revised period
Peg (Antipin V79) added period
V364 Peg added period
Pic (CTCV J0549-4921) added period
AX Cap added period
Hya (SDSS J074813+290509) added period
Cam (HS 0728+6738) added period
Lup (1RXS J154814-452845) revised period
Cet (SDSSp J015543+002807) revised period
Peg (1RXS J230950+213523) added period
V1186 Sco added period
DH Aql revised period
Aqr (SDSS J210014+004446) added period
V2275 Cyg revised period
CP Lac added period
Cen (CTCV J1300-3052) added period
Her (OT_J183926+260410) added period
Peg (HS 2219+1824) added period
Her (SDSS J170213+322954) added period
Her (SDSS J170053+400358) revised period
Lyn (SDSS J090016+430118) added period
UV Gem revised period
V589 Her revised period
TT Crt revised period

V574 Pup revised chart

V347 Pav added HST flag
QR And added HST flag
IX Dra added HST flag
And (HS 2331+3905) added HST flag

Leo (2dF 112555-001638) revised chart reference
Cet (2dF J225115.2-284046) added
Oph (2dF J142833.5+003100) added
Vir (2dF 130441+010330) revised chart reference/indentification/chart
Vir (2dF J122456.5-001133) added
Eri (2dF J021927.9-304545) added
Eri (2dF J015940.6-281040) added
Cet (2dF J003401.7-280819) added
Cet (2dF J003343.5-281243) added
Cet (2dF J224319.6-293328) added
Cet (2dF J225647.8-274325) added
Cet (2dF J222416.2-292421) added

V574 Pup (Nova Pup 2004) added GCVS name

Pup (Nova 2004) added

CQ Vel revised spectrum reference
Per (Antipin V80) added
Peg (Antipin V79) added
Her (OT_J183926+260410) revised chart reference, magnitude range, spectrum reference, ROSAT flag, and notes
V344 Pav revised type reference
V393 Hya revised type
XX Tau revised spectrum reference

Ari (NSV 907) revised type

Vir (SDSS J142256-022108) deleted (same as 2QZ J142256-022108)
Vir (2QZ J142256-022108) revised note

Cet (SDSSp J023322+005059) updated coordinates

Dra1 revised type (non-cv: DA+Me)

Peg (HS 2219+1824) added

V693 CrA revised magnitude range
V842 Cen revised spectrum reference
DV Sco revised type
XX Tau revised spectrum reference
CQ Vel added spectrum reference
V630 Sgr revised magnitude range

Cen (NGC 5139-NV408) added

Psc (ASAS 002511+1217.2) updated coordinates, type, mag range, and constellation (was Ari)
Ari (ASAS 002511+1217.2) updated coordinates, type, mag range, and constellation (Psc)

V4140 Sgr revised type

Ari (ASAS 002511+1217.2) added

V2301 Oph revised type
V1432 Aql revised type

Aqr (ROTSE3 J221519) added
Ser (ROTSE3 J151453) added

Peg (NGC 7078 CCZ-V1) revised type reference, notes (HST data)

Tel (CTCV J1928-5001) added
V3608 Sgr revised identification and coordinates
Sgr (CTCV J2005-2934) added
Pic (CTCV J0549-4921) added
Phe (CTCV J2354-4700) added
Cen (CTCV J1300-3052) added

V2527 Oph revised type
V1187 Sco (Nova Sco 2004 No. 2) added gcvs name
V344 Pav revised type
Aqr (SDSS J225831-094932) revised type and magnitude range

Cap (EC 20220-2243) corrected other name

Sco (Nova Sco 2004 No. 2) added

Cet (SDSS J013701-091235) revised type and magnitude range

Hya (SDSS J090403+035501) revised declination

AX Cap revised type

V358 Lyr revised coordinates/chart

Eri (SDSS J031051-075500) revised type
Sgr (m306.35892.4598) added
Sgr (m311.37055.2070) added
Sgr (m306.36560.3266) added
Sgr (m108.19597.3208) added
Sgr (m311.37730.3783) added
Sgr (m179.21843.4365) added
Dor (m17.2832.2606) added
Sgr (m113.19455.4698) added
Cap (m152.25800.1458) added
Cap (m149.28010.6410) added
Sgr (m306.35887.1487) added
Cap (m301.46117.1481) added
Cap (m148.26586.2310) added
Sgr (m311.37389.3983) added
Cap (m173.33003.1207) added
Cap (m158.27182.2976) added
Sgr (m102.23250.3841) added
Sgr (m306.35724.3178) added
Sgr (m108.19205.3394) added
Sgr (m167.23785.873) added
Sgr (m161.25086.2455) added
Sgr (m159.26266.4219) added
Sgr (m157.26295.1160) added
Cap (m148.26333.1860) added
Sgr (m104.20906.960) added
Sgr (m156.28129.900) added
Sgr (m305.36409.813) added
Sgr (m179.22489.4690) added
Sgr (m178.24048.3166) added
Sgr (m155.26570.1617) added
Sgr (m128.21149.4807) added
Cap (m301.46282.3402) added
Sgr (m121.22812.3138) added
Sgr (m177.25623.3642) added
Cap (m150.29315.3459) added
Cap (m302.45426.2942) added
Cap (m302.45594.2132) added
Cap (m303.44749.3841) added
Sgr (m119.20610.3305) added
Cap (m153.28010.620) added
Sgr (m118.18790.4766) added
Sgr (m114.20882.3609) added
Sgr (m114.19973.4162) added
Cap (m172.31712.790) added
Cap (m148.26330.809) added
Sgr (m109.20247.4850) added
Sgr (m105.21419.3841) added
Sgr (m103.24414.4271) added
Cap (m153.27488.3450) added
Sgr (m176.19349.6100) added
Sgr (m401.48296.2600) added
Sgr (m101.20784.2398) added
Sgr (m311.36888.1587) added
Sgr (m308.36914.3615) added
Sgr (m307.35708.4691) added
Sgr (m304.35057.1192) added
Sgr (m180.22371.886) added
Sgr (m179.22103.2421) added
Sgr (m159.26395.2298) added
Sgr (m156.27609.1548) added
Sgr (m153.28005.3041) added
Sgr (m124.21890.1808) added
Sgr (m118.19052.2032) added
Sgr (m118.18664.5336) added
Sgr (m115.22182.3452) added
Sgr (m161.24700.3300) added
V663 Ara revised type

V1186 Sco (ASAS 171251-3056.6) added gcvs name

Boo (SDSS J153817+512338) added
Peg (SDSS J223252+140353) added
UMa (SDSS J115639+630907) added
UMa (SDSS J113215+624900) added
Her (SDSS J161030+445901) added
Dra (SDSS J150137+550123) added
UMa (SDSS J124426+613514) added
Her (SDSS J162608+332827) added
CrB (SDSS J162212+341147) added
Vir (SDSS J124959+035726) added
Cnc (SDSS J080846+313106) added
Her (SDSS J170324+320953) added
Gem (SDSS J074813+290509) added
Her (SDSS J171145+301320) added
Hya (SDSS J090403+035501) added
Vir (SDSS J142256-022108) added
Her (SDSS J170213+322954) added
Her (SDSS J170542+313240) added
Her (SDSS J155037+405440) added
Lyn (SDSS J090452+440255) added
Lyn (SDSS J090016+430118) added
UMa (SDSS J095135+602939) added
UMa (SDSS J101323+455858) added
Vir (SDSS J121607+052013) added
Aqr (SDSS J204720+000007) added
UMa (SDSS J094325+520128) added
UMa (SDSS J093249+472523) added
Cet (SDSS J004335-003729) added
Equ (SDSS J211605+113407) added
UMa (SDSS J130514+582856) added
Aqr (SDSS J210241-004408) added
Sco (ASAS 171251-3056.6) added
Vir (SDSS J133540+050722) added
Aqr (SDSS J210014+004446) added

BZ Cir revised type and magnitude range
Her (OT_J183926+260410) added

And (XMMU J004308+411247) added
added galactic longitude and globular cluster flag for all objects

