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Retrieval Options

The meta-data for the GHRS, FOC, and FOS data contained in the HST "Online" archive may be searched for and retrieved using the hstonline search form. Users may specify search criteria and output format. On the search results page, users may mark datasets of interest to be downloaded as a tar file.

A "quick search" of the data in the hstonline catalog may be performed by entering a target name or coordinates in the form labeld HST online Target Search

If you already know the datasets of interest, you may wish to retrieve the data via anonymous ftp.

FTP to logging in as anonymous. CD to pub/hstonline. The data are stored in a set of subdirectories following the format /pub/hstonline/XXXX/datasetname where XXXX is the first four letters of the dataset name, effectively grouping the data by proposal. For dataset X0ND0101T the path would be pub/hstonline/x0nd/xond0101t.