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5.2 Regional Data Analysis Facilities (RDAF)

Computer facilities for interactive analysis of IUE data are available at GSFC and at the University of Colorado. Identical hardware and software exist at both these facilities to allow the observer to display and reduce IUE spectra; to make measurements (e.g., radial velocities, equivalent widths, etc.); and to make plots suitable for publication. Both facilities have a library of IUE spectra of standard stars which may be used for comparison purposes. Both have the capability of recovering IUE spectra from the data archives for analysis at the facility, and may be used to augment an observer's data for comparative purposes. In addition, the facility at Goddard is available to IUE observers who wish to begin analysis of their data during or immediately following their observing run. This capability will normally allow an observer to examine data within 24 to 48 hours of its acquisition. Both facilities are staffed by astronomers and assistants to aid in the analyses.

To reserve computer time at the Goddard facility during or following your observing run, please contact the RDAF office at (301) 286-8800. Messages relayed through Resident Astronomers or other project personnel do not constitute a formal reservation and may result in unavailability of data or terminals. Additional information on the two RDAFs is given in the IUE Data Analysis Guide (Grady and Taylor 1989). A detailed description of how to use the RDAF remotely is given by Thompson (1990).

Last updated: 23 July 1997