Cam (HS 0728+6738) added
Cep (HS2237+8154) added

TY Vul revised note (added period)
Cet (SDSSp J015543+002807) revised period
TT Crt revised period
WX Cen revised period
DW Cnc added period
UY Pup added period, revised note (eliminate uncertain period)
GI Mon added period
Cet (SDSS J013701-091235) added period, revised note (eliminate uncertain period)
V2275 Cyg revised note (added period)
MM Sco revised note (period)
Scl (MCT 2347-3144) added period
Tuc (NGC 104-W1) added period
QR And revised period
Lyn (SDSSp J081321+452809) revised period
Lib (ASAS 153616-0839.1) revised note (added period)
XZ Eri revised period
CH UMa revised period
DW UMa revised period
For (Ha0242-2802) added period
AO Oct revised period
RY Ser added period
Ser (SDSSp J155644-000950) added period
LL Lyr revised period
Aqr (SDSS J205017-053627) revised period
OU Vir revised period
Aqr1 revised note (added period)
CP Eri revised period
V4742 Sgr revised note (added period)
And (HS 2331+3905) added
EZ Del revised period
ES Dra revised period
Sex (FIRST J102347+003841) revised period
V699 Oph removed period, revised note (added period)
V1062 Tau revised period
IX Dra added period, revised note (eliminate uncertain period)

Lyn (SDSS J080908+381406) added HST flag
V825 Her added HST flag
DV UMa added HST flag
Dra1 added HST flag
Cam (1RXS J0625+7334) added HST flag
IX Dra added HST flag
LS Cam added HST flag
V436 Cen added HST flag
CVn (1RXS J134210+282250) added HST flag
GY Cnc added HST flag
V485 Cen added HST flag
Cas (RX J0153.3+7446) added HST flag

Sgr (NGC 6656-32) added
Sgr (NGC 6656-23) added
Sgr (NGC 6656-21) added
Sgr (NGC 6656-78) added
Sgr (NGC 6656-44) added
Sgr (NGC 6656-35) added
Sgr (NGC 6656-39) added

Cyg (RX J1951.7+3716) revised period reference
V551 Sgr revised type
V1141 Sco added note
Sgr (Bul_sc4_1367) deleted (identical to V1141 Sco)

Hya (NSV 19451) revised note (spectrum of candidate)

GW Lib revised notes (minimum magnitude)

Her (NGC 6205-23081) added HST flag and chart, revised notes (added HST data)
Her (NGC 6205-21429) added HST flag and chart, revised notes (added HST data)
Her (NGC 6341-8203) added HST flag and chart, revised notes (added HST data)

V1039 Cen revised identification

UX UMa revised notes (added HST data)
HU Aqr revised notes (revised HST data)
Sco (NGC 6121-CX1) revised notes (added HST data)
Sco (NGC 6121-CX4) revised notes (added HST data)
Sco (NGC 6121-CX2) revised notes (added HST data)
Sco (NGC 6093-CX3) added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
Sco (NGC 6093-CX5) added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
Sco (NGC 6093-CX4) added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
Sco (NGC 6093-CX15) added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
CVn (NGC 5272-7290) revised notes (added HST data)
Sco (NGC 6093-CX2) added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
CVn (NGC 5272-7290) added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
ZZ Lep added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
OY Car revised notes (revised HST data)
V723 Cas added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
V664 Cas added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
AM CVn revised notes (added HST data)
GK Per revised notes (revised HST data)
V382 Vel revised notes (added HST data)
UW Pic added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
Cen (NGC 5139-A) added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
V1425 Aql revised notes (added HST data)
VZ Scl added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)
VV Pup revised notes (revised HST data)
AH Her revised notes (corrected HST data)
T Sco revised notes (revised HST data)
Sgr (NGC 6656 CV1) revised notes (added HST data)
Sgr2 (NGC 6637 CV) added HST flag, revised notes (added HST data)

V2176 Cyg revised type reference

Hya (NSV 19451) revised mag range
V2839 Sgr revised identification, coordinates, and notes
CVn (1RXS J134210+282250) new identification/coordinates/chart/mag range, revised type, added HST observations

V2574 Oph added

DW Cnc revised type
V2275 Cyg revised magnitude range, chart

V337 Cyg updated coordinates

DW Cnc revised type

Lib (ASAS 153616-0839.1) revised type and spectrum reference

EH Aqr updated coordinates

Aqr (SDSS J205017-053627) updated magnitude range
Cet (SDSSp J015543+002807) updated magnitude range
For (Ha0242-2802) updated magnitude range
GI Mon revised type
AO Oct revised type and magnitude range
V356 Aql updated magnitude range
V5114 Sgr (N Sgr 2004) added
V972 Oph revised magnitude range
Sex (FIRST J102347+003841) revised magnitude range

Lib (ASAS 153616-0839.1) revised coordinates
Cam (SBS 0755+600) new identification/coordinates/chart

FQ Mon revised type

Aqr5 revised period

Dor (RX J0507.1-6743) corrected declination

Ser (SDSSp J161033-010233) revised period reference code

CVn (NGC 5272-7290) added

Gem (NGC 2158 V57) added

Sco (NGC 6121-CX1) added
Sco (NGC 6121-CX2) added
Sco (NGC 6121-CX4) added

Lib (ASAS 153616-0839.1) added

Vir (SDSS J124058-015919) added

EZ Del revised spectrum reference
RY Ser added spectrum reference

Cru (N Cru 2003) corrected coordinates

Vir5 (1E 1240.8+0312) updated for ROSAT and SDSS
Vir (SDSS J124325+025548) deleted (same as Vir5)

V446 Her revised HST observations
Sgr (CXOGC J174532-290552) added
RZ Leo revised period
AW Sge revised period
Sgr (NSV 9923) added period
V589 Her revised period
ES Cet revised period
Tuc (NGC 104-W120) added period
V4743 Sgr added period
VW CrB revised period
WX Cet revised period
V551 Sgr added period
FS Aur added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)"
Tuc (NGC 104-W34) added period
EG Cnc revised period
AB Nor revised period
EF Tuc added period
Tuc (NGC 104-W21) added period
V1141 Aql revised period
Tuc (NGC 104-W15) added period
Tuc (NGC 104-W2) added period
Tuc (NGC 104 AKO9) revised period
Tuc (NGC 104 W1) added period
V380 Oph added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)"
KV And revised period
QZ Ser added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)"
SS UMi added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)"
KK Tel revised period
V2051 Oph revised period
V1040 Cen revised period
V803 Cen revised HST observations
V699 Oph added period
V368 Peg added period
BC UMa revised period
CT Hya revised period
PV Per revised period
MV Lyr added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)"
QW Ser revised period
LL And revised period
BL Hyi added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)"
MN Dra revised period
V452 Cas added period
Q Cyg added period
MM Hya revised period
RU Hor added period
V1208 Tau revised period
V794 Aql added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)"
HV Vir revised period
NY Ser revised period
KV Dra revised period
V701 Tau revised period
HS Vir revised period
AQ Eri added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)"
Ser (SDSSp J161033-010233) added period
AO Oct revised period
Tuc (NGC 104-W8) added period
XZ Eri revised period
OR And added period
V419 Lyr revised period
HO Del revised period
V585 Lyr added period
Aqr (SDSS J205017-053627) added period

Sco (NGC 6903-CX2) added
Sco (NGC 6903-CX4) added
Sco (NGC 6903-CX3) added
Sco (NGC 6903-CX5) added
T Sco added note (possible Chandra detection)
Sco (NGC 6903-CX15) added

Tuc (NGC 104-W27) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W35) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W2) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W34) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W15) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W21) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W8) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W42) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W31) added
Tuc (NGC 104-140) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W25) added
Tuc (NGC 104-122) added
Tuc (NGC 104-120) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W85) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W56) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W33) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W1) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W44) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W82) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W45) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W55) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W53) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W51) added
Tuc (NGC 104-W49) added

V823 Cyg updated chart and notes (identification)

Sgr (NGC 6656 CV1) added

Cep (Var 75) added
Cyg (Var 76) added

DE Cir added

V1432 Aql revised type

CQ Dra revised type
V344 Ori revised coordinates

MM Sco added note (identification uncertain)
Oct (NSV 10934) revised type

AT Ara revised spectrum reference

V5113 Sgr (N Sgr 2003 No. 2) added

V2295 Oph corrected type (non-cv --> na) and added relevant information
V585 Lyr revised coordinate and magnitude range, added note (object possibly in outburst on image)

V840 Oph updated coordinates and chart reference

V2573 Oph revised chart and spectrum reference

V1494 Aql revised identification/chart

V4444 Sgr revised type
V475 Sct (N Sct 2003) added
Cru (N Cru 2003) added

Tuc (Edmonds V11/AKO9) revised note (new HST data)

