MAST at the 233rd AAS Meeting

MAST personnel will be participating in a number of activities at the current AAS Meeting in Seattle, WA.

Peter Forshay

A number of MAST staff members will be at the STScI booth (#613) for the AAS 2019 Winter meeting in Seattle, WA over January 6-10. We would be happy to talk with you and answer questions about various topics such as:

There will also be a number of workshops, talks, and posters detailing various capabilities of MAST's many services and future developments. Some of these presentations include:

Sat Jan 510:00-11:30Using Python to Search NASA's Astrophysics ArchivesTom DonaldsonWorkshop
Mon Jan 716:00-17:00TESS Tools at MASTBooth Demo
17:30-18:00HST Data on AWSBooth Demo
17:30-18:30The JWST-MAST Spectroscopic InitiativeMarc RafelskiPoster
18:30-20:00STScI Town HallTown Hall
Tue Jan 809:00-10:00AstroCut: A Cutout Service for TESS Full-Frame Image SetsClara BrasseurPoster
09:00-10:00Interacting and Searching for TESS Data At MASTScott FlemingPoster
10:56-11:03Scientific Accessibility Through Astronomical ArchivesJosh PeekTalk
13:30-14:00exo.MAST WalkthroughBooth Demo
16:30-17:00exo.MAST WalkthroughBooth Demo
17:30-18:00HST Data on AWSBooth Demo
Wed Jan 915:30-16:30TESS Tools at MASTBooth Demo
17:30-18:00HST Data on AWSBooth Demo
Thu Jan 1009:00-10:00Hubble in the CloudIvelina MomchevaPoster

Event times are subject to change, so please check the AAS Program for any updates.

We also welcome your feedback and would be happy to discuss future tools and improvements you would like to see implemented in MAST services. AAS Meetings provide an excellent opportunity for us to gain valuable insights into the MAST user community through your direct input, so don't hesitate to stop by if you can. We look forward to seeing you there!

New and Updated HLSPs for January

New and updated High-Level Science Product collections at MAST include a new catalog of Swift UVOT sources, the first TESS Sector 3 candidates, and updates to Frontier Fields Lens Models and K2SFF.

Scott Fleming


  • The Swift UVOT Serendipitous Source Catalog (UVOTSSC) presents sources detected in 23,059 UV and optical images taken during the first five years of Swift observations. The catalog contains positions, photometry, morphological information, and data quality flags for 6,200,016 unique sources in 3 UV and 3 optical bands. The catalog is available as direct download and through the MAST CasJobs interface.


If you are thinking about contributing a High-Level Science Product of your own, please fill out the HLSP Interest Form to get started. HLSPs archived on MAST enjoy permanent hosting space, additional visibility, and, often, increased citation rates. Any further questions on the process can be sent to the Archive Helpdesk.