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The TIC documentation is currently available in PDF format. The document describes the content of the TIC, how the source catalogs were combined to construct the TIC, and the algorithms used to calculate the stellar parameters found in the TIC. The document also describes how the CTL subset of targets is selected.

TIC v5 Null-as-Zero Error: For TIC v5, numerical columns with values of exactly 0 are actually null values. Starting in TIC v6, these will be properly set to null, but due to a translation error they have been assigned values of exactly 0 in TIC v5 at MAST.

TIC v5 PLX-Based log(g) Error: The surface gravities reported in column 67 of TIC-5, do not accurately represent the expected surface gravities using the reported values for mass (column 73) and radii (column 71). This only affects stars where the stellar properties were calculated using available parallax information (the stellar properties flag is set to "plx" in column 64 and no other quantities in the TIC are affected. TIC users can either calculate the surface gravity using the provided mass and radius values, or use this data file to access the appropriately calculated values. This fix will be built in to the next version of the TIC, version 6.

Version Release Date Description Document
Live Dynamic TIC Data Release Notes Google Doc
5.0 5 June 2017 TIC v5 Documentation PDF (ADS)