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NOTE: Most of the High Level Science Products are unavailable while unscheduled maintenance is being performed. They will be incrementally restored over the course of this week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Pointings Search Parameters

The Pointings search tool can be used to search either a pointings table (containing one pointing entry per row) for a particular HST instrument, or a view for a particular instrument containing one HST observation per row. The "action" parameter determines the type of search, namely "action=Search+Pointings for the first or "action=Search+Exposures" for the second. The instrument is specified with the "primary" parameter and may have the values ACS,STIS,NICMOS,FOC,WFPC2, or WFPC2ASN.

The table below lists all the parameters available for search. Where reasonable a range or set of valid values is listed. Additional notes are included. If you click on the field name, a more detailed description of the data will be found. The column labels below are used in the search forms and search results whereas the column names below need to be specified for searches submitted as a GET request. There are however some special cases as shown in the examples, when coordinates or filters are included in the search.

Note: fields below beginning with "pnt_" describe the pointing, while fields beginning with "pntd_" describe individual observations. When searching the pointings tables, only the "pnt_" fields are available as query parameters. Exposure searches can use all the described fields.

Column NameColumn LabelData TypeValid ValuesNotes
pnt_num Pointing Number Integer Range: 1 to <20,000  
pnt_ra RA (J2000) Float range -90 to 360 deg RA for Pointing
pnt_dec Dec (J2000) Float Range -90 to +90 degDec for Pointing
pnt_galactic_latitude gal_lat Float Range: -90 to +90 deg Galactic Latitude for Pointing
pnt_galactic_longitude gal_lon Float Range: 0 to 360Galactic Longitude for Pointing
pnt_ecliptic_latitude ecl_lat Float Range-90 to +90 degEcliptic Latitude for Pointing
pnt_ecliptic_longitude ecl_lon Float Range: 0 to 360 deg Ecliptic Longitude for Pointing
pnt_cnt Total Integer Range: 1 to ? Total Number of Exposures in Pointing
x Integer Range: 0 to ? Number of Exposures using Filter x Where x = fuv,u,b,v,r,i,line,other,...
Note: use pnt_xcountp as a qualifier and pnt_xcount when listed as a selected column
pnt_unique Unique Integer Range: 1 to ? Number of Unique Filters Used
pnt_firstdate First Date Date April 24 1990 to presentStart time of earliest observation in Pointing, in format: 2002-06-14 00:48
pnt_lastdate Last Date Date April 24 1990 to presentEnd time of last observation in Pointing, in format: 2002-06-14 00:48
xexp Integer Range: 1 to ? sec.Total Exposure time for filter x Where x = fuv,u,b,v,r,i,z,line,other,...
Note: use pnt_xexpp as a qualifier and pnt_xexp when used as a selected column
pnt_totexp Totalexp Integer Range: 1 to ? sec.Total exposure time from all observations in pointing
pntd_asn_id Asn. ID Character   Association ID
pntd_band Band Character Valid Values: U,B,V,R,I,F,N,C,J,H,K, Line, OtherName of Band for a given observation
pntd_broad_category Category Character over 286 combinations
Use with wild card
pntd_data_set_name Data Set Name Character 9 character name
e.g. J8BA7JCAQ, O4140Q020
First character indicates instrument
pntd_ra RA (J2000) Float range -90 to 360 deg RA for a given exposure
pntd_dec Dec (J2000) Float Range -90 to +90 degDec for a given exposure
pntd_preview_name Preview Name Character   May be based on either dataset name or asn_id
pntd_hlsp HLSP Integer Range: 1 to ? Number of associated High Level Science Products
pntd_galactic_latitude Gal_lat Float Range: -90 to +90 deg Galactic Latitude for given observation
pntd_galactic_longitude Gal_lon Float Range: 0 to 360Galactic Longtiude for given observation
pntd_ecliptic_latitude Ecl_lat Float Range-90 to +90 degEcliptic Latitude for given observation
pntd_ecliptic_longitude Ecl_lon Float Range: 0 to 360 deg Ecliptic Longitude for given observation
pntd_actual_duration Exposure_(s) Float Range: 0.00 - 230414.5 seconds Observation Exposure Time in seconds
pntd_spec_1234 Filter Character Over 850 options:
examples: G160L, G270M, G230LB, F300W
See a more complete list
Sometimes combined so wildcard search may be needed
pnt_inst Instrument Character NIC1, NIC2, NIC3, WFPC2, FOC/48, FOC/96, ACS/HRC, ACS/SBC, ACS/WFC, STIS/CCD, STIS/FUV-MAMA, STIS/NUV-MAMA Instrument used for Pointing
pntd_pep_id Pep_ID Integer   Integer assign to each proposal
pntd_release_date Rel. Date Date May 9, 1990 - present Date data become publicly available
pntd_start_time Obs. Date Date Apr 24 1990 to present Start Date and Time of Exposure (e.g., 2002-08-05 14:09:00
pntd_targname Object Character e.g. ETA-CAR, A+81D266, ANY, PLUTO12, NGC188/54 Observer assigned target name
All capitals; no blank characters
spaces sometimes filled with -
use with wildcards
pntd_target_descrip Target Descr Character Wide variety of target types in differing configurations
All capitals
Use with wild card
pntd_v3_pos_angle V3 Pos Angle Float Range -306 to +360