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This web site was launched in coordination with the Hubble Helix press release on "Astronomy Day", 10 May 2003.

Project highlights

Web site contents

  • Home: project highlights, publications, related web sites
  • Observations: description of the observing program, and listing of exposures
  • Data: Download FITS data for further processing and analysis. Includes raw data, and the heavily processed mosaics which were used to produce the color composite image. Many intermediate files from various steps in the processing are also included.
  • Reductions: Details on data calibration and reduction; includes drizzling, mosaicking (astrometric registration), cosmic ray rejection, and color image production.
  • Images: collection of GIF images for easy viewing and comparison

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The Hubble Helix Team

M. Meixner (Principal Investigator), H.E. Bond, G. Chapman, Y.H. Chu, C. Cox, P. Cox, W. Crothers, L.M. Frattare, R. Gilliland, M. Guerrero, R. Gruendl, F. Hamilton, R. Hook, P. Huggins, I. Jordan, C.D. Keyes, A. Koekemoer, K. Kwitter, Z.G. Levay, P.R. McCullough, M. Mutchler, K. Noll, C.R. O'Dell, N. Panagia, M. Reinhart, M. Robberto, K. Sahu, D. Soderblom, L. Stanghellini, C.Tyler, J.Valenti, A.Welty, and B.Williams

We thank the many people at GSFC and STScI who schedule and operate the telescope for making this opportunity available to the astronomical community. In particular we thank Keith Kalinowski and Dave Scheve who approved pointing the HST at the Helix during the Leonids stand-down period.

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