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4.13 Data Processing and Shipping

IUE images are usually processed within a day or two of acquisition according to specifications indicated on the observing scripts. [Note: Images cannot be processed unless the Processing Specification section of the observing script has been completed (see Appendix C).] Production of some of the associated data products, such as photowrites, normally requires several additional working days. Details of the standard processing schemes may be found in the IUE Image Processing Information Manual (Turnrose and Thompson 1984) and the IUE Data Analysis Guide (Grady and Taylor 1989).

The data products (i.e. tapes and copies of observing scripts) are shipped approximately two to three weeks following the completion of your observing run (see Appendix C). Note, unless specially requested photowrites are no longer generated. Unless otherwise specified, the data products are shipped to the program's Principal Investigator. If processing of the data is time-critical or you plan to reduce the data at the GSFC Regional Data Analysis Facility (RDAF) during your observing run, you may request priority processing (see the RA for details). This will normally make the reduced data available to the observer at the GSFC RDAF (see Section 5.2) one to two working days after the shift. Image processing is normally not performed on weekends.

The PI has exclusive rights to the data for a six month period beginning with the date it is received. After this period, the data are made available to anyone requesting them from the National Space Science Data Center at GSFC and the corresponding data center in Europe.

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