CM Mic (EC 20335-4332) added GCVS name
V795 Cyg updated identification, coordinates, chart

DV Sco added

And (D31J04306.4+413013) added

V496 Aur revised mag range
HU Aqr revised mag range
EG Aqr revised type
HY Eri revised mag range
QR And revised mag range
V906 Oph revised mag range
BV And revised type, type reference
V2290 Oph revised declination

Hya (SN 2003aw) revised mag range

V2573 Oph added

V1113 Cyg corrected declination

V699 Oph revised type (ugsu)
AY Lac revised chart, coordinates, and type

V2527 Oph revised coordinates and chart
AL Com revised chart

Sgr (Terzan 5 - W10) added
V523 Lyr revised type
Sgr (Terzan 5 - W9) added
Sgr (Terzan 5 - W7) added
Sgr (Terzan 5 - W6) added
Sgr (Terzan 5 - W5) added
V516 Lyr revised type

Sgr (NSV 9923) added

V381 Vel revised period
CI Aql revised period
V1141 Aql revised note (updated period)
RX Vol added note (period)
V1494 Aql revised period
PZ Nor revised classification (non-cv)
UV Gem revised note (updated period)
V388 Peg (RX J2157.5+0855) added GCVS name
Gem (SDSS J073817+285520) added period
Leo (HS 0922+1333) revised period
IM Nor added period
Dra (SDSS J125023+665526) added note (period)
Dra (SDSS J114628+675910) added note (period)
MN Dra revised period
BF Ara revised note (updated period)
TV Crv revised period
V1208 Tau revised note (updated period)
Hya (SN 2003aw) added
V1974 Cyg revised period
Her (near UGC 10700) added
Lyn (SDSS J075240+362823) added period
Lyn (SDSS J080908+381406) added period
GZ Cnc revised period
Cet (SDSS J013701-091235) added note (period)
Aqr (SDSS J223439+004127) added period
Aqr1 added period
Her (SDSS J170053+400358) added period
Ind (EC 21178-5417) added
BY Cir revised period
V723 Cas revised period
DD Cir revised period
Cet (SDSS J013132-090122) added period, revised coordinates
V992 Sco revised period
Oct (NSV 10934) added note (period)
V2306 Cyg (1WGA J1958.2+3232) added GCVS name
V2275 Cyg added note (period)
Sex (FIRST J102347+003841) added period
EY Cyg revised period
Dra (SDSS J132723+652854) added period
TW Pic revised note (updated period)
UW Pic revised period
LW Cam (RX J0704.2+6203) added GCVS name
V Per revised period
V841 Oph revised period
V393 Hya added period
CW Mon revised period
UMa (1RXP J113123+4322) revised note (updated period)
V1043 Cen (RX J1313-3259) added GCVS name
Eri (SDSS J040714-064425) added period
HQ Mon added note (period)
Cnc (RXS J0806.3+1527) revised period
Hya (SDSS J092009+004225) added period
CP Cru revised period
Vir (SDSS J123813-033933) added period

V1776 Cyg added HST flag
TT Crt added HST flag
CD Ind added HST flag
VY Scl added HST flag
BP Lyn added HST flag
V709 Cas added HST flag
BK Lyn added HST flag
BD Pav added HST flag
GS Pav added HST flag
TU Men added HST flag
RZ Sge added HST flag
CrB (RX J1554.2+2721) added HST flag
NY Ser added HST flag
V893 Sco added HST flag
MR Ser added HST flag
V844 Her added HST flag
V396 Hya added HST flag
AN UMa added HST flag
Sex (RX J0944.5+0357) added HST flag
CY UMa added HST flag
KS UMa added HST flag
V895 Cen added HST flag
EY Cyg added HST flag
V442 Cen added HST flag

V1548 Aql revised type

Gem (SDSS J073817+285520) added
Dra (SDSS J114628+675910) added
Hya (SDSS J092009+004245) added
Cap (SDSS J215411-090122) added
Vir (SDSS J123813-033933) added
Vir (SDSS J124325+025548) added
Vir (SDSS J144659+025330) added
Lyn (SDSS J080908+381406) added
Equ (SDSS J210131+105252) added
Sex (SDSS J101037+024915) added
Lyn (SDSS J080215+401047) added
Lyn (SDSS J075240+362823) added
Cet (SDSS J013132-090122) added
Peg (SDSS J220553+115554) added
Eri (SDSS J031051-075500) added
Eri (SDSS J040714-064425) added
Aqr (SDSS J204448-045929) added
Her (SDSS J170053+400358) added
Aqr (SDSS J204817-061045) added
Hya (SDSS J093238+010903) added
Aqr (SDSS J205017-053627) added
Aqr (SDSS J205914-061221) added
Aqr (SDSS J223439+004127) added
Aqr (SDSS J225831-094932) added
Hya (SDSS J084400+023919) added
Her (SDSS J163605+465205) added
Ser (SDSS J152857+034912) added
UMa (SDSS J090103+480911) added
Cet (SDSS J013701-091235) added
Dra (SDSS J145003+584502) added
Dra (SDSS J125834+663552) added
Dra (SDSS J125834+640823) added
Dra (SDSS J125023+665526) added

V838 Her revised chart
V504 Cen added

V838 Mon revised type
Scl (1RXS J231532-304855) added GCVS name
VX Ret added
V4741 Sgr revised type and mag range, added other name
Pic (EC 05287-5857) now BB Dor
Men (EC 05114-7955) added GCVS name
Dra (SDSS J132723+652854) added
V4739 Sgr revised type and mag range, added other name
V1548 Aql revised mag range
Sgr (MACHO SU UMa var) added GCVS name
V4745 Sgr revised mag range, added other name
V1178 Sco revised type
Psc (1RXS J2329+0628) added GCVS name
Hya (EC 11588-3142) added GCVS name, revised mag range
Hya (EC 10578-2935) added GCVS name
Hya (EC 10565-2858) added GCVS name
Hya (EC 10560-2902) added GCVS name
V396 Hya added
BB Dor added
Cam (RX J0558+6753) added GCVS name and chart reference, revised type
Dor (EC 04030-5801) now VX Ret, revised mag range
V4744 Sgr revised type and mag range, added other name
V4743 Sgr revised type and mag range, added other name
V4742 Sgr revised type and mag range, added other name
Cet (KUV 01584-0939) added GCVS name
V4740 Sgr revised type and mag range, added other name
Pic (EC 05565-5935) added GCVS name
Eri (EC 04224-2014) added GCVS name
Lyr (RX J191059.6+285639) added GCVS name
V1209 Tau added
Tau (NSV 15820) added GCVS name
Lyr (TK 4) added GCVS name
Cep (Mis V1181) added GCVS name
UMa (PG 1000+667) added GCVS name
Tuc (1RXS J0001-6707) added GCVS name
V2275 Cyg revised type and mag range
Cen (RX J1155.4-5641) added GCVS name, revised mag range
Vir (CE 315) now V396 Hya
V1039 Cen revised type and mag range
Cam (HS 0551+7241) added GCVS name
V2274 Cyg revised type, added other name
Dra (Var 73) added GCVS name
Cyg2 added GCVS name, revised mag range and other name
Lyr (TK 5) added GCVS name
V2540 Oph revised type
Oph (SN1999bs) added GCVS name

HP And revised note (flagged object a galaxy)

Cet (PG 0157+001) added
Cet (FBS 0204-024) added
AD Men revised identification/coordinates

V4745 Sgr added

Cam (1RXS J0625+7334) new classification, revised chart reference

V463 Sct revised coordinates, chart, minimum magnitude, and spectrum reference

V592 Her added spectrum reference
V544 Her added spectrum reference
V551 Sgr added spectrum reference
V1047 Aql added spectrum reference
FL TrA added spectrum reference and note (possible mid-identification)
AW Sge added spectrum reference and note (possible mid-identification)
X Cir added note (possible mis-identification)
BE Oct added spectrum reference
V662 CrA revised type and added spectrum reference
MM Sco added spectrum reference
AO Oct added spectrum reference
V2359 Sgr added spectrum reference and note (possible mid-classification)
YY Tel add note (classification in doubt)
AB Nor added spectrum reference
V2276 Sgr added spectrum reference and note (possible mid-identification)
DH Aql added spectrum reference
V344 Pav added spectrum reference
IS Del added spectrum reference
V1233 Aql added spectrum reference
V1141 Aql added spectrum reference

IW And revised type reference

AP Cru revised type
DD Cir revised type
HH Cnc updated chart
V373 Sct revised type
V351 Pup revised type
RR Cha revised type
Aqr1 revised type

V877 Ara updated type and chart reference
V379 Peg revised identification
KK Tel updated type reference
PU CMa updated type reference

Sex (RX J0944.5+0357) revised type

Sgr (Bul_sc30_6421) added
Sgr (Bul_sc22_3429) added
Sgr (Bul_sc4_1367) added
Sgr (Bul_sc16_2143) added
Sgr (Bul_sc2_3095) added
Sgr (Bul_sc8_1184) added
Sgr (Bul_sc30_3025) added
Sgr (Bul_sc19_1917) added
Sgr (Bul_sc19_1874) added
Sgr (Bul_sc14_587) added
Sgr (Bul_sc8_2190) added
Sgr (Bul_sc11_1886) added
Sgr (Bul_sc11_1160) added
Sco (Bul_sc27_759) added
Sco (Bul_sc29_606) added
Sco (Bul_sc41_3228) added
Sgr (Bul_sc42_1487) added
Sgr (Bul_sc13_1972) added
Sgr (Bul_sc12_2934) added
Sgr (Bul_sc12_2728) added
Sgr (Bul_sc17_4122) added
Sgr (Bul_sc17_1447) added
Sgr (Bul_sc16_1300) added
Sgr (Bul_sc7_1575) added
Sgr (Bul_sc35_3030) added
Sgr (Bul_sc7_1492) added
Sgr (Bul_sc6_816) added
Sgr (Bul_sc18_4562) added
Sgr (Bul_sc33_703) added
Sgr (Bul_sc35_1171) added
Sgr (Bul_sc30_5126) added
Sgr (Bul_sc20_135) added
Sgr (Bul_sc3_6033) added
Sgr (Bul_sc3_7898) added
Sgr (Bul_sc14_3708) added
Sgr (Bul_sc33_4157) added
Sgr (Bul_sc19_2209) added
Sgr (Bul_sc16_365) added
Sgr (Bul_sc8_569) added
Sgr (Bul_sc9_1565) added
Sco (Bul_sc47_70)) added
Sco (Bul_sc49_672) added
Sco (Bul_sc49_332) added
Sco (Bul_sc26_2089) added
Sco (Bul_sc29_1956) added
Sco (Bul_sc40_677) added
Sco (Bul_sc23_2872) added
Sco (Bul_sc49_614) added
Sco (Bul_sc47_680) added
Sco (Bul_sc28_1459) added
Sco (Bul_sc40_3491) added
Sco (Bul_sc41_2587) added
Sgr (Bul_sc11_1905) added
Sco (Bul_sc22_880) added
Tuc (OGLE 004257-732252) added
Tuc (OGLE 005718-724235) added
Sgr (Bul_sc10_1727) added
Sgr (Bul_sc13_691) added
Sgr (Bul_sc19_713) added
Sgr (Bul_sc5_2859) added
Men (OGLE 050108-692813) added
Men (OGLE 051955-702753) added

Tuc (1RXS J0001-6707) revised type and magnitude range
Aur2 revised type (non-cv to dq::)

V794 Oph revised notes (identification uncertain)
AY Psc revised type
V655 CrA new identification/coordinates/chart
EU Sct added note (possible new identification)
DD Cir revised chart

GZ Cnc revised type
Aur (1RXS J052430+424449) added
KT Mon revised type

V592 Her revised period
AT Ara revised period
Cam (HS 0551+7241) revised period
KS UMa revised period
V844 Her revised period
Sex (RX J0944.5+0357) revised period
Eri (EC 04224-2014) revised period
BC UMa revised period
Ser (1RXS J161008+035222) revised period
AB Nor revised period
RZ Leo revised period
Leo (RXS J0953.1+1458) revised period
DH Aql revised period
QW Ser revised period
EG Cnc revised period
GY Cnc revised period
V442 Oph revised period
V660 Her revised period
GZ Cnc revised period
Cam (RX J0558+6753) revised period
V840 Oph revised coordinates and chart (confirmed identification)
HL CMa revised period
KV Dra revised period
KL Dra revised period
HO Del revised period
Cyg (1WGA J1958.2+3232) revised period
V503 Cyg revised period
Dra (SDSSp J173008+624754) revised period
GX Cas revised period
TU Crt revised period
TT Crt revised period
MV Lyr revised period
AH Men revised period
DM Lyr revised period
QR And revised period
RZ Sge revised period
Her (RX J1643.7+3402) revised period
AM Cas revised period
GW Lib revised period
EQ Cet revised period
Dra (RX J1846.9+5538) revised period

BO Cet added period
DD Cir added period, revised magnitude range
KX Aql added period
Ara (NGC 6397-CV1) added period
CP Cru added period
V1141 Aql added period
BY Cir added period, revised magnitude range
BF Ara added period
EZ Del added period
Cam (1RXS J0625+7334) added period
V877 Ara added period
And (LD 317) added period and ROSAT flag
And (RX J2337+4308) added
Ara (NGC 6397-U10) added period
Eri (1RXS J042556-194534) added period
Dra (Var 73) added period
Cyg (RX J1951.7+3716) added period
PU CMa added period
Dra (SDSS J155331+551615) added period
Hyi (1RXS J023053-684203) added period
FT Cam added period and ROSAT flag
Cas (RX J0153.3+7446) added period
Lyn (SDSSp J081321+452809) added period
Pav (NGC 6752-CV2) added period
Lyn (1RXS J082051+493433) added period
V697 Sco added period
Vir (2QZ J142438-022739) added period
Vir (2QZ J142256-022108) added period
Vir (SDSS J132411+032050) added period
V992 Sco added period, revised magnitude range
LL Lyr added period
MM Sco added period
QZ Ser added period
Pav (NGC 6752-CV1) added period
FY Per added period
Pic (EC 05287-5857) added period and ROSAT flag
Leo (2dF 112555-001639) added period
Sex (RX J1039.7-0507) added period

BH Lyn added HST flag
Psc (1RXS J2329+0628) added HST flag
Dra (SDSSp J173008+624754) added HST flag
KV Dra added HST flag
Lyn (SDSSp J074716+424849) added HST flag
AM Her revised HST observations
Cep (HS 0455+8315) added chart and HST flag, updated coordinates
V751 Cyg added HST flag
Cen (RX J1313-3259) added HST flag
AF Cam added HST flag
Tau2 added HST flag
Cep1 added HST flag
V503 Cyg added HST flag
UV Per added HST flag
BZ UMa added HST flag
UMa5 added HST flag
EM Cyg revised HST observations
HV And added HST flag

V630 Sgr revised spectrum reference
BY Cir added IUE flag
V1425 Aql added IUE flag
V705 Cas added IUE flag
V4327 Sgr added IUE flag
V723 Cas added IUE flag
V840 Oph added spectrum reference, revised magnitude range
V888 Cen added IUE flag
X Ser added IUE flag

V2209 Cyg updated coordinates and chart
CP Dra revised period
V379 Peg revised type, added proper motion

HL CMa revised coordinates, omproved chart

Vel (CPD -48 1517) revised type (non-cv)

Tuc (002403.66-720504.5) added
Tuc (002406.89-720453.0) added

Tuc (002406.27-720505.1, now 002406.59-720504.1) revised coordinates, finding chart
Tuc (002408.20-720500.9, now 002408.49-720459.9) revised coordinates, finding chart
Tuc (002406.47-720511.3, now 002406.80-720510.2) revised coordinates, finding chart
Tuc (002408.57-720502.4, now 002408.86-720501.6) revised coordinates, finding chart
Tuc (002406.31-720457.0, now 002406.62-720456.1) revised coordinates, finding chart
Tuc (Edmonds V11/AKO9) renamed to NGC 104 AKO9, revised coordinates
Tuc1 revised type, renamed from NGC 104-CV1 to NGC 104 PC1-V47
Tuc (NGC 104-CV2) renamed to NGC 104 PC1-V53
Tuc (002408.35-720459.7, now 002408.63-720458.9) revised coordinates, finding chart
Tuc (002406.21-720452.7, now NGC 104 PC1-V36) revised coordinates, finding chart
Tuc (002408.34-720507.5, now 002408.64-720506.5) revised coordinates, finding chart
Tuc (002408.13-720507.4, now 002408.43-720506.4) revised coordinates, finding chart
Tuc (NGC 104-CV3) revised coordinates
Tuc (002406.07-720449.6, now 002406.38-720448.9) revised coordinates, finding chart

Peg (1RXS J230950+213512) added proper motion

Tuc (NGC 104 PC1-V47) added
Tuc (NGC 104 WF2-V48) added
Tuc (NGC 104 PC1-V53) added
Tuc (NGC 104 WF4-V26) added
Tuc (NGC 104 WF4-V16) added
Tuc (NGC 104 WF2-V30) added
Tuc (NGC 104 PC1-V52) added

LMi (FBS 0946+362) revised type (non-cv)
Lyn (SBS 0804+563) revised type (non-cv)

Tri (NSV 15358/S 10832) revised type to non-cv
V4744 Sgr added
V735 Sgr revised type, added chart
KK Tel changed type and type reference
PU CMa changed type reference
V877 Ara changed chart reference

Ara (NGC 6397-U10) added chart

Sex (RX J1039.7-0507) new classification
Cep (MisV1181) added

Cep (HS0455+8315) removed erroneous chart

Cen (NGC 5139-31) added
RS Oph added period, period reference
Dra (SDSS J155331+551614) added
Hyi (1RXS J012254.1-752177) added
Sgr (K5-15) added
Cep (var. near NGC 6946) added
Ara (NGC 6397-U13) added
T CrB added period, period reference
Vir (SN2001bn) added
Ara (NGC 6397-U28) added
Her (near UGC 11376) added
Lep (HE 0409-3029) added
Ara (NGC 6397-U10) added
Ara (NGC 6397-U11) added

And (FBS 0019+348) revised chart reference
Dor (CAL 86) added note
LMi (FBS 0946+362) revised chart reference
V3885 Sgr revised type
V838 Mon updated chart, add chart reference
Sct (AX J183220-0840) changed constellation (was Scl)
Sgr (NGC 6440 CX6) revised coordinates
Cep (n::, 1983.42) added other_name
Tuc (002406.21-720452.7) added other_name
Her (RX J1643.7+3402) revised references
Sct (NGC 6712 V9) changed constellation (was Ser)
Peg (NGC 7078 CCZ-V1) revised other_name (was M15 V1)
Ari (SDSSp J015151+140047) added note (=PG 0149+137)

added proper motion values for 136 objects
V697 Sco revised type, magnitude range

For (Ha0242-2802) added
Her (FSVSJ1722+2723) added

Eri (1RXS J025538-224655) revised other name, coordinates, chart reference, finding chart; added spectrum reference
CD Ind revised magnitude range; added ROSAT flag
Eri (1RXS J042556-194534) revised other name, chart reference; added spectrum reference
Ser (1RXS J161008+035222) revised other name, type, magnitude range
EQ Cet revised other name, magnitude range
Hyi (1RXS J023053-684203) revised other name, chart reference, magnitude range; added spectrum reference
Lyn (1RXS J082051+493433) revised other name, magnitude range
Peg (1RXS J230950+213512) revised other name, chart reference, type, magnitude range
Eri (1RXS J035410-165244) revised other name, chart reference, type, magnitude range; added spectrum reference
Boo (1RXS J143704+234236) revised other name, type, and magnitude range
Scl (1RXS J231532-304855) revised other name, chart reference

UW Pic revised identification based on outburst

V4742 Sgr added
V4743 Sgr added

PU CMa revised other_name and minimum magnitude, added spectrum reference
DM Lyr added spectrum reference
V660 Her revised magnitude range
MM Sco revised type
FT Cam added spectrum reference

V2540 Oph added chart reference, minimum magnitude

Dra (RX J1846.9+5538) added
V1336 Aql revised type (Mira)

Sgr (NGC 6440 CX4,6,8-24) added

Sex (FIRST J102347+003841) added

Lac (FBS 2248+447) added
LMi (FBS 0946+362) added
And (FBS 0125+386) added

BF Ara revised type (ugsu)

V982 Oph added
Dra (Var 73) added

V3774 Sgr revised type, magnitude range

Cep (HS0455+8315) added

Oct (NSV 10934) revised type

GM Sgr revised coordinates (dec minutes)

Tuc (002408.57-720502.4) added
Tuc (002406.31-720457.0) added
Tuc (002408.35-720459.7) added
Tuc (002406.27-720505.1) added
Tuc (002406.10-720508.1) added
Tuc (002406.47-720511.3) added
Tuc (002406.07-720449.6) added
Tuc (002408.13-720507.4) added
Tuc (002408.34-720507.5) added
Tuc (002406.21-720452.7) added
Tuc (Edmonds V11/AKO9) revised note (new HST data)
Tuc (002408.20-720500.9) added

X Cir revised identification, coordinates
MT Cen revised identification, coordinates

RR Cha revised period
KL Dra revised period
DM Dra revised period
Cet3 (KUV 01584-0939) added period
WZ Sge revised HST observations
Cen (RX J1155.4-5641) added period
Dra (SDSSp J173008+624754) revised period
RX Cha revised period
Dor (CAL 86) added period
Psc (1RXS J2329+0628) revised period
EF Peg revised period
AP Cru added period
CM Phe revised period
Ser (M5 V101) added period
V1494 Aql revised period
Lup (1RXS J154814-452845) added period
GZ Cnc added period
RS Car revised period
V838 Mon revised HST observations
Men (EC 05114-7955) revised period
V436 Car revised period
HT Cam revised period
V589 Her added period
UV Gem added period
Cnc (RXS J0806.3+1527) added period
V2051 Oph revised period
UMa (1RXP J113123+4322) added period
Sex (RX J0944.5+0357) added period
AM CVn revised HST observations
Cam (RX J0558+6753) added period

V877 Ara revised identification, chart, coordindates, type, and magnitude range

Per (CXOAYSB J033131+4356) added
V359 Cen revised magnitude range
Per (CXOAYSB J033108+4357) added

Dor (CAL 86) added

V663 Ara added
SY Vol added ROSAT flag
PZ Nor added
AG Aps added ROSAT flag

V522 Sgr revised identification, coordinates, and magnitude range

AS Psc revised chart and coordinate references

V4741 Sgr (Nova 2002) added GCVS name, spectrum reference
IW And revised type
Psc (1RXS J2329+0628) revised spectrum reference

Lup (1RXS J154814-452845) added

Sgr (Nova 2002) added

Cep2 revised classification (non-cv)

Cen (RX J1151.4-5641) revised type
UMa (1RXP J113123+4322) revised type

Aql (N 1985) added
AS Psc enhanced chart and coordinates

V452 Cas revised magnitude range
V1141 Aql revised magnitude range
V1113 Cyg revised magnitude range
PV Per revised magnitude range
V1316 Cyg revised magnitude range
V1454 Cyg revised magnitude range
V589 Her revised type
NS Per revised magnitude range
PT Per revised magnitude range
V336 Per revised magnitude range
PR Her revised magnitude range
CI Gem revised magnitude range

Cnc (RXS J0806.3+1527) revised type, type/spectral reference

V838 Mon added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)
CR Boo added note "HST data is astrometric (FGS)"
V803 Cen added note "HST data is astrometric (FGS)
GW Lib added note "HST data is spectroscopic (STIS)
HP Lib added note "HST data is astrometric (FGS)
RU Peg added note "HST data is astrometric (FGS)
WZ Sge added note "HST data is astrometric (FGS)
YZ Cnc added note "HST data is astrometric (FGS)"
EM Cyg added note "HST data is astrometric (FGS)

V407 Vul revised type, added spectrum reference

TV Crv changed period (to be superhump-based)

CrB (RX J1554.2+2721) revised period reference

Psc (1RXS J2329+0628) revised note (proper motion)

IM Nor revised type

QZ Ser revised identification, coordinates, type, added spectral reference
V838 Mon revised magnitude range
HH Cnc revised note (identification), added spectral reference

V838 Mon (Nova 2002) added GCVS name
Cyg (Lanning 386) added

V2540 Oph added
Lyr (TK 4) revised identification, coordinates
Oph (SN 1999bs) revised magnitude range

Leo (PG 1145+187) updated type (non-cv)
Per (FBS 0306+333) updated type (non-cv)
Psc (010959+280125) updated type (non-cv)

Mon (Nova 2002) added
Cet3 revised type
IM Nor revised identification, coordinates, chart, and spectrum reference; added note (second outburst)
Cet (ROTSE3 J015118) added
EG Lac revised identification, coordinates, and chart; added note (possible symbiotic)
KR UMa revised type to non-cv
V2275 Cyg revised spectrum reference

TT Ari revised period
NY Ser revised period
V351 Pup added period
V359 Cen added period
Pic (EC 05565-5935) added period
RZ Sge revised period
Psc (1RXS J2329+0628) added period
Psc (SDSSp J230351+010651) added period
RS Car added period
QR And revised period
V4633 Sgr revised period
Tuc (NGC 104-CV3) revised period
Ser (RX J1610.1+0352) added period
MR Vel revised period
CI Aql revised period
V630 Cyg revised period
V2274 Cyg added period
Cyg (1WGA J1958.2+3232) revised period
Scl (1RXS J2315-3048) revised period
AT Ara added period
Cam (RX J0704.2+6203) added period
V630 Sgr added period
U Sco revised period
RR Cha added period
CrB (RX J1554.2+2721) added period
UMa5 (CW 1045+525) revised period
Cet (SDSSp J015543+002807) added period
AY Lyr revised period
HP Lib revised period
Men (EC 05114-7955) added period
AO Oct added period
KL Dra added period
WX LMi added GCVS name, revised period
Her (RX J1643.7+3402) added period
Dra (SDSSp J173008+624754) added period
Eri (EC 04224-2014) added period
XZ Eri added period
HO Del revised period
IX Dra revised period
Hya (RXS J105010-140431) added period

HT Cam new type/magnitude range

Lyn (SBS 0804+563) added

Sgr (NGC 6652 C) added

V348 Pup revised type

CQ Vel revised identification/coordinates
V359 Cen revised type
XZ Eri revised type

V1039 Cen (Nova 2001) added GCVS name, spectrum reference

DM Dra revised type

Psc (1RXS J2329+0628) revised type, added note (proper motion)

Cam (RX J0704.2+6203) new name/type/magnitude range, chart/type/spectrum reference

Dra (SDSSp J173008+624754) revised type

Dra (SDSSp J173008+624754) added
Dra (SDSSp J172601+543230) added
Dra (SDSSp J171247+604603) added
Cet (SDSSp J015543+002807) added
Ari (SDSSp J015151+140047) added
Vir (SDSSp J125641-015852) added
Psc (SDSSp J230351+010651) added
Ser (SDSSp J155644-000950) added
Ser (SDSSp J161033-010223) added
Ser (SDSSp J161332-000331) added
Cet (SDSSp J023322+005059) added
Aur (SDSSp J072910+365838) added
UMa (SDSSp J083845+491055) added
Oph (SDSSp J163722-001957) added
Lyn (SDSSp J074716+424849) added
Lyn (SDSSp J081321+452809) added
Ser (SDSSp J155531-001055) added
Lyn (SDSSp J082409+493124) added
Lyn (SDSSp J081610+453010) added

Pav (NGC 6752-CX13) added

Pav (NGC 6752-CX2) added
Pav (NGC 6752-CX1) added
Peg (M15 V1) added
Pav (NGC 6752-CX3) added
Pav (NGC 6752-CX15) added
Pav (NGC 6752-CX6) added
Pav (NGC 6752-CX10) added
Pav (NGC 6752-CX11) added
Pav (NGC 6752-CX5) added

Pav (NGC 6752-CV2) updated coordinates
Pav (NGC 6752-CV1) updated coordinates

CG CMa revised minimum magnitude
V2176 Cyg revised type

Cen (Nova 2001) added

HY Eri revised identification

V2274 Cyg corrected ra sort field
Ori (RX J0501-0359) new constellation (Eri), added GCVS name
Hyi (RX J0132.7-6554) added GCVS name
Hyi (RX J0153-59) deleted (redundant with RXS J0154.0-5947)
HY Eri (Ori; RX J0501-0359) added GCVS name
Peg7 added GCVS name
Dor (RX J0507.1-6743) added
Sgr (NSV 24062) added GCVS name

And (NSV 15112) revised type, add chart (field map)

CrB (RX J1554.2+2721) revised type

V1178 Sco updated chart reference, spectrum reference, chart
V4740 Sgr added

V4739 Sgr added

FS And revised type
AS Psc revised type

Tri (1RXS J020928+283243) added
Cam (1RXS J042332+745300) added
V2275 Cyg (N Cyg 2001, No. 2) GCVS name added

Leo (2dF 112555-001638) added
Vir (2QZ J142256-022108) revised type
Vir (2dF 130441+010330) added
Vir (2QZ J142438-022739) revised type
Vir (2QZ J121005-025543) revised type
Her (RX J1643.7+3402) added

MR Vel added
QR And revised entry from non-cv to cbss

Cyg (N Cyg 2001, No. 2) added

Cnc (RXS J0806.3+1527) revised coordinates
Cyg (1WGA J1958.2+3232) revised chart (clarification)

V4171 Sgr added chart (field map)
V4327 Sgr added chart (field map)
Oct (NSV 6101) added chart (field map)
V4338 Sgr added chart (field map)
V4160 Sgr added chart (field map)
V2839 Sgr added chart (field map)
V444 Sct added chart (field map)
V4362 Sgr added chart (field map)
V2313 Oph added chart (field map)
V2290 Oph added chart (field map)
Her (NSV 9445) added chart (field map)
V3608 Sgr added chart (field map)
Car (NSV 18378) added chart (field map)
V4157 Sgr added chart (field map)
Cep (n::, 1983.42) added chart (field map)
V2264 Oph added chart (field map)
V3462 Sgr added chart (field map)
Scl (AX J183220-0840) added chart (field map)
V463 Sct added chart (field map)
CMa (RX J0643-2052) added chart (field map)
Oph (SN 1999bs) added chart (field map)
Lyn (NSV 4394) revised coordinates, added chart (field map)
Cam (NSV 16032) added chart (field map)
Oct (LB 9963) added chart (field map)
LZ Mus added chart (field map)
CE UMa added chart (field map)
Eri (1RXS J0255-2246) added chart (field map)
Eri (EUVE J0311-2254) added chart (field map)
CMi (NSV 3432) added chart (field map)
UMi (FBS 1719+834) added chart (field map)
AH Psc added chart (field map)
Leo (NSV 4498) added chart (field map)
Vul (NSV 13022) updated coordinate note, added chart (field map)
Per (NSV 837) added chart (field map)
UMi (FBS 1735+825) added chart (field map)
And (NSV 14443) added chart (field map)
Aql (NSV 11280) added chart (field map)
DD Cir added chart (field map)
And3 added chart (field map)

Dor (EC 04030-5801) added
Tuc (1RXS J0001-6707) added spectrum reference
Hya (EC 10578-2935) revised other_name
Hya (EC 10565-2858) revised magnitude range
Pic (EC 05565-5935) added
Cam (RX J0558+6753) revised magnitude range
Mic (EC 20335-4332) added
Pic (EC 05287-5857) added
Eri (EC 04224-2014) added
Scl (1RXS J2315-3048) added spectrum reference
Men (EC 05114-7955) revised type/type reference and magnitude range

V1425 Aql updated coordinates

Hya (RXS J105010-140431) added
Tau2 revised magnitude range and type
XY Psc revised coordinates/chart reference
V2274 Cyg added

MY Per corrected identification, revised coordinates
Scl (2QZ J010946-274524) added
Vir (2QZ J142438-022739) added
Vir (2QZ J142256-022108) added
Sgr (MOA-ngb13-2-1170) added
Cyg (MGHT 5) revised other_name
Vir (2QZ J140321-014651) added
Sgr (MOA-ngb11-2-1146) added
Sgr (MOA-ngb11-2-1011) added
Sgr (MOA-ngb10-1-211) added
V4121 Sgr reviused notes clarification)
Cyg (MGHT 4) revised other_name
Cyg (MGHT 2) revised other_name
V380 Oph deleted note object not in outburst)
Scl (2QZ J235703-314911) added
AY Lac re-instated as CV
Vir (2QZ J121005-025543) added
Hya (NSV 19451) re-instated as CV (distinct from EW Hya)
V445 Pup revised year
Leo (NSV 4550) updated chart, notes (reference)
T Boo updated coordinates/chart (clarification)
PsA (2QZ J221856-281618) added

BF Ara updated coordinates
V1819 Cyg updated coordinates
CI Aql updated coordinates
LS And updated coordinates
AS Psc updated coordinates
AX Cap updated coordinates, added note
V1062 Cyg updated coordinates and chart, added note (identification)
Hyi (RX J0132.7-6554) updated coordinates
V604 Aql updated coordinates
DH Aql updated coordinates
CI Gru updated coordinates
V425 Cas updated coordinates
Peg (RX J2157.5+0855) updated coordinates
Cep (Lanning 420) update identification/coordinates, revised notes (identification)

LMi (HS 1023+3900) new identification/coordinates/chart
AB Boo revised coordinates and chart
UZ Boo updated coordinates
HP Nor updated coordinates
Leo (HS 0922+1333) new identification/chart
FH UMa updated coordinates
HV Aur updated coordinates
VZ Gru updated coordinates
II Aqr updated coordinates
FL TrA updated coordinates
V632 Her updated coordinates, removed notes (object is visible)
Cam (Lanning 302) revised identification/coordinates/chart
Tuc (1RXS J0001-6707) new identification/coordinates/chart
Oct (NSV 10934) revised identification/coordinates/chart reference/chart
Cam (RX J0704.1+6203) new identification/coordinates/chart
KZ Gem updated coordinates
Cam (HS 0551+7241) new identification/coordinates/chart
UMi (FBS 1328+881) new identification/coordinates/chart
Leo (RXS J0953.1+1458) updated coordinates
V544 Her updated coordinates
V1010 Her updated chart (object is visible)
UMa (SN 1989Z?) new identification/coordinates/chart
UMa (SN 1985J) new identification/coordinates/chart, added notes (identification)
UY Mic revised identification/chart
Mus (NSV 19878) updated coordinates
KN Gem new identification/coordinates/chart
KT Gem updated coordinates
EH Aqr revised indentification/chart
V725 Aql updated coordinates
V356 Aql updated coordinates
Tau (RX J0403.1+0444) new identification/coordinates/chart
Tau (NSV 15820) revised identification/coordinates/chart
CZ Aql updated coordinates
Aql (NSV 24785) revised identification/coordinates/chart
CV Aqr updated type (non-ex) and type reference
Lyn (1RXS J0820+4934) new identification/coordinates/chart
Leo (RX J1142.7+2157) revised identification/coordinates/chart
Sex (RX J1039.7-0507) new identification/coordinates/chart
V1494 Aql new identification/chart
V1425 Aql added note "HST data is imaging (WFPC2)"
V421 Tau update type (non-ex) and type reference
HW Tau updated type (non-ex) and type reference
Aql (RX J1946.2-0444) updated coordinates
V606 Aql revised identification/coordinates/chart
EL Aql updated coordinates, changed chart reference
V407 Vul revised identification/coordinates/chart reference/chart, updates notes
Ari (NSV 907) new identification/coordinates/chart
SW Vul updated coordinates
FH Ser updated coordinates
Ser (NGC 6712 V9) revised identification/coordinates/chart and notes
QZ Ser new identification/chart
PW Vul updated coordinates
V405 Vul updated coordinates
V381 Lac revised notes (2MASS source, classification)
Cam (SBS 0755+600) new identification/coordinates/chart
Cam (RX J0636.6+6554) new identification/coordinates/chart
EU Cnc new identification/coordinates/chart
FV Cnc new identification/coordinates/chart
Cnc (Tmz V36) new identification/coordinates/chart
Cnc (RXS J0806.3+1527) revised identification/chart
Cam (1RXS J0625+7334) new identification/coordinates/chart
V1063 Oph new chart, revised note (tentative ID)
V2487 Oph new identification/coordinates/chart
V2527 Oph revised coordinates and notes (coordinates)
V553 Oph added note (identification)
V849 Oph updated coordinates
HS Cam updated coordinates
Hyi (1RXS J0230-6842) new identification/coordinates/chart
V906 Oph updated coordinates
V1195 Oph updated coordinates
Aql3 updated coordinates
V360 Her update type (non-ex) and type reference
GL Sct updated coordinate reference
Sct (NGC 6712-10261) revised constellation
Sct (Lanning 17) updated coordinates/identification, revised magnitude range
V391 Sct new identification/coordinates/chart
V422 Ara revised coordinates
And (NSV 238) updated coordinates
V1548 Oph update type (non-ex) and type reference
V1233 Aql updated coordinates
PT And updated coordinates
Her (1748+340) updated coordinates
LL And updated coordinates
WY CMa new identification/coordinates/chart
EU CMa revised identification/coordinates/chart
And (1RXS J0127+3808) new identification/coordinates/chart
HM Gem revised notes (identification)
Men (EC 05114-7955) new identification/coordinates/chart
V2110 Oph added notes (2MASS)
Lyr (RX J191059.6+285639) updated coordinates, added other name, added ROSAT flag
V452 Lyr updated coordinates
V523 Lyr updated coordinates
MN Lac revised identification/coordinates/chart
V800 Aql revised coordinates
V394 Lyr updated coordinates
DM Lyr updated coordinates
V369 Lyr revised identification (no candidate)/chart
HL CMa added chart
V551 Sgr new identification/coordinates/chart
Cas (LD 324) new identification/coordinates/chart
RR Cha updated coordinate reference
KP Cas updated coordinates
V452 Cas updated coordinates
ET Sge updated coordinates
BZ Cir updated coordinates
V2151 Cyg revised coordinates
V400 Per updated coordinates
V992 Sco updated chart reference
Cap (EC 2022-2243) new identification/coordinates/chart
Cap1 added notes (classification)
FY Com new identification/chart
V734 Sco revised notes (2MASS)
KP Sco added notes (identification)
V977 Sco revised identification/coordinates/chart
V916 Sco revised coordinates, added notes (2MASS)
V745 Sco new identification/coordinates/chart, added notes (2MASS)
V721 Sco revised coordinates, notes (identification)
Sgr (CPD -22 6701) updated coordinates
V368 Per updated coordinates
Sgr (NGC 6623 CV1) updated chart footer (field size)
V336 Per updated coordinates
Peg (1RXS J2309+2135) new identification/coordinates/chart
Peg (RX J2237.5+0827) new identification/coordinates/chart
V369 Peg updated coordinates
Eri (RX J0154.0-5947) revised constellation
Eri (1RXS J0354-1652) new identification/coordinates/chart
Per (NSV 895) revised identification/coordinates/chart
Pav (NGC 6752-CV1) updated chart footer (field size)
TV Col updated coordinates
Pav (NGC 6752-CV2) updated chart footer (field size)
V1113 Cyg updated coordinates
VW CrB updated coordinates
V735 Sgr updated coordinates and notes (2MASS source)
V1274 Sgr new chart, added othername and note (classification), revised type
RS Car updated coordinates
Car (NSV 18378) revised notes (clarification)
V1052 Cyg updated coordinates
Sgr (NGC 6623 CV2) updated chart footer (field size)
Sgr (OGLE MM3 I 58214) revised coordinates
EZ Del updated coordinates
V529 Ori new identification/coordinates/chart
V344 Ori updated coordinates
V550 Cyg updated notes (clarification)
Cyg (NSV 25747) revised identification/coordinates/chart
Cyg (RX J2130.3+4709) revised coordinates
Sgr (SN s1954a) redundant with V1274 Sgr - deleted
V1404 Cyg updated coordinates
V1114 Cyg updated coordinates
V1974 Cyg revised coordinates
DK Cas revised notes (identification)
Cas3 revised identification/coordinates/chart
V3774 Sgr updated coordinates
V662 CrA new identification/coordinates/chart
GT Com update type (non-ex) and type reference
Peg (PG 2337+300) updated coordinates
V344 Pav new identification/coordinates/chart
V1452 Cyg revised notes (2MASS source)
IO Del revised ID (field map)
KL Dra new identification/coordinates/chart
V359 Cen updated coordinates
V1032 Cyg updated coordinates
V823 Cyg updated coordinates
V1033 Cen updated coordinates
CK Cyg revised coordinates/chart
Cyg (RX J2133.7+5107) revised notes (plate ID)
Dra (RX J1631.4+7354) new identification/coordinates/chart
V1697 Cyg revised identification, notes (2MASS)
V1454 Cyg revised identification/coordinates/chart
Dra (RX J1630.9+6950) new identification/chart and constellation
AP Cru updated coordinates
MT Cen revised notes (identification)
V1431 Sgr revised identification/coordinates/chart reference/chart, updates notes
Com (NSV 19626) updated coordinates
V4643 Sgr new identification/chart
V1830 Sgr new identification/coordinates/chart

Vel (CPD -48 1517) added notes (proper motion)
WZ Sge revised notes (proper motion)
CN Vel revised notes and chart reference (identification)
V Sge added notes (proper motion)
IX Vel revised notes (proper motion)
Aql (NSV 24667) revised notes (clarification)
RU Peg added notes (proper motion)
Aql (NSV 24663) revised notes (clarification)
V1440 Aql added notes (proper motion)
UMi (NSV 7956) added notes (identification)
T Leo revised notes (clarification)
Aql (NSV 24685) revised notes (clarification)
FO Aql added notes (proper motion, companion)
FH Leo added notes (coordinates)
V655 CrA revised notes (clarification)
T CrB added notes (proper motion)
HR Del added notes (proper motion)
UW Per revised notes (identification)
AH Psc added notes (identification)
V603 Aql added notes (proper motion)
PY Per revised notes (clarification)
AE Aqr revised notes (proper motion)
X Leo revised notes (proper motion)
Per (FBS 0306+333) revised notes (clarification)
Per(BD +34 620) revised notes (identification)
UMa (NSV 19892) added notes (proper motion)
UX UMa added notes (proper motion)
V794 Aql revised notes (clarification)
U Leo revised (identification, clarification)
RR Pic revised notes (proper motion)
SS Cyg revised notes (proper motion)
EM Cyg added notes (proper motion)
Vir (CE 315) revised notes (proper motion)
SS LMi revised notes (clarification)
SZ Per revised notes (identification)
EX Hya revised notes (proper motion)
EY Cyg added notes (proper motion)
V476 Cyg added notes (proper motion)
HP Lib added notes (proper motion)
Lib3 revised notes (grammar)
V1316 Cyg revised notes (proper motion)
V1330 Cyg revised notes (grammar)
BS Sgr added notes (2MASS)
V522 Sgr revised notes (clarification)
V737 Sgr revised notes (clarification)
V759 Sgr added notes (classification)
V908 Sgr added notes (clarification)
V1089 Sgr revised notes (clarification)
FO And revised notes (clarification)
FN And revised notes (outburst)
Lac (NSV 25894) revised notes (clarification)
CY Lyr added notes (proper motion)
HR Lyr added notes (proper motion)
MV Lyr revised notes (clarification, proper motion)
GP Com revised notes (proper motion)
AM CVn added notes (proper motion)
Ara (NSV 9208) added notes (proper motion)
Cep1 revised notes (proper motion)
V1172 Sgr added notes (2MASS)
V3885 Sgr revised notes (proper motion)
V492 Lyr added notes (proper motion)
Scl1 added notes (proper motion)
BV Cen added notes (proper motion)
CVn1 revised notes (clarification)
VY Scl added notes (proper motion)
Scl2 revised notes (proper motion)
V893 Sco revised notes (proper motion)
AH Men revised notes (coordinates)
V794 Sco revised notes (clarification)
V3941 Sgr added notes (2MASS)
V733 Sco added notes (identification)
V4065 Sgr revised notes (clarification)
V4135 Sgr added notes (identification)
V4338 Sgr added notes (2MASS)
Cep2 revised notes (identification)
GL Sct revised notes (clarification)
EF Eri revised notes (clarification)
Z Cam added notes (proper motion)
AA Cnc revised notes (proper motion)
Her (ug:) added notes (identification)
W Ari revised notes (identification)
SU Ari revised notes (identification)
TT Ari revised notes (clarification)
XY Ari added notes (identification)
V699 Oph revised notes (clarification)
Sgr1 added notes (identification)
Sgr3 added notes (proper motion)
LM Cas revised notes (clarification)
RS Oph added notes (proper motion)
VX For revised notes (identification)
For2 revised notes (clarification)
Sgr (NSV 9828) revised notes (2MASS)
U Gem added notes (proper motion)
SY Gem revised notes (clarification)
VZ Gem added notes (identification)
FQ Sco revised notes (clarification)
Dra (PG 1657+656) revised notes (clarification)
AB Dra revised notes (proper motion)
CQ Dra revised notes (type)
Car2 revised notes (clarification)
YZ Cnc revised notes (proper motion)
PQ Ser added notes (proper motion)
Dra8 revised notes (grammar)
TX Tri deleted notes (removed proper motion)
Car (NSV 18468) added notes (clarification)
RT Car revised notes (clarification)
CR Boo added notes (proper motion)
Boo (S 10808) revised notes (clarification)
AC Sco revised notes (clarification)
V729 Sco deleted note (identification)
Pav (NSV 11181) added notes (proper motion)
V723 Cas deleted notes (no field map)

OU Vir (Vir4) added GCVS name
V463 Sct revised type
V2527 Oph (Oph2) added GCVS name, revised magnitude range and type
PU CMa (RX J0640-24) added GCVS name
V378 Peg (PG 2337+300) add GCVS name
V407 Vul (RX J1914.4+2456) added GCVS name
V1208 Tau (Tau3) add GCVS name
CM Phe (Phe1) add GCVS name
GZ Cnc (RX J0915.8+0900) added GCVS name
HH Cnc (Tmz V36) added GCVS name, revised type
V1033 Cen (RX J1141.3-6410) added GCVS name
GY Cnc (RX K0909.8+1849) added GCVS name, revised magnitude range
V445 Pup revised type and magnitude range
V877 Ara (NSV 8383) added GCVS name
V4738 Sgr (RX J2022-3954) added GCVS name
V4643 Sgr revised magnitude range and type
KS UMa (SBS 1017+533) added GCVS name
KR UMa added
EQ Cet (RX J0128.8-2339) added GCVS name, chart reference/chart, and spectrum reference; revised coordinates and magnitude range
V383 Vel revised type and magnitude range
V516 Pup (RX J0803.4-4748) added GCVS name
KV Dra (RX J1450.5+6403) added GCVS name, revised magnitude range
V4642 Sgr revised magnitude range and type

Phe1 revised period
V1309 Ori revised period
CP Dra added period
TV Crv revised period
UW Tri added period
V2069 Cyg added period
Vir (CE 315) added period
V478 Her add period
Hya (RX J1007-2017) revised period
Leo7 add period
HP Lib revised period
V725 Aql added period
AA Aql revised period
V1494 Aql revised period
RZ Leo revised period
RX Cha added period
WY Tri added period
AF Cam revised period
V382 Vel added period
Tau2 add period
WX Cet revised period
V630 Cas added period
V709 Cas revised period
V369 Peg added other name, period
BV Pup revised period
HZ Pup revised period

CP Dra added notes on HST observations
GP Com added notes on HST observations
ES Dra revised type (ug: --> ugsu)

UMa (NSV 19892/GD 325) revised type to non-cv
QZ Ser added note about spectrum of candidate

V1178 Sco added

KX Aql added spectrum reference
UW Tri changed type and type reference
RX Cha changed minimum magnitude

V478 Her update type (ugsu) and reference

DO Vul updated coordinates and finding chart

V1008 Her updated coordinates
V1548 Aql added
KN Gem added

Cyg (RX J2015.6+3711, J2015.4+3711, J2015.6+3704) added

DK Cas updated type and type reference

TW Pic update type, type reference, and minimum mag

Lyr (TK 5) added
Lyr (TK 4) added
UMa (SBS 1150+599) updated type

Cam (FBS 1330+837) changed to non-cv
Leo2 changed to non-cv
UMa8 added note on emission spectrum

Vir (CE 315) added

updated access to references

Com (RE J1255+266) updated coordinates

V906 Oph update RA seconds and identification

V4643 Sgr added

Ara (NSV 8383) updated identification and coordinates

CP Dra updated coordinates and type

WY Tri updated type reference
AW Sge updated identification and coordinates
Scl (1RXS J2315-3048) updated type and type reference
Lyn (EUVE J0854+390) added
updated period references for 184 objects to supply original sources [instead of Ritter and Kolb catalog]
V592 Her updated identification and coordinates

Sgr (MACHO SU UMa var) added